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Rytmik World Music Bringing the Beat Back to DSiWare

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Get composing

Cinemax has confirmed that it's bringing Rytmik World Music to DSiWare, the fifth entry in the music composition series. It's a series that's had consistently strong recommendations in our reviews, with each entry bringing an accomplished and detailed music studio to your DSi; they're perhaps best reserved for enthusiasts and those with time to master the mechanics, but the results are impressive.

After dabbling with rock, hip hop and retro sounds, the series has now opted for world music. It'll include 117 different sounds, incorporating a wide-range of instruments from around the world, while the top screen visualiser will have 20 variations. If it maintains the standards of its predecessors, then it'll certainly be one to watch; although the game is finished, it's still waiting for a final release date.

If you go the official website, meanwhile, you can listen to 11 pre-produced tracks that'll be included with the software. So, are any of you planning to get creative with this one?

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Squashie said:

Despite how complicated they were, I was a massive fan of the Rytmik games, I will most probably be picking this one up!



edhe said:

They should really start releasing these for the 3DS. They can do so much more with a bigger file size.

Or maybe release a definitive version - one that will allow you to mix the styles easily.

Anyway, I'm in the process of making a particular track, and I think a world music set of samples would be very useful.



McGruber said:

I would be interested in this if you could save the music you make and transfer it to a PC where it could actually be usefull...



Raylax said:

These are the type of titles that Cinemax should stick to. Always excellent



zezhyrule said:

"music composition series"? No. These games have nothing to do with composing music. You can put some sounds in a sequence to play at certain times, that is all.



kurtasbestos said:

I really liked rhytmik, but there were a number of problems that made me sort of lose interest in it. One of the main problems was the lack of interesting instruments, but this version seems to have exactly the kinds of sounds I would love to work with, so I just might have to download it.

zezhyrule -> "putting sounds in a sequence" is pretty much exactly what composing music is. But thank you for invalidating pretty much all electronic music ever made.



drexegar said:

@Lionsgate From over the last 20 music sequencers and games for the DS, especially with the huge Korg community, people has been recording there sound with wires and recording software on the pc froma ds for a long time, it will never change due to nintendo policies and frankly it makes things less complicated for programming.

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