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Resident Evil Revelations Jumping Ship To PS3?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Any port in a storm

According to a Korean Ratings Board, the 3DS survival horror classic Resident Evil Revelations is making the jump to the big screen, but not on Nintendo's Wii U as you might reasonably expect - it's apparently coming to the PS3 instead.

"Revelations has something to offer Resi fans old and new – there are few experiences on the 3DS more engrossing or exciting" is what we said about the game in our review, so it's little wonder that the rumour of a PS3 version has Sony fans all excited.

Do you think Capcom should have looked at porting the game to the Wii U, or do you believe that the PS3 conversion could merely be the first of many, with Capcom releasing the game on other consoles, too? And if you passed on playing the game on 3DS, would a HD version change your mind? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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Zach777 said:

Would rather have Resident Evil 5 and 6 as they have yet to be in a Nintendo system at all.



Shiryu said:

It's easily the best "Resident Evil" since 4, so good thing for 360/ps3 owners. I do hope Capcom brings some Resi love to the Wii U as well.



edhe said:

As sure as night follows day, a Capcom Nintendo exclusive will find its way onto a rival system.

I hope the fans like it more than Resident Evil 6. It's definitely the right direction to take Resident Evil in.

But please, Capcom - keep that Resi 6 crap away from the WiiU.



Mikazi said:

I don't mind, provided this sells well and encourages Capcom to make more Resi games like this instead of 5 & 6



BenAV said:

If they ported it to the Wii U I wouldn't buy it.
It's a really good game, but I've already got it on 3DS and wouldn't buy it twice.



Haxonberik said:

It would be much better than RE6, but Id definitely like to see it coming to Wii U, even if I already wet through it on the 3DS and I dont plan to buy it again.



Araknie said:

Do it, time passed and who wanted it really already had it. Might sell a little, but i've seen how well the port of two Chronicles games has gone on PS3.

I'm sarcastic, it will lack a dual screen and for having control on that inventory they will have to do an on-screen one, like RE6 i guess witch really breaks the pace.

Do it, will not be better.



MegaWatts said:

Perhaps Capcom is looking to recuperate any potential losses that RE6 might have incurred? It still so really well at launch, but perhaps the negative reviews affected long-term sales?

Either way, it'll be interesting to see how well it transfers across.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

The game has been criminally overlooked and my heart ached every time people said there hasn't been a true survival horror-esque RE in years.
So I'd be really happy to see it gain some mainstream attention on a console.



GameLord08 said:

A while back, it was stated that Capcom was interested in developing an original Resident Evil game to take advantage of the Wii U. If they proved serious, this may have influenced this alleged decision of porting Revelations to PS3. Personally, I can see this game doing very well on PS3, especially given its reception on 3DS. It seems a good fit overall and I see it selling well (though, maybe not as well as on the 3DS, being a late port), so I think Capcom should definitely go for it.



howser73 said:

Really enjoyed the game on 3ds, and would be interested in a HD version, but as I don't own ps3 and have a wii u on Pre-order ill be missing out on the ps3 version. A little surprised its not coming to vita! instead of ps3.
I'm a fan of res games, prefer the older ones though would love a hd update to res evil remake off GameCube that was a great game, here's me hoping for an e-shop version.



Tsuchiya said:

Good news
Everyone needs to play this game even the most stubborn of gamers or anti handheldians. Hope this is true for Sony fans.



luminalace said:

I am happy that PS3 owners will get to play a great Resident Evil game that I feel was sadly overlooked by many on 3DS! I wouldn't buy the game again on Wii U and despite the average reviews, I am secretly pining for an updated version of Resident Evil 6 for the Wii U!



TruenoGT said:

I'd say the Wii U is a safe bet. Capcom typically ports Resident Evil games to everything that moves. I think even my programmable thermostat can play Resident Evil 4 at this point.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@jibberldd5 Well, it's just a rumor, but it looks like. I think this would not be good for Nintendo, you know, another exclusive lost.
Either way, I'm not really appealed by a HD edition, the original is just awesome the way it is. I'd rather have another spin-off as good as Revelations as a Wii U exclusive. I don't really see the point on buying the same game again just because it has better graphics anyways.



WesCash said:

Good for PS3 and 360 owners.
Hopefully the WiiU will get a RE game that goes full-on survival/horror mode.
Revelations tried but didn't succeed completely.
The action sections with the hunters and wolves were awful.



