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Someone Skinned Amaterasu To Make This Awesome Okami Hoodie

Posted by Orla Madden

Coming to the Capcom Store soon

In celebration of the release of Okami HD (sadly not on a Nintendo platform, it must be said), Capcom is releasing this gorgeous Okami Hoodie on its online store. A Capcom Employee posted on the Capcom Unity Blog promising that the hoodies would shortly be making an appearance, so keep your eyes peeled if you really want one.

Now all you need is your celestial brush to look the part, but since none of those are on the store, why not purchase this cute Okamiden plush to carry around instead for maximum awesomeness?

Oh, and check out our Okami review while you're at it.

Here's the promotional video, which has quite an Assassin's Creed vibe to it, we must say:

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burninmylight said:

Capcom, you make it so hard for us to love you. And then you make it so hard for us to loathe you. I wish you would just pick one and stick with it. Wish I knew the price of this hoodie so I could know if it's going to be a Christmas present or not.



Hokori said:

This game is on Nintendo platforms is the wii... Just because it's in HD doesn't mean it's any different... I hate how companies are selling old title by adding the HD/3D at the end to make it seem different



Tsuchiya said:

Awesome should you be looking for that exit wound look this coming season.



rjejr said:

I imagine this will also be a digital DL on the WiiU making use of the touchscreen like Okamiden.

The game, not the sweatshirt, though I wouldn't be surprised if the sweatshirt were available in PS Home. I can't picture it on a Mii though, to bad Mii s don't get an upgrade on WiiU.



WiiLovePeace said:

They should release Okami HD on the Wii U eShop... The graphics would be amazing & you could use the ink brush either via the traditional analog sticks, using the WiiMote or (preferably imo) with the touchscreen & stylus. I really hope they pull through & do this.

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