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Reggie: Sony and Microsoft Need To React To What Nintendo Is Doing With Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

"Faster processors and pretty pictures won't be enough"

The Wii U has its fair share of plaudits but its fair to say it also has an equal share of doubters as well. Since the new console has launched many developers have taken a swipe at it claiming its lack of power will make it outdated and irrelevant once Sony and Microsoft throw their new consoles into the mix.

In an interview with CNET, President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime has defended the Wii U's specs and says this new generation will be about more than powerful processors and excessive graphical output. He believes that Sony and Microsoft must look at what Nintendo is doing and react to it:

In the end, our competitors need to react to what we're doing in the marketplace and need to figure out what their innovation will be.

It's likely that faster processors and pretty pictures won't be enough to motivate consumers. They need to react to what we've done and we need to continue innovating with the Wii U and we will.

Many people see the Wii U as a console that merely matches the specs of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 rather than vastly improving on them, and that Nintendo has jumped the gun by releasing the console into the marketplace now. Reggie was quick to dismiss this however:

For us, launching new systems is about bringing new consumer experiences to the marketplace and we're doing that with Nintendo Land and third-party publishers are doing it with games like ZombiU. For us, now is the right time to launch new hardware.

Nintendo seems to be sticking to its guns then when it comes to their vision for this new generation of gaming. Nintendo has always stated that graphics and power aren't everything and that innovations - such as the ones seen with Wii - are key factors to the success of a new console. Reggie believes consumers have reacted very positively to Wii U and the numbers coming through show that they are on target to match the success of the Wii - in the launch window at least. Nintendo has shifted 400,000 Wii U consoles in North America during the first week of launch, effectively selling out at retail. More stock is incoming and Nintendo will hope it all gets snapped up just as fast.

What are your thoughts on all this? Has Nintendo taken the right path with Wii U or do you think the power inside Sony and Microsoft's new babies will make it irrelevant? Let us know in the comments below.


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Bass_X0 said:

In truth, some people are perfectly happy with better graphics and faster processors. They don't want or need gimmicks after gimmicks. It seems like Nintendo are saying they don't need good graphics or faster processors - gimmicks makes up for that.



mookysam said:

To what Reggie says, surely it's how developers take advantage of those things and the quality of the games themselves. I'd say there's a compelling argument for both viewpoints, especially given the quality of the games seen on the 360 and PS3.



yobucky said:

Dude must have read my mind. It will all come down to price in this round. I don't believe there's a huge market for 2 powerhouse consoles, let alone 3. So if the others don't think of new ways to draw in the ipad generation they will struggle to sell. Gamers love the awesome graphics and hardcore games but as has been proven quite successfully over the last few years, the biggest market potential is more for the "casual" gamers. Sad but true. So again I'll say, I'm very interested to see just what the next gen brings for the other two, and my money is on a lot of fan bois being disappointed. At the end of the day sony and microsoft are companies, and the bottom line is going to factor heavily into this gen.



triforcepower73 said:

"They need to react to what we've done and we need to continue innovating with the Wii U and wii will."



DarkNinja9 said:

@Burning_Spear lol ikr?

but i kinda have to disagree sorry i hear similar responses to ppl who are in businesses usually the "idc were doing our own thing and everything seems fine from our eyes we will ignore the small stuff" which in terms can be a big deal on the stuff there not seeing...(confused?)

anyway by saying graphics dont matter it kinda makes developers turn away on maybe something they want to do or buyers who want more graphics then last console gen. =/



MAB said:

Sony and MS will be too late for the party again with under-utilised control gimmicks mixed with over-priced hardware.




Smartglass and more widespread Vita to PS3 conncectivity? Nothing that tickles MY fancy, but there has been some sort of reaction already hasn't there?



LavaTwilight said:

As Cervantes said, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". Nintendo have effectively sold out of Wii U in the first week in North America and I know UK pre-orders are in over-abundance. I believe the results speak for themselves!



erv said:

But... but... I am SO bummed mario galaxy was only running on 1.32667 Mhz and it didn't feature lossless texture compression! And it also didn't feature 4.4.4 ms RAM integration which makes ALL the difference in the WORLD! Seriously nintendo, you have been LOSING it! CAPS LOCK!