Brando67854321 said:

@everyone it's not coming to the wii u due to capcoms lack of support & monster hunter 3 ultimate will be the only capcom game on wii u & that series is cursed to sell bad outside of japan.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

See, they knew they screwed up 6 big time for many fans, so the only way they can make it up is a PS3 port of a far better 3DS game. XD

Capcom, you dog....



the_shpydar said:

I wouldn't be surprised, but forgive me if i hold a giant grain of salt until this rumor comes from somewhere other than a Korean ratings board listing.

As others said, I would also love if it did come to PS3, sell exceedingly well, and maybe convince Capcom to stick to the roots of the series instead of the perpllexing direction they've decided to take the series in the recent console entries. Revelations was an awesome entry.



Wonder_Ideal said:

Interesting article. Isn's the headline is misspelled? I believe it is Resident Evil: "Revelaitons."



AVahne said:

Would be better if they ported it to Wii U, what with the second screen and all.



bonesy91 said:

cool cool. Cant really get into that much. But it's good to see it coming to other consoles.

I think after 4 though RE lost it's creepy survival atmosphere and became way to action based for my own personal taste



HaastMK7 said:

This sounds awesome, the only thing that buzz killed this is that Revelations is coming to the PS3, why not the U?



Tsuchiya said:

It wouldn't be a 3DS exclusive if it was on Wii U. Wii U would probably benefit more from having RE5 + and RE6 available. PS3 owners deserve to play such an incredible game if they haven't already and maybe for Capcom, it was more convenient to port it over to PS3 than Wii U. This is all a rumour anyway

If this is true, I wonder why it's not headed to Vita. They'd have to do some major padding to justify any price attached to it for PS3.



shonenjump86 said:

I hear the game is coming to 360 as well. I enjoyed this game a lot on 3DS. Capcom might as well but it on Vita.



Malic said:

Great game better than re5 and 6 IMO if you have a ps3 I highly recommend this



Urbanhispanic said:

You know.....I played the RE:R demo and liked it but I haven't gotten it yet. Is it too late to play a quality RE title since RE:4 and take advantage of playing it online???



renaryuugufan92 said:

would rather see them do a sequel to Revelations on the Wii U, as Revelations was more of a step in the "right direction" then RE6 ever was~ personal opinion of course~



gundam00 said:

This game was epic in every possible way! It's an absolute must for any 3DS owner!! Even if it's not your genre, you get used to the monsters The story and characters are so engrossing, you won't be able to put the game down. The controls make use of every button on the 3DS without being cumbersome and are very intuitive. This game is listed in my Activity Log as averaging my longest playtime at 3hrs.

My only complaint is the aliasing and offset coloring during the cutscenes, but there's no visual malfunctions during gameplay which matters most, so don't let my complaint stop you from trying out one of the top 3 games for 3DS!!



DrDaisy said:

How typical. Any time a Capcom game does well on a Nintendo system, it pops up elsewhere with new content. I don't mind if Capcom releases this game on PS3 (especially since I have one), but Wii U should definitely be considered as well. I may not be happy with the Wii U itself, but I do want it to get good games from third-parties.



Smooth27 said:

Why wouldn't it come to the Wii u?
Well honestly the game looked hd to me in my opinion better looking than any of the vita games i played.



RevolverLink said:

Eh, I had a feeling this was coming; the only companies that like to port their own stuff more than Capcom are Ubisoft and Nintendo.

I think it might lose a little something without the depth-of-field 3D, but really, if this gets more people to play this excellent game, I don't mind. They've already ported Okami twice since it came out in 2006, and still not nearly enough people have played it.



Dandalfa00 said:

I prefer when a system's glory stays its own glory. That being said, I think it's pretty cool that the PS3 is getting a port from a 3DS title. That is saying something right there.



MeloMan said:

RE has to be one of the most ported series of all time. I've already played it for 3DS, so I'm not upset by this news.



Phle said:

I really liked this game but I don't really mind if it comes out for PS3. It's a good game, but I don't think I would buy a HD version. The game has been 3DS exclusive for quite some time, and I think other than just Nintendo console owners should be able to enjoy the game. It's a bit sad that if it only will come to PS3 and not Wii U though, but then again they are different systems and making two HD versions takes more money and time than one.



Henmii said:

I think it's more likely that it will appear on the PS Vita!

It's always heart-breaking to see a Nintendo exclusive making the jump to a Sony/Microsoft device, because it almost never works the other way around!!



Teepo said:

The more people that can experience the game, the better. It's definitely the best RE game to come out in quite a while.



Henmii said:

"We got Okami remember "

That's true, but it arrived years after the PS2 version. But thank god that it arrived! It was awesome! A lot better then Twilight princess!



lanabanana said:

Ehhh... I already have it so I really wouldn't care if they made a WiiU version. I really think they should put it on PSVita instead of PS3 though...

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