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Zelda: Twilight Symphony Soundtrack Available For Pre-Order

Posted by Orla Madden

Over 3 hours of glorious music

Zelda Orchestrated, the dedicated team behind Twilight Symphony, has finally unveiled that its most ambitious project is now available for pre-order with a price tag of $49.99.

The 3-disc soundtrack, which is an orchestral arrangement of music from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, is only available in limited quantities - only 1,000 physical copies available, 500 of which are already gone.

The soundtrack contains over 3 hours of gorgeous music and will be available both on Joypad Records’ official website and through iTunes for a price which is yet to be revealed. Joypad Records also helped to give the Kanto Symphony a little push with copyright issues, and you can read our interview with Braxton Burks - the composer behind the Pokémon orchestrated soundtrack - right here.

Twilight Symphony is scheduled to be released mid-November, so if you're thinking of reserving a copy, you better do so quick.


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triforcepower73 said:

This and a wii u or a wii u and hyrule historia? I want both but I might go with this since it's a limited quantity.



Nardar said:

Yes it is from Twilight! You can hear clips from it on there site!



Norfair said:

I loved Twilight Princess, I could be listening to this for hours while I am on the computer!
Twilight Princess had my favorite big open area music in Zelda.
But, bleh, that price..



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Oh, well I've never played Twilight Princess
Although someday I should get around to it...



Wonder_Ideal said:

That would be excellent to have if I could afford it. The music in Twilight Princess is amazing! Not to mention that boxart is gorgeous.



jkshaz said:

Can someone educate me on how a project like this avoids running into copyright issues?



Boo_Buster said:

I would have really liked this but... 3 CD's shouldn't be quite that much. Not too disappointed I missed out on this one, even though I am a college trained musician who loves Zelda music very much. I''m sure we can find the tracks for free online somewhere in the not so distant future.

@triforcepower73: I am really looking forward to the Hyrule Historia! Pre-orderd for quite a good price from B& MSRP was $34.99 and I got it for just over $20



jkshaz said:

Interesting. I checked the joypad site for some vague specifics. If I hadn't been lazy I should have thought to check for an FAQ.



grimbldoo said:

Twilight%20Symphony wrote:

Were you a $50 and up Kickstarter or ChipIn backer? Kooloo-Limpah! Your order is already accounted for and will be among the first shipped... and and and, your name is in the booklet! Thank you for your support!

Psht, we didn't even have a chance at getting one unless we already donated.

Oh well, If I can't buy it, at least I can still listen to some of it . [youtube:GUQPTNc4TZk]I can already appreciate that price tag.



Late said:

So it seems like I missed it. Had to think a little before buying and now it seems like they are already sold out. It would've been nice to own one of these...



Ryno said:

I just went there and I was allowed to order one despite some saying it was sold out!



Late said:

@Master_Ryno: It would've allowed me to order when Mk_II pointed that out but half an hour after I it said it's sold out and it still keeps saying that.



Ryno said:

@Late: It was weird, the first time I could order it and I added it to my cart. I then thought about it for a little bit and decided to go for it. The site said sold out but I had 1 item in my cart though. so it let me order it.



FiveDigitLP said:

To my fellow commenters:
You guys realize that this group had made "reorchestrated" stuff for the other games, right? This is just their first time creating it with a full orchestra, thus accounting for the high price. If you look up Zreo, you'll see that they have some of their older material available for free on their website.



Ryno said:

@Pro-N-Gamer: Do you realize the time and effort put into this as well as the licensing? As of right now the physical copy is limited to 1000 and includes a beautiful charcoal art drawing. It sold out at $50 in no time. They could have charged even more for this and people would still be buying it up.



Late said:

I was trying to buy one but I'm not entirely sure how all those words translate into Finnish. I could get past the first part but then I had troubles while trying to verify my WePay account and I gave up. My social security code doesn't fit to those boxes they have...



gundam00 said:

Ladies and Gentlemen, their physical quantity has been upgraded to 2,000 units!! They have a counter on their website and are currently at 1,459. That means 541 physical units are left to be purchased!!

I'll be getting mine from iTunes. Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game! Love it so much!!!



gefflt said:

I HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight Princess' music is some of the best in my opinion - I can't believe I got my hands on one - * dies *!!!



Nardar said:

I am getting mine from iTunes because I think it will be a little cheaper and I don't have a credit card.



Bassman_Q said:

I can definitely see how $50 is a justified price for the physical copy with such a beautiful CD cover. Too bad they made it in such limited quantites...

Still, I'll just wait for it to be available for free in the coming months.



grimbldoo said:

@Phantom_A #25
No problem

@Pro-N-Gamer #26
We used to spend $20 on a brand new cd, only one, that was only 30-40 min long and in a cheap plastic case. This is three hours, it has three cds, it is in a nice case, and it has a beautiful drawing (the original could easily sell for $500). Don't even forget that they had to pay a whole orchestra.



Matti said:

I'll get the digital version when it's released. Physical copies are nice but there's no reason for me to pay that much for something that will just end up gathering dust on the shelf.



Kitsune_Rei said:

From the website:
"Limited Quantity Increased Due to Extreme Popular Demand

To our fans and customers: We are very pleased to announce that after careful deliberation, we have decided to increase the original offering by an additional 1,500 units. This raises the total available quantity to 2,000 units - 500 of which have already been claimed (thank you so much).

Please understand that we grossly underestimated the interest a physical album would generate; the original offering of 500 was simply based on what we could afford to produce. We wanted to offer more, but at the time we couldn't. Now, we can.

That said (and yes, there's a caveat), our team's integrity and commitment to the fan base must dictate a paramount importance in that this edition remain a special, finite collector's item, and as such THIS WILL BE THE FINAL NUMBER AVAILABLE. Once they are gone, they are gone. This will not change. Beyond this new allocation, digital via Joypad Records and iTunes will be how the album will live on. Thank you so much for your understanding and for your support!!!"

There are still some available now.



darklink604 said:

What I like the most is...

As a special thank you for your pre-order, and to ensure you don't miss out on the excitement of our mid-November digital release, all orders of physical albums will recieve a digital copy of the album at launch.



Gold_Ranger said:

There have been no New updates on the webpage for a bit now. Has anyone heard anything lately?

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