Burning_Spear said:

I agree with Reggie's opinion and would much rather have innovative technology than more power, if the choice were one or the other. That said, to many, many gamers, more power does equal more fun. That's pretty much what Sony and Microsoft bring to the table with each new console, and their customers go ape sh*t for it. They do what they do, and they have millions of customers. Nintendo does what it does, and it has millions of customers. Just choose the console that piques your interest and don't get caught up with making it into a Coke v. Pepsi war.



Auracle said:

You hear that Microsoft and SONY, Reggie just challenged you! What are you gonna do about it?



Jaz007 said:

I don't if will amount to anything but Sony has been filing some very intresting controller patents lately. So we could end up seeing some pretty intresting innovation from them.



SteveW said:

@Savino - fun is all about physics? wow, that makes no sense, why be a gamer then? just play with real life.



shingi_70 said:

Yet guess what system won't be the lead platform in most cases. That and the wii u has a weaker ecosystem than the competing microsoft and Sony platforms.



SteveW said:

but... when the next Microsoft and Sony comes out at $600-$700 the Wii U still may win in the end.



TruthBeTold said:

Someone says something bad about Nintendo- Receives tons of criticism.
Someone says something good about Nintendo- Receives tons of criticism.
I don't think he's saying graphics/power doesn't matter, just that it won't move consoles. And we've seen that, too. But we have seen that on both sides. The 3DS (innovation) at launch did poorly, the Vita (power) at launch did poorly. I have come to the conclusion that only ONE thing moves consoles and that is the library the console has. The Wii seems like it was a special exception, a case where the advertising played the biggest role. But you can still argue that many people bought the console because of the Nintendo franchises they knew would be represented.



hamispink said:

Nintendo wants Sony and Microsoft to use tablet controllers because that's the only way that they can guarantee third party support for the Wii U after the competition comes out.



shingi_70 said:


Well the vita shows that sony can use not custom off the shelf parts to keep costs down, while microsoft is rumored to not only carry two product skus but theyhave been testing cheap subscription based 360s since the summer.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think he has a point. Its not that you have to have a crazy new control method to be innovative or that power doesn't matter, but none of that alone is enough. you need to give people a reason why they should "upgrade" to the latest console rather than stick with what they have or slide to another device, that means offering something new and different their current devices don't already have without breaking the bank.

The particular hook is different for everybody but the key is to dish everything out in spades. a little more power, a few new experiences, and familiar favorites at a reasonable price, something Nintendo is good at.



ultraraichu said:

I guess since since Sony and Microsoft will very likely focus more on power with their next gen system, Nintendo have to find a way set it apart from the competitors. I'm not saying more power isn't important but if they don't bring something innovated, it would be a replay of the gamecube console war.

Plus I would be more uneasy if I had to pay $700-$800 for the Wii U if it had "next gen" speed and power.



MetalKingShield said:

I think more power will be enough, personally. As much as I like Nintendo, I long for the day when they can get back into the hardware race. Whoever else has to step out, it doesn't matter to me (not that I'm wishing it on anyone), but I can't wait for the next Nintendo console where I'm actually impressed with how well the games run.



Hokori said:

Hmm I'm seeing a pattern with these articles
Someone's says something bad about Nintendo, fan reacts, and then is called a fanboy by someone else on this site.
Sony and Microsoft get called out, fans react, yet no one calls them a fanboy...
? Hmmmmm? Interesting indeed



AVahne said:

Reggie never said that graphics don't matter. He merely meant that merely upgrading graphics won't be enough to attract a large amount of customers.



citizenerased said:

Development costs are outpacing the growth of the demographic. Some of you might be fine spending $600 on a new console that blows PC specs out of the water, and $80 on every new photorealistic sequel that lacks innovation, because publishers will stop taking risks altogether when development costs keep rising. And medium-big studios will have to close after one financial flop (regardless of its critical ranking). I'll find solace in the indie industry and whatever Nintendo's doing.

