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Nintendo's Wii U Marketing Currently Focusing On Core Fans

Posted by Andy Green

Will move onto a broader audience in coming months

Nintendo’s marketing machine is in full swing right now as the final hours tick down to the European Wii U launch at midnight. A lot of the marketing has focused on telling people what they can do with Wii U, as we’ve seen with several television adverts showing families having a jolly good time with New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land.

In an interview with Games Industry International, Shelly Pearce, Marketing and PR director at Nintendo UK, revealed that the company is currently reaching out to those Nintendo fans who’ve been avidly gaming on Nintendo consoles for a very long time.

For us at this stage, we know that the people who are going to be interested in buying a Wii U at launch are those core Nintendo fans. So that's very much who we're talking to at the moment.

At some point next year we will move on and talk to a broader audience - we've got games like Wii Fit U coming at some point, but we do see that as something we'll look at more next year rather than this year.

In terms of our target focus, though, it is very much on that core Nintendo fan at this stage - they're the ones who are going to go out and buy at launch.

Even though Wii U currently has a plethora of third party titles that are aimed towards the core gamers out there, Nintendo is staying focused on the avid Nintendo fans with the first party releases of New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land. Pearce believes that some Wii U users will want to play casual games while others will be wanting a more dedicated gaming experience - something they can get with games like ZombiU and Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition.

Once the dedicated fans grab hold of their shiny new Wii U consoles, Nintendo will then attempt to get more people to jump in - those who weren't camping outside HMV on Oxford Street this week.

Pearce also spoke about the worries people have been having about stock, but she is confident Nintendo will be able to cope with the excessive demand.

We do anticipate that at some point stock might be a little tight at some retailers, but we have very good shipments coming in, so we're confident that we can meet demand right through up until Christmas.

What do you think of Nintendo’s marketing campaign? Do you think it’s been good or do you think it should have tried to attract a more broad audience from the off? Let us know your thoughts below.


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Tsuchiya said:

Get rid of these stupid, cringy adverts. Even the ZombiU ad is embarrassing to watch. Just advertise the game, no am drams. This is a gaming system not a school play.



koopa_Trooper79 said:

Nintendo has swayed me back with the Wii U, cant wait to play a Mario game once again just hope the games keep comming



KingDunsparce said:

Well that's quite exciting! Perhaps, by this, they are hinting at the return of a former Nintendo franchise (F-Zero?) , but its probably best not to get hopes up too high.



Hokori said:

What they need to do is make an M rated franchise, if they bought out platinum they could own the rights to MadWorld, Bayonetta, and hopefully turn Nazo no Mursame into a blood soaked franchise kinda like ninja Gaiden was



b_willers said:

@Pikminsi The interview is from Nintendo UK, unfortunately they don't get to decide what games actually get made for their systems. I want a new F-Zero as much as anyone, but I don't see it happening.



Xilef said:

@HarmoKnight Why? They have survived this long without an M-rated franchise. Plus i don't really think it's Nintendo's style to make M-rated games, sinse they usually wants to make their game playbable for all ages. I'm not really against the idea but i don't see how they need one.

Anyway, i was expecting this, whihc is why i wasn't surprised when Nitendo didn't put much time into making adverts for the public.



KingDunsparce said:

@b_willers Good point, I just suggested F-Zero because of the recent comments about Nintendo not knowing fans wanted a new one... or saying they didn't. But yes, it does seem pretty unlikely.



b_willers said:

@Pikminsi Well F-Zero is in Nintendo Land, that could be a good sign. Personally I hope they have Monster Games on the job, they did Excite Truck and Excitebots, and they have a lot of experience with racing games. They also did PilotWings Resort so Nintendo clearly trust them with their property.



AddDavey said:

Well my brother likes the look of the WiiU from watching the adverts so they are doing their job.

Edit: My brother isn't a core Nintendo gamer.



Emaan said:

Seems to be the complete opposite of Nintendo of America's approach.



gavn64 said:

the ads are hardly on irish telly at all unlike the wii which was all over the place and on the whole "nintendo dont make hardcore games anymore" argument they do its just going to be all revealed at E3 thats gonna be some show 3d mario, zelda(on 3DS at least), smash bros., retro's new game, and maybe fingers crossed MGS: groun zeroes for wiiu i can but dream.



Samholy said:

just stop manufacturing consoles,and make games for other consoles. this is what nintendo is best at. GAMES.
so... just make games and handheld consoles. i dont wanna pay 400$ for the only purpose to play with a mario game, or a zelda title.
no way,its too much. this era is past already, im thru with it.
and frankly, the last 2 zelda just didnt make it even close to the new gen games in term of narrative story and depth. they were fun, cause with the N, you get fun.
but they werent as deep,challenging or immersive as they could be. im curious to see if they will reapeat their process again with the next zelda.



Jaz007 said:

@HarmoKnight NOOOOO, Nintendo shouldent make M rated franchises, I want stuff like that to be T, and to prove it works Metroid Prime worked as T games, and not everybody who doesn't play M games just wants to play Mario, (not trying to insult mario here) and Uncharted sells in the millions and is very highly critically praised and it's T.



SpaceApe said:


Totally agree. You know everyone loves Zelda and Mario but it really is time for Nintendo to turn the page. If they are really serious about making the Wii U for everyone then a M rated franchise is a must.



Hokori said:

@Jaz007 Well I'm not saying all franchises should be M look at PS they have GOW as there M franchise, I'm not saying make Zelda M or Metroid M I'm saying revives Nazo no mursame (Japanese only to begin with) and make that series more adult (it worked with KIU)



nocode said:

If Nintendo ever got out of the console making business, that would kill gaming for me forever. They are the only ones doing anything remotely interesting with their tech.



Jaz007 said:

@HarmoKnight I know your not saying that all of their franchises should be M, but I don't think nintendo should make any M games. My examples wereproof of stuff not needing to be M, rather than examples game series that should stay T. I wish stuff like Twisted Metal and Killzone were T. And I hate whats happened to Ninja gaiden, and you can have cutting people in half and cutting their limbs and heads off in a T game as The Force Unleashed 2 did. I like the idea of nintendo making a T game where you cut people in in pieces with a T amount of gore. And if KIU worked with being more adult as an E-10 game thats reallly not very offensive than why would Nazo no mursame need to be M. (and please still keep partial nudity and such out of it too.)



Hokori said:

@Jaz007 I guess but I still think they need something to please to "adult" fans who arent satisfied with Metroid prime being T and stuff, sometimes the cover is what they judge sadly



kdognumba1 said:

I think the marketing in NA is pretty.... bad.... though I do feel its much smart for them right now to focus on getting the core audience on board to build that dedicated user base before trying to grab the expanded audiences.



Henmii said:

I have yet to see some commercials on Dutch/German television, but I have to admit I didn't watch that much tv during past week!



Arminillo said:

@SpaceApe Why does rating matter exactly? So some 12 year old kids can look at the newest Metroid and go "Oh man, this is gotta be for ADULTS, it has an M on it!"?



FonistofCruxis said:

@HarmoKnight For a first-party M-rated game, they could make a HD version of Zangeki no reginliev (Japan-only Wii game) and localise that. That game looks awesome!

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