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2K Sports: Wii U Has The Potential To Offer A "Superior" Experience

Posted by Orla Madden

The smell of sweet success

Senior Producer of NBA 2K13 Rob Jones has said that in many ways the Wii U version of the hit basketball title is "superior" to versions on other platforms - which is quite impressive considering it's also been released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

He explains that the newest addition to the Nintendo console family provides an experience that Sony and Microsoft can't match, and feels that in the future, the studio may be able to make the best version of the game on the system:

I think that... if we focused in on [Wii U], the experience on it could be superior, in my mind, to the other two consoles.

Jones talks about how the Xbox 360 version incorporated Kinect functionality, which included motion controls and voice recognition - a feature not included in the Wii U version, but was capable of it. Although these features brought something new to the title, Nintendo's newest console can accomplish more:

I think that the way you can interact with that game controller is going to open up different ways of experiencing the game going forward, if we're smart.

To top it all off, Jones tells us that only the surface of the Wii U has been scratched, with plenty more exciting prospects in store. It may be the first title of the NBA series to be released on the console, but it obviously hasn't stopped him being excited for the future, and the new direction in which the games can be taken:

I've spent time with the Wii U producer, and I have a laundry list of things for next year that I think will take this console to a different experience, in terms of its interaction with the consumer and the person who's playing it.

Check out our NBA 2K13 review if you haven't already - we thought it was rather spiffing.


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HawkeyeWii said:

Yes! and this goes for almost any new game that comes out from now on, especially sports games. Having the plays and rosters at the bottom for sports games will become invaluable and some that the other consoles just can't do. Just watch 4 or 5 years from now (Just like they did with motion controls) Microsoft and Sony will come out with tablet controllers for their new systems.



Molotov said:

Isnt It Great That We All Rejoice Whenever A Nintendo Console Is "Superior" To Its 6 Year Old Competitors?



krunchykhaos said:

The wiiu couldnt have come out 6-7 years ago. We arent talking about hardware were talking about gameplay.



WesCash said:

Yes, it is a bit silly, but those are the only other consoles that the WiiU can be compared to right now.
And quit capitalizing all of your words. It's difficult to read and makes it appear as if you are just trying to troll.



y2josh said:

Too bad 2k13 is the worst version in the past 3 years, IMO. Thanks to micro transactions.



Molotov said:

No There Are Alot Of Other Consoles That It Can Be Compared To And Is Naturally Superior To While Being Released In The Same Timeframe. And The Way I Type Is A Trademark Of Mine. Soory

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