GameCube shows that Nintendo's better off not joining in the hardware fest. Sony and MS are likely to make a loss on every PS4/720 produced. And hey, you know what console/handheld "won" every generation for the past 12 years? The weakest, cheapest one.



HawkeyeWii said:


Totally agree!!!!

For me, video games aren't about graphics, but about having fun. I have had enormous amounts of fun with all of the Nintendo consoles I have ever had, and more shouting and screaming while playing 360 or PS3, so I think I'll stick with Nintendo



Tsuchiya said:

Microsoft and Sony can give us all the tech they want. They can give us Avatar-esque visuals. A bit of GDDR5 here, a sprinkle of 16 core CPU there but you remember to bring along your gold teeth and your car to put down as part exchange. Because what some of us want, will not be easy to absorb. And the die hard fans wanting such tech, well you just watch them throw a paddy when their prices hit home.

As a fan of Microsoft and (less so with Sony but still, a fan) I beg them to not follow the all out tech war route again. Develop innovation.
If Nintendo has done anything this gen that needs to be taken into account it's this - innovation, good powerful technology and affordability can be achieved for a new system straight out of the gate. If either Microsoft and Sony mess up on their launch prices then we will see a casualty. Sony can't afford to do this again.

It can stand out, it can shine and Wii U will but the ball is in their court. All we can do is wait and wonder.
it's wallets that do the talking nowadays, more so than ever.



Ryno said:

I say go for the power Sony and Microsoft. I don't care what happens to them whether they succeed or fail as I will not get either of their new system. Current Nintendo and retro gaming are enough for me. I am interested to see what they come up with next though.



ultraraichu said:

That is true. When I play with my friends and family on the Wii with games like Wii Sports Resort, Warioware Smooth Moves, ExciteBots etc, for the most part the air is more relax and cheerful (except with SSBB and TvsC). Whereas when I go to my friend's to play on their Xbox360, the air seem more tense and serious with most of the games.



DerpSandwich said:

Nintendo is all about value and innovation, and I'm with Nintendo all the way. My only concern this time around is that they were out of the door so early that Microsoft and Sony have ample time to copy everything Nintendo is doing. They won't have a Gamepad controller because of the Vita and tablets and whatnot, but stuff like Miiverse is going to get carbon copied and probably improved by the more powerful systems. The Wii took everyone off guard, but they're one or two years early this time. The rest of the market WILL respond, and that's what worries me.



Mickey said:




SCAR said:

Well, if it makes thing seem more fair for everyone, I've heard people playing SSB.B, and thought it played like PS3/360, as opposed to the GCN Smash Bros. 3DS also has pretty good graphics now too. Nintendo is always just a little behind on graphics, but make the games look on par with the style and presentation to make up for weaker system tech. I honestly hope that Sony and Microsoft make power house consoles again, because that would be the only reason I would buy one, but not for more than $450 that I will still need to buy tons of accessories for to work. That was the main problem with Sony and Microsoft after Wii came out, they tried to make motion remotes which were years late, and costed as much as a Wii at that point, not including the hardware. Kinect and Move for the price of a Wii is ridiculous, and implementing what Nintendo has done with the Wii U is gonna be hard for those companies, because they can't compete on price no matter what at this point, and still keep the audience they aim for happy for spending the extra money... Maybe they could sell a super powerful system with motion controls for $500-600, and just make enough consoles to get their money invested back, but that would be too nice if they didn't sell the console for a profit I guess.



SCAR said:

I don't really know what to say anymore about consoles 'fighting' anymore... They're gonna make whatever they want, and it's up to us to buy it if we think we should.



