With Nintendo's quest to appeal to an extraordinarily wide range of gamers, it'll be susceptible to using marketing or adverts that make the older, jaded or more cynical amongst us gnash our teeth. These celebrity-based adverts can often be categorised as good, bad or cringeworthy, and we think another candidate for the latter has emerged onto the scene.

A partnership with the Disney Channel gives us the "Wii U Showdown" commercial featuring characters from Jessie and Kickin’ It, shows admittedly not well known by those of us in Nintendo Life towers — or, it seems, games writers in general. Judging from some of the more positive comments on YouTube, these teen sitcoms seem to have a good number of fans.

The showdown brings us two stars playing Takamaru's Ninja Castle from Nintendo Land, with lots of enthusiastic noise making and smack talking going on at the same time. More celebrity endorsements won't do Wii U any harm with the right demographics, though we imagine plenty will watch this video through their fingers.

[via nintendo-gamer.net]