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Error Prevents Purchase Of ZombiU And Assassin's Creed III On Euro Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Botched parental restrictions in EU to blame?


Despite testing this issue throughout the day we've now discovered, thanks to prompts from readers who've encountered the issue with some videos on 3DS systems, that this issue is caused by a restriction to accessing 18-rated content before a specific time. A test after 11pm UK time brought us the download page for ZombiU without an issue, suggesting that Nintendo is restricting the ability to download these games to specific — and very late — hours.

This restriction evidently disregards the submitted age on the Nintendo Network ID or the lack of parental controls activated on the system.

Original article:

Earlier today we became aware of an issue on the European Wii U eShop that was preventing the purchase of either ZombiU or Assassin's Creed III. It seems to be a problem caused by their classification as 18-rated titles, with the following message being displayed:

You cannot view this content.

The times during which this content can be viewed have been restricted.

Multiple members of the Nintendo Life team have checked this and encountered the same error message throughout today, which means that no fix has been forthcoming following the most recent system update. Our systems don't have any parental controls so the issue remains a mystery - especially as it only affects games rated PEGI 18, not those rated 16.

Have any of you encountered this error? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll endeavour to get details of a potential solution.

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User Comments (42)



Chrono_Cross said:

This sounds serious. I hope everyone is okay. Thanks Thomas for reporting such breathtaking and serious news for NintendoLife's community.



ThomasBW84 said:

@CactusJackson Thanks very much! (two can play the sarcasm game)

We've had a few readers contact us who wanted to download these because it's actually a cheaper option for them so, yes, it matters to some people.



Bulbousaur said:

So I can't buy an overpriced version of a game which really should be cheaper than a physical copy? How great...



Tasuki said:

@Cactus-Jackson: Why do you have to be a jerk? To some people that matters just cause it doesnt matter to you doesnt mean its not news. If it doesnt matter to you than dont comment.



edhe said:

@bulby1994 What about eshop exclusive games that may happen to be rated 18+ (if such a game were to appear on the service)?

I feel it's a pressing matter, even though I'm not going to rush out and buy Assassins Creed III online.



joker said:

I read an article earlier today about miiverse and eshop. For one it seems in Germany one can't post screenshots of ZOMBI U on miiverse. The other thing is - brace yoursleves - certain content (again in Germany) like 18+ games are only available after 10 pm. I'll try to dig up the link to this.



b_willers said:

I got this exact error message a few weeks ago when I tried to view an episode of Nintendo TV (UK) on the 3DS. That episode was rated 18 as well. Not sure if it fixed itself because I didn't bother trying again.



C-Olimar said:

@b_willers No it hasn't. This problem has been on the 3DS eShop for months now. I hate having to wait until stupid o'clock to watch videos on the eShop.



Romeo said:

wait, what..?

i expect a fix for that on Wii U and 3DS asap
but if it's a problem on the 3DS eshop for months now... hmn...

FIX?! -.-



b_willers said:

Ok I had my suspicions but this pretty much confirms it. It's not a bug or a glitch. Nintendo has decideded to ban the viewing or purchase of all 18 rated content before a certain time each day to protect minors, regardless of the parental settings on the system.



DarkLloyd said:

its calming as a person who plays games not to live over there on some forced rule



luminalace said:

So is 10pm the cut off time for all regions? Wow it's mazing Nintendo haven't infomed anyone about this!



epylon said:

Uk has a nine o'clock watershed for tv content, taking into account regional time differences this sounds right, although it makes parental controls pointless.



ThomasBW84 said:

We've updated the article as testing the Wii U eShop after 11pm in the UK allowed a potential download of ZombiU.

My personal view is that this is utterly peculiar. If I give an age for my ID and submit to an agreement with the system, and wilfully leave all parental control restrictions off, I should be able to access 18 content whenever I like. In theory a child could bypass this if they have the system in their room, but that applies to absolutely anything. This seems over the top.



Scollurio said:

What the... ?! I'm 30 an want to access whatever content whenever. This is so bad because I'm sure it's intentional and it will stay this way. On the other hand if Nintendo had a proper account system where people have to register the console to a real name with address and birthplace this would be no problem at all since the console would know if the "root" user is of legal age or not.

This sucks in my household are no children that need forced protection!



theblackdragon said:

... so we didn't get a response from Nintendo yet? I thought you guys already asked?

that said, it seems silly — who knows, it could be some sort of bug in the parental control system that they didn't catch before it went live. I think it speaks more for the fact that Nintendo can't beat physical disc sales yet due to the crazy pricing in the eShop that this hasn't been a huge issue yet.