Redeye1904 said:

I burn over 300 bucks a year on things like drinks and eating out... Buying a Nintendo Wii U was a better investment...l



Mandoble said:

I dont know what Reggie is smoking. So MS with a high-def kinect will need to react exactly to what? to the WiiU tablet?????



hYdeks said:

if I was Sony and Microsoft reading what Reggie said, I could just guess that there response would be "a touchscreen on your controller, finally getting some 3rd party support, and making a system finally on par with ps3/360 makes you guys FINALLY caught up to them, 6 years later -_-" so yay, Reggie, your stupid. Ohh, and 3rd party party people bitching already that the cpu is slow? COME ON! The freakin system just released and Nintendo's STILL not caught up with Sony and Microsoft. Adding a touchscreen into a controller isn't exactly ground breaking



Hokori said:

@hydeks That's why the Vita has a touch screen, and that's why they made the move and why the PS controller is based off of the best home console ever (SNES) and why they added rumble and wireless controllers, and analog sticks.
If the PS4 copies WiiU you'll probablys say it's innovated



WaveBoy said:

At this point(actually it happened during the mid point of the gameCube era) I'm not content whatsoever by simply upping the graphics and's the main reason why i gave up on my XBOX 360 and PS3 due to sevre boredum, plus i wasn't at all interested in the exclusives, while 3rd party support didn't do it for me either since titles like Dead Space, Bioshock and what have
you were limmited to those clunky snore inducing unimmersive traditional dual analog control schemes. Here i was playing the wii which FELT like a NextGen console due to the crazy-awesome innovative controller. The PS3 and XBOX gave me a pS2 experience with superior visuals in HD...The initial
OMGZ HD + better graphics 'shock' got old and i was left with ZERO innovation, same old same old. Wii got me back into 'modern' gaming with it's brilliant
use of innovative motion controls, brilliant sequals to their franchises, the retro revival and of course the Virtual console.

But really, what's stopping Sony from ripping & releasing their own tablet-like Dual Shock controller and innovating(ok, that's funny) even further beyond what the Wii U can do? They've got the advantage obviously since the Wii U is already on the market. I wont be getting either of the new Sony or MS consoles because i don't give a rats for their exclusives. And 3rd party support?
Capcom and konami have basically gone down the tubes with Resident Evil, Castlevania and Silent Hill ect ect. Outsourcing, americanizing, action-izing and butchering their classic series to mindless shinanigans. Good times!

Anyways, I'm still very interested to see what those little booger heads, aka > Sony and MS come up with console wise, but that's it really. I can't afford to juggle 2 consoles this generation. Even if i could i wouldn't want to either.
Besides, I'm too busy training to defeat the great Ivan Drakko(Dolph Lungren) on my next Boxing Tour. "Adriaaaaan!!!!"



krunchykhaos said:

Everyone needs to slow down. Microsoft and sony have their dev kits out and tech previews of what they will put into them. From what i've gathered its not a noticeable difference in power. The only difference this time around will be gamer preference. Words need to stop and people need to allow this system to prove itself. Remember the zelda tech demo? A dude at epic even said the wiiu can do better than that. Chill and enjoy what we're all going to be given.



Emaan said:

I hope when Reggie says that Sony and Microsoft have to react to the Wii U, he doesn't mean for them to blatantly and pathetically copy its concept like they did with the Wii. Let Nintendo do their own thing, and the Wii U will do just fine.



TheRealThanos said:

That the Zelda demo could be made better than the tech demo at E3 2011 is no big surprise, since they've long since admitted to have cooked that demo up in all but a few months on Unreal 3.x tech, just to show what could be done and how easy it was to program for.

You and everybody else realizing that there won't be a big leap in graphics is right though.
Even though the Xbox Dev kit supposedly has 8GB of RAM, as opposed to the 4GB of PS4, much of that (arguably 2 to 4GB) is dedicated to Kinect 2, which according to consistent rumors will be included in the starter kit.
And dev kits usually have more RAM in them than final console designs anyway...
The supposed '4K ready' hardware of the PS4, will not be able to make the most of that for YEARS to come, and as far as we know now, it's only intended for movies anyway, NOT for games. (sorry, 4K fanboys)

So effectively, compared to Wii U the newer consoles will have a newer CPU, GPU (possibly no GPGPU though) and double the amount of RAM again (as Wii U did vs the current HD consoles) making overall graphical differences really not that big at first glance, but more subtle and incremental, although it will DEFINITELY do something to better implementation of AI, graphical performance/frame rate, Anti Aliasing and so on.
Anyone denying that would have to be oblivious to many a fact...

