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Molyneux: "I Struggle To See Anything Amazing Coming Out Of Nintendo"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Veteran developer thinks consoles have a tough time ahead

Former Bullfrog and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has given a frank and somewhat revealing interview with IGN where he states in no uncertain terms how sceptical he is about the Wii U's chances - as well as his worry for dedicated consoles in general.

Over the course of his glittering career, Molyneux has been involved with a string of massive commercial and critical hits, including Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, Theme Park, Black & White, Dungeon Keeper and Fable. He's now involved in independent games production through his new studio 22Cans. The company's first project - Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube? - has recently gone live on iOS and Android, and is arguably more of a social experiment than a real game.

It's worth reading the full interview to see Molyneux's thoughts on dedicated consoles and the rise of mobile and tablet gaming, but here's the portion which is most likely to interest (or irritate) Nintendo gamers:

IGN: What are your thoughts on what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U overall?

Peter Molyneux: I struggle to see anything amazing coming out of Nintendo. There are a few, “Oh, that’s smart,” but there’s nothing that makes me rush out as a consumer to buy the new device. I’ll give you a great example of how tech should be used. It’s what Nintendo did with the Wii when it first came out. They introduced motion control. They were one of the first companies to introduce motion control and they had a fantastic Wii Sports Game. As soon as I picked up the controller and started waving it around, I got it. I already understood it. But I’m not sure there’s a same sort of application out there for Wii U. I think to myself, “Well, what’s the reason to get it?” Do you see what I mean?

IGN: I do. I’ve tried out a lot of the launch games and outside of the Nintendo games like NintendoLand and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends and ZombiU, there’s not a lot of innovations. And I did find it challenging, even while standing at the kiosk, focusing on both screens.

Peter Molyneux: There you go. I had exactly the same experience. I played those games and I thought, “That’s cute.” But the psychology of making a game is hard enough because plasma screens are so big now. It’s hard enough to get the player to move their eyes from the center of the screen to the borders.

When you’re designing a game for a plasma screen you've got to really flash the corners of the screen. You've got to get movement in, otherwise people don’t notice anything in the corners. Getting people to move their eyes from the screen down to their laps is incredibly hard. There has to be some huge motivational thing like the words coming up, “Look at your GamePad now.” If you’re going to do that, from a design perspective that sounds a bit clumsy and complex.

We're sure you're already formulating your comments as we speak.


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akabenjy said:

I'm more annoyed at the idiotic IGN writer, John Gaudiosi, validating Molyneux's already over inflated ego.



TheInvisibleTor said:

Now that i think about it, looking from one screen to another many times. Probably feels like playing fractured soul in a way.



RedDevilAde said:

Shigeru Miyamoto has been much more prolific than Molyneux at producing games that are fun and have stood the test of time (when was the last time I played Populous, back in the early 90s, compared to Donkey Kong - this year). I don't think he's really qualified to criticise if Nintendo have a good vision or not given the massive difference in their success compared to his (it's like Hanson criticizing Madonna's music).

I doubt anyone is only time will tell if Nintendo's strategy will work. I won't write it off at this stage.



akabenjy said:

I read this on the comments of the original IGN article. I thought it was interesting because the original Fable is considered one of Molyneaux's greatest accomplishments.

Credit goes to - TheMaverickk
"Actually he didn't.... he just helped fund a portion of the original Fable game. Dene and Simon Carter of Big Blue Box were actually the ones that created the series originally.

Peter Molyneux and Lionhead stepped in to help offset some of the costs in producing/finishing the game. During which Peter Molyneux who has an enormous ego set himself up as the poster boy for the