Romeo said:

thats so ridiculous
i mean - it'll be possible to play these games whenever i want to (well ofc.. otherwise that'd be pathetic)

but why cant i watch a trailer, screens or purchase this stuff before 10pm?
thats so pathetic and dumb



C-Olimar said:

I'm surprised people are paying so much attention to this now - it's been bugging me for ages! Hopefully Ninty will pay attention to this feedback and rectify this ridiculous restriction.



MAB said:

Yep! lets get physical, physical I want to get physicalllllll lets get the physical



3dbrains said:

I had the error when trying to buy zombieU. Gave up abd bought tge retail copy instead. Stupid thing. Also have this on the latest nintendo tv 18 version. Still havent watched it because it wont let me, even after 11pm.



ShadJV said:

Is this only for the UK? Either way, it's stupid. Nintendo, many of your fans have grown up, isn't it about time you did too?

I mean, I understand what they're trying to do, but this is irrelevant. If a minor wishes to purchase an M rated game that badly, this sort of restriction won't do much. Any parent who wouldn't let their kid stay up past 10 most likely would keep an eye on what games they purchase. Likewise, any kid who can get away with buying and playing an M rated game most likely could be up past 10.

In short, this restriction doesn't help much, it just is an annoyance.



Mk_II said:

im thinking it has something to do with local broadcasting and advertsiing to minors laws, just like UK TV isnt allowed to use certain words before the kiddies are safely off to bed. Those laws are stricter in some EU countries (UK, Germany) than elsewhere.



WarioPower said:

This is kinda stupid though. Why should one have to wait until a certain time just to download a game?!



theblackdragon said:

@Mk_II: i had a similar thought, but if so, wouldn't the same restrictions be in place for PSN and XBLA? and if that were the case, this would already be a known issue, wouldn't it? i could not find any information about a PEGI 18+ downloadable-purchasing watershed when i looked around to try and figure it out, not even on their own website.



DanFanta said:

Well I tried downloading both uplay and FIFA demo after I did yesterday's software update and now get an error code 111-9001. Has anybody else experienced this?



Klinny said:

This seems... excessive. As a 23-year old who gets up at 6am for University, I need to get to bed at 10pm to get a proper 8-hours sleep. As do both of my parents, who also get up early, and are usually asleep well before 10. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, (and, let's face it, when was the last time I actually got 8 hours of sleep, anyways?) but this restriction seems to be promoting sleep deprivation in adults. I find this oddly unsettling.

While this may prevent very young children from viewing mature content, I don't think a 10pm restriction will hinder most teenagers. Unless, as mentioned, they have strict parents, in which case they would likely have their video games monitored anyways...



Magi said:

I think this is an issue that's rooted in a pretty pervasive culture in Nintendo: protect the children. I am the parent in my household, not Nintendo. I don't need them to restrict downloads or video viewing because I do that. I don't need them to dumb down chat functionality or online play in order to protect my kids either, because I do that too when necessary. While the average age of a NINTENDO GAMER might be under the age of 18 (I honestly don't know), the average age of a GAMER is definately in the 18+ range. Nintendo: STOP TREATING US ALL LIKE CHILDREN WHO NEED TO BE PROTECTED.

Really, this is my biggest complaint with Nintendo.



Banker-Style said:

To it's defence,people can stop being lazy and actually buy it from the Shops where you can get it for anywhere between £41.99 and £54.99.

But Nintendo should really sort this out,and this is peeing me off on the 3DS e-shop when I want to watch Nintendo TV News(the 18+ version).What Nintendo should do is go by the parent lock.

I can access porn websites on the 3DS internet,yet I can't watch at video where,the most adult thing about it is,that there's bit in the video where it shows a bit of blood.



antdickens said:

Wait so, I have to visit the eShop after 11pm to buy it? Even though I have the correct parental controls? That's madness.

The error message should be more forthcoming also... Ubisoft can't be happy.



Sean_Aaron said:

This is pretty naff. I was hoping to check out demos of it and got this message, though I didn't note the time.

I do use parental controls because I have a nine year-old daughter who often gets up an hour or two before me on the week-ends and whilst I don't restrict chat, I don't want her even accidentally viewing something like a Zombi U trailer.

However, I'm not under 18, so having me enter my PIN (which I need to do before running Samurai Warriors 3 - 16 rating - in Wii mode) would seem to suffice. Having to wait until after some arbitrary time is just stupid.

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