AND if they decide to not go the Nintendo route, they will also have the benefit of being able to put ALL of their consoles' power into the TV screen as opposed to the 'let's divide our hardware power over two screens' of the Wii U.
(that is of course until the Canadians once again open up in about 3,5 years to show us that a Wii U mini WITHOUT Gamepad is coming, making the Wii U matter once again since it will then ALSO be able to dedicate all it's power to one screen, same as the competition, and Nintendo will do just fine for YEARS to come)

As for the possible scenario as far as we are able (from consistent rumors and guesstimates) to tell now, I think Sony will possibly be in the worst spot:
Even if all three consoles use similar hardware, Sony will more than likely still try to push 4K down our throats and as professional analysts have already shown, worldwide(!) market penetration for that product isn't very hopeful (estimated to be a mere 0,8% in total worldwide sales by the year 2017 - ) and looking at 3D TV after quite a few years still not being mainstream as well, I have little faith in the 4K format for home owners, also taking into account the state of the economy for years to come, the fact that you will need to buy a pretty big 4K TV (reportedly 60" at LEAST) to really show the difference between 1080p and 4K, and because of the estimated market penetration it will be an expensive piece of equipment for a much longer time to come than other formats, so only the most fortunate ones on this earth will be able to buy a TV like that.
4K will be great for cinema's though...

Sony's TV department is one of the two branches that is hurting them the most, so just let your imagination wonder to the near future with a next-to-no-sales-of-4K-TV's scenario in mind and think of what that will do for Sony wanting to force 4K down our throats...

Besides that, following up on this scenario, developers of multi-platform titles will then also see the benefit of developing their games side by side on the Wii U and NextBox because these two consoles will be practically the same save for the Xbox being about twice/three times as powerful, but the financial risk and economic considerations will also be taken into account by game developers, so betting on these two platforms is a sure-fire win for them, and Sony will once again (like this generation) be stuck with ports from the Xbox, and only their own exclusive titles will show what can really be done on PS4. (also EXACTLY like what's been happening up till now, see the pattern here?)

So, will PS4 be 4K ready? Probably... as long as they don't force it upon consumers and/or developers or this could truly be Sony's last console, instead of Nintendo's, because they have more than enough money in the bank to survive ANOTHER "failure" like the Wii U seems to be to so many idiots around the world... (not saying that you're one of them by the way, just so you know. Just ranting and informing people with my 10+ years of experience in IT & tech related sales and marketing skills)

I'm completely with you on wanting to WALK around and getting lost in a big ass HD graphical feast of a realistic Zelda world...

And to ALL:
As always, I want to direct people with a good set of brains to Rich of ReviewTech's YouTube channel:

He already made a couple of new reviews/commentaries on some of the Wii U bashing news items going around on the web lately and it's good to hear what another person with a down to earth point of view has to say about it WITHOUT going into fanboyish 'defend the Wii U FTW' mode...
But mind you: he's no visionary, so in the end he's only human and I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says, but his views are still refreshing in most cases.

Highly recommended if you have an open mind and aren't afraid to look at both sides of a story...



brooks83 said:

it still remains to be seen if consumers even care about having another screen on the controller.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Reggie is 100% right and it's been what Nintendo fans have been saying for a while now. The question is will Sony & Microsoft blatantly copy, or will they just be stubborn and sell their systems 599 US dollars or some payment system.



SCAR said:

Ya, it'll be interesting seeing Nintendo use dev kits besides their own, and make better games than the people who created the dev kits or have used them constantly(hypothetical), along with better ones that come along too.



Henmii said:

"Sony and Microsoft Need To React To What Nintendo Is Doing With Wii U"

It really depends on if the Wii u stays popular or not. We just wait and see!



