Space Harrier 3 D Art 01

The 3DS eShop is the perfect place for old favourites from yesteryear to gain a new lease of life, and rumour has it SEGA has made plans to port some of its biggest classic titles to the service.

According to, SEGA is bringing the extremely popular arcade title Space Harrier to the 3DS in what will be known as 3D Space Harrier - an updated version of the game that takes full advantage of the 3DS and its capabilities.

Space Harrier is an on-rails shooter produced by Yu Suzuki which originally launched in arcades in 1985. It spawned several sequels, including Space Harrier II on the Mega Drive. Interestingly - if the rumour is true - it will mark the second time the game has been released in 3D. A special edition for the Sega Master System used the console's SegaScope 3D glasses to create an impression of depth.

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