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Gunman Clive Blasting Onto The European 3DS eShop Before Christmas

Posted by Andy Green

North America must wait a little longer

Mobile gaming, whether you like it or not, is fast becoming a popular platform for game developers. Sometimes though, the games spread their wings and make the move onto a dedicated gaming device such as the 3DS; take for example SpeedX 3D, a hugely popular mobile game that now resides in the 3DS eShop.

Another title that has had iOS and Android devices buzzing for a while now is Gunman Clive, a Mega Man inspired game that sees you blasting your way through a gorgeously minimalistic Western world. The game has been confirmed as a 3DS eShop title for a while now, but we finally have a release date for the game - at least in Europe.

According to NeoGAF Gunman Clive will be available to download from 20th December and will cost €2. There's no news on a North American release yet, though it is expected to be in January 2013.

What do you think of Gunman Clive? Happy to see another popular mobile game make the leap to 3DS? Check out the trailer and fire-off in the comments below.

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Thanks to Emily Rogers for the heads up.


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6ch6ris6 said:

that looks really cool. hope it controlls well. ports from smartphone games often feel akward

great i have 2,60€ left



WarioPower said:

I won't be downloading this since I have it on my android, but it will be a great addition to the eshop!



thekhaos said:

Added to the list of stuff that's gonna be a must download for me. This looks fantastic. And how many games do we get that are wild west themed? Too few.



Pikachupwnage said:

Holy crap only 2 euro?

Finally an IOS game that decides to not hugely hike the price on the jump to 3DS!



sinalefa said:

Looks fun, and of course it reminded me a little of Sunset Riders. Love the self deprecating trailer.



Windy said:

This is a really good game. I have it on my android but will welcome it to the 3DS in 3d and use and of a control pad. Please bring it to the North American Eshop so we can be in for a treat If this game is 1.99 in the north American Eshop DO NOT HESITATE to download this title. I guarantee it will be the best 1.99 game available. I hope it has 3d in it if not just as good. The visuals are odd but fabulous and the gameplay is a run and shoot megaman style play. It's just excellent and well executed at least on Android and this will be even better with a dedicated control pad. First time I played this game I said this would be a perfect title for 3DS. I hope they do the game with 3D backgrounds and would even pay more to see that. If its in 2d I will still gladly get it so I can play with a control pad. I don't like onscreen control pads like android and ios present it just feels so clunky and can ruin fluid gameplay



Bliquid said:

Woot?!? Another smartphone port on Nintendo's sacred grounds?
Where is the world going, i ask...



SirQuincealot said:

yeah this game looks really good, if it stays that cheap (or even a dollar more) when it comes here i probly get it



Windy said:

Europe congrats on getting this one first you guys deserve it and its just an excellent game I cant say enough. I'm excited as you can tell. Who needs Cave Story I'm also lookin at you also Nicalis hee hee Thanks SirQuincealot I had to take a poke also



SirQuincealot said:

@Pikachupwnage games that know they are good and will sell don't need to hike thier prices, also it gives the developer some hype for his next project if he doesnt seem like hes just in it for the cash grab... looking at you Nicolis



citizenerased said:

Got it for free on iOS but I do much prefer buttons; to the points where I'd pay quite a bit more for that.



Windy said:

@tealovertoma Exactly. a control pad and buttons are always better than Virtual Pads and buttons. It's the Ipad and Android tablets downfall. there are some good games on both platforms but no control pad can make it a bad experience



SirSmugleaf said:

I don't mind an iOS port if its handled well...

Oh, and what this news is thanks to (Emily Rogers) was the name of my grade 1 teacher at school O.o



Ren said:

wow, that looks amazing. keep this stuff coming. It's more than enough to keep me occupied until the WiiU is worth while.



Ras said:

Oh @sinalefa you are a wonderful person. Not too many people seem to remember or care about Sunset Riders, but it was one of my favorites. I guess most people would call Red Dead Redemption the best western game, but Sunset Riders holds a special place with me.

"Oh! Those terrible men! Please help!"
"Alright, ma'am. Don't worry about it."

"Bury me with my money!"



SheldonRandoms said:

@Ras You're not the only one who remembers Sunset riders, at one arcade long ago, I would spend my tokens there first most of the times (that same arcade had a VS. Super Mario Bros. Tabletop)

"Hasta la, bye bye"



Ras said:

I went to the arcade to play the new Mortal Kombat II, but it was mobbed. I looked around for something to play until it was free, and saw a game with a TMNT-style cabinet. Sunset Riders. I was blown away. Until then, the most prominent western game was something like Express Raider, which was fun, but not outstanding. Riders had colorful graphics, memorable characters, and special stages like the horseback sequences and the bonus stages. It got to where I went to the arcade specifically for it!

Anyway, this game looks a little crazy, but I bet Sunset Riders influenced them just a little.

Oh, yeah. Cheyenne was another cool '80s western game.



rayword45 said:

Button controls will definitely raise this up a level.

But the level design is EXTREMELY linear and rather bland. May invest in it if other things are changed around.



Windy said:

@RetrogamerFan It plays real good on Android its a nice game. I hope they can bring a Nice port with nicer control pad controls. Android and ios gaming has gotten really good with games like this but virtual control pads are not so good. This should be awesome. Im just so glad they are charging what they charge in the android and apple Market. to me thats fair. Lets see how this sells at that price point. This should be the best 1.99 game available by leaps and bounds



ScreenSplitter said:

The game looks great, the developer's also a really nice guy judging from his forum posts on NeoGAF.

Also, the price is fantastic. The devs can presumably set the prices on the eShop, and it irks me when things like Cut the Rope are so expensive. Make no mistake, they charge that because they can, as the market on 3DS isn't used to low prices. The fact he's charging £2 for this is great; if everyone buys this, it will no doubt open Nintendos eyes that lower prices sell more.

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