Voodoo said:

I think everyone is missing the point... Everyone seems to assume that the Wii U will fail due to lack of super high performance they (including Reggie) also think that MS and SONY need to be more innovative to compete on top of their high specs... What does past evidence show? First lets look at hand helds. Nintendo has dominated this market since it was very first started and please note that there were plenty of competitors that launched hand held hardware that put Nintendos offerings to shame but even though there were better graphics and power, Nintendo still dominated and not just by a little but more like a landslide and this proves true still to this very day... Look at the PS Vita, It kills the 3DS in terms of graphics, power and its even innovative this time with the touch screen in front and the touch panel in the back and also has that VERY IMPORTANT to gamers, 2nd control stick and STILL is flopping as a failure on a massive scale. Sony had the power, graphics and innovation all leaning there way and still failed horribly... Now, home consoles... Ok here we go again, Sony did alright with the PS 3 as far as drawing enough interest from consumers to put them under a lot of roofs worldwide BUT lost billions doing so... SONY does not care about gamers and what they want but what they do care about is $Money$ because they are a business... PS 3 had the graphics and mere copycat innovation and the console lost billions while the PS move flopped right alongside the Vita... The ONLY success Sony had with the PS 3 was with the advancement of blu ray tech. Now Nintendo on the other hand, launched a console after both Sony and MS released theirs and not only did Nintendo catch up to them, they sold more systems than both competitors COMBINED! Do you think if you were to ask SONY as a company if their PS 3 and Vita and PSP were successes that they would say "yes?" Guys, graphics and power dont mean near enough what people are out there saying with all this "PS 4 is gonna kick Nintendos A**" SONY found this out the hard way... Think of this when you hear fanbois dogging the Wii U and glorifying their system of choice that was the biggest failure in video games and just laugh at them when they do... They would try to tell you that a dead horse was going to win the kentucky derby and in this case, PS 3 is their dead horse... I did not mention xbox 360 in this because to me, theyre not even worthy of me knowing they even exist. Its Microsoft, the makers os Windows... Need I say any more?



FyreeTSG said:

as long as I have Mario, Tetris, and a few other EPIC games I expect--I don't care HOW the games look---I'm a NINTENDO Fan, and I've been one since the last 80's.
Sony REALLY needs to do something INNOVATIVE--and not knock off what someone's done, which hasn't really happened since the PS2--but also make it AFFORDABLE....we all know the PS4 will be slated at like $800--and be 20 million-sold behind the Wii U by the time it launches



Jaz007 said:

@HarmoKnight I will agree on ps controller at first but sony made the basic button layout that everyone uses today (double even analouge sticksand two sholder buttons , xbox just reorganized but still copied it nintendo did it with the wii u's buttons too (not the touchescreen so don't yell at me about that) and they did it even more with the classic controller everyone copied sony on the controller in that aspect.



TechnoEA said:

I don't think Sony will copy the game-pad for the main controller, I hope and think they will stick to the traditional Dual-shock (If it aint broken, don't fix it, and I freaking love that thing). Now as a secondary optional controller I can see them copying Nintendo like the Move.

As for the next system, I look forward to what Sony has to offer, I enjoy both Nintendo and Sony Consoles (Excluding the Wii...sorta).



manic221 said:

I've always said... A smart man will never bet against Nintendo they've been doing this longer then anyone else they know how to make hardware, honestly I really couldn't care less about graphics if I did I'd spend a grand on a top of the line gaming PC I care about experiences... About fun, Nintendo have never failed in that regard and I don't expect them too this time either. I have faith in Nintendo and I will own a Wii U as soon as I possibly can.



manic221 said:

@Jaz007 if you look into history I think you will find that not only did Nintendo create analogue sticks they also created shoulder buttons, Sony modified the look of an old SNES controller for the PS1 they didn't invent anything. Nintendo are the innovators Sony just copy, don't get me wrong my Dad has a PS3 I play it quite a bit I like the system a lot but facts are facts dude... Oh and Dualshock 3 controller is really bad it's too small and uncomfortable to hold for my money the GameCube controller is the best controller shortly followed by the 360 controller (though the pro controller looks to beat that but I have no first hand experience to back that up)

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