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New Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Teaser Trailer Emerges

Posted by Andy Green

Journey to a faraway land

The highly anticipated Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan will be available in North America on February 26th 2013 in both packaged form and digitally through the 3DS eShop. Atlus, the game’s developer, has now revealed a new English teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The game sees you venture off to an unexplored land that is no doubt full of all sorts of menacing creatures. The Etrian Odyssey series isn’t for the faint hearted, but this new iteration comes with a casual mode that should make the game more accessible for newcomers. Casual mode enables you to return to town should you kick the bucket, rather than just harshly ending your game.

Those who pre-ordered a packaged copy of the game will get a lovely little reward as well with the inclusion of a limited edition art book and a music CD.

Check out the new teaser trailer and let us know what you think of it.

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PhillaLoup said:

In the GameOverview on Nintendolife it says "26th Feb 2012 (USA)" ... wrong year there



Hybrid said:

This looks like fun, but I'm European, so I won't get to have any of said fun.



Nintendawg said:

Pre-ordered! And I just finished Etrian Odyssey III - The Drowned City so this couldn't be any more fitting!
cheers Atlus!



Spoony_Tech said:

@Nintendawg How long did it take you to beat that. I played to much with the sailing and never finished the game. Great game though.

Can't wait for this. Seen this trailer yesterday. Only a few more months.



AyatollaofRock said:

I really enjoyed what I played of EOII (which I really should go back and finish). There was something quite satisfying about slowly mapping the floor of a dungeon and trying to stay alive.

I look forward to this one.



Nintendawg said:

@Tech101 Sadly the game doesn't keep track of the hours you devote to it, but I can surely tell you it took quite a while. More than any other Atlus rpg I've played so far. And I didn't beat Alraune, that side-quest Boss was too hard for a lvl 70 party. The end bosses were a joke compared to Alraune. I'll probably start a New Game + sometime, in order to get my party up to lvl 99 and then she'll feel the pain. If I had to guess, I'd say I invested more than 200 hours in total... and there was a lot of grinding involved (mainly killing F.O.E.'s) because as you already know, grinding is a necessity in this game. If you don't kill a lot of monsters you don't get the materials for better gear. So it's not just about gaining levels. I agree, the addition of sailing was great indeed, like you I would often spend a lot of time fishing and doing the side quests at the ports.
I'm just hoping they will improve certain gameplay mechanics, like the way elemental attacks affect monster affinities... at the moment they don't seem to have such a great effect when you forge your weapons with the elemental hammers. I prefer having other status ailments on my party's weapons instead... like Stun and Sleep. Great game indeed, if one is willing to devote (plenty) of time to get into it.

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