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New Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Trailer Points the Finger

Posted by Orla Madden

More puzzling gameplay details solved

Capcom and Level-5 have revealed more details about the gameplay in the latest trailer for upcoming crossover title Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

The game will feature a combination of elements from both series, switching between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. Layton’s segments will see the player exploring areas, talking with other characters and examining the backgrounds and objects; the use of the magnifying glass - which previously featured in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - allows you to explore the area while collecting clues and coins.

Phoenix Wright’s segments will feature a system based on the first Ace Attorney game, with the use of the strike system instead of the life bar used in later titles. The player will have to pay close attention to the reactions of each witness to find out who's being truthful.

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will be available in Japan next week, 29th November. No word has been given in terms of whether it'll make its way to the West, but it's safe to say we are waiting on the edge of our seats for this one.

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supershadow said:

When the characters talk they have the text noises from their respective games AAWESOME!! (its the little things that count)



Auracle said:

Will I need any previous knowledge of either series to enjoy this game?



Daggo said:

@True_Hero I highly doubt it, I'm pretty sure there are going to be an introduction to characters, but to be sure you don't miss this game (if localized, that's it) here:

Phoenix Wright is a defence attorney who pursues to prove his clients' innocence against the toughest odds — and the most ruthless adversaries.
The mousey girl, Maya Fey, seems to be his assistant, but in reality she is a medium-in-training, and a bit of a shady character...

Professor Hershel Layton is an top-hat wearing archaeologist who leaves no puzzles unsolved, he is renowned at London for his puzzle-solving skills.
Luke Triton is a inquisitive boy and Professor Layton's self-proclaimed apprentice. He aspires to be a true gentleman like his professor some day.



Knuckles said:

Hmmm, the strike system. So 3 strikes your out instead of the health bar that would let you get several parts wrong. As for no layton puzzles, it seems more like a Phoenix Wright game than a VS game.



RevolverLink said:

Where are some of you getting this "no Layton puzzles" idea? A Layton puzzle is a prominent part of the trailer.

As for the strike system in the Phoenix Wright segments, if it is like the first game, it'll be more like 5 strikes instead of 3 - which, really, wasn't functionally much different from the health bar of the later games.



Superconsole said:

There definitely are Layton puzzles in the game, as @RevolverLink says it's quite clear if you watch the trailers!

Can't wait for a EU announcement I'm sure it will happen.



hellokitty216 said:

This is so exciting!! Trailers make me happy because they mean that the game is actually made and coming to us at some point! I am so looking forward to this and layton 6.

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