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New Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by Andy Green

The legacy lives on

Sonic the Hedgehog has so many comics made about him, it's surprising Disney hasn’t bought the rights to make the movies.

Last year Archie Comics released Sonic Legacy Series #1, a graphic novel which packed in issues 1-16 of the publisher's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, as well as issues 1-3 of the original Sonic miniseries; the long wait for the next one is finally over with the release of Sonic Legacy Series #2 on Wednesday.

Legacy #2 will cram in issues 17-36, and represents some of the earliest stories in the series. This of course means Sonic will be looking all retro as he’ll resemble the blue ’hog from the ill-fated TV series Sonic SatAM. Unfortunately he won’t be blue at all, as Legacy #2 is designed as a catch up for those new to the comic series and is therefore all in black and white.

Also out on Wednesday is Sonic Universe #46, which sees the Chaotix gang (including Vector) searching for their missing buddies, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

Sonic Legacy Series #2 will set you back around $15, which isn’t bad at all considering how many issues are packed in there. Will you be looking to get hold of it?


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Linkuini said:

I think a few of these are viewable in Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube. Found 'em pretty corny, to be honest...



Auracle said:

@Ideal_Hero - There will be no hat-eating today! <insert hearty laugh>
I rather liked these comics. I wish my local library would keep up with the new releases better. Both volumes sound like they would be nice to have.



XD375 said:

This series didn't get any good until Ian Flynn took over with Issue #160.



Trikeboy said:

I wish they would reprint the old Sonic The Comic series. I really enjoyed it after they did the origin story and got sent to the future.

Edit: Dr Ivo Robotnik is his name, not Eggman. I don't care what his name was in Japan. -sticks fingers in ears to ignore the rebuttals-

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