Mobile gaming, whether you like it or not, is fast becoming a popular platform for game developers. Sometimes though, the games spread their wings and make the move onto a dedicated gaming device such as the 3DS; take for example SpeedX 3D, a hugely popular mobile game that now resides in the 3DS eShop.

Another title that has had iOS and Android devices buzzing for a while now is Gunman Clive, a Mega Man inspired game that sees you blasting your way through a gorgeously minimalistic Western world. The game has been confirmed as a 3DS eShop title for a while now, but we finally have a release date for the game - at least in Europe.

According to NeoGAF Gunman Clive will be available to download from 20th December and will cost €2. There's no news on a North American release yet, though it is expected to be in January 2013.

What do you think of Gunman Clive? Happy to see another popular mobile game make the leap to 3DS? Check out the trailer and fire-off in the comments below.

Thanks to Emily Rogers for the heads up.