Disney has always been about creating experiences. It has done it with its movies, its theme parks, its toys and also with games. Now though the company aims to create a gaming experience with a much grander scale than before; one with a lot of ambition.

Disney Infinity is the company’s latest gaming project that aims to span over a multitude of gaming devices, including home consoles and smart devices such as Android and iPad.

It seems we’ll get some solid information on the project in the New Year, during a big Hollywood bash that will feature several figureheads from Disney and Pixar’s studios. However the folks over at Polygon have got their hands on a video that shows off various ways the game will play.

In the leaked video there are apparently several characters for you to take control of, each one with differing abilities. There are driving sections as well as shooting segments and you may build and of course destroy things. Not all characters can do everything, some will be better at some things than others; therefore choosing the right character will most likely be crucial to your gaming experience.

Also of note is the sandbox style of Disney Infinity. The player is never forced to do anything and you may lollygag around doing as you please for however long you wish. Creation seems to be a large element to the game as well with players able to create race tracks for characters from the Cars series, and elaborate buildings to knock down using a catapult – your own imagination may very well be the limit in this game.

According to the developers in the video, Disney Infinity will be broken into two elements: playsets and the rumpus room. Playsets feature a themed room centred around certain characters like Buzz Lightyear and you’re given a set of toys, backdrops and characters associated with that theme. The rumpus rooms on the other hand are a complete sandbox allowing you to do what you want with whatever you want.

Disney Infinity is designed to be around for a long time and will support the ever-growing cast of Disney and Pixar characters – expect DLC to be prominent with this one.

It has been reported in the past that Disney Infinity aims to use the same concept as Activision’s Skylanders titles, bringing toys to life by scanning them into the gaming environment using Near-Field Communication. However none of this was shown in the leak. It’s likely we’ll hear more about this element in the New Year.

What are your thoughts on Disney Infinity? What do you hope the game will bring? Let us know in the comments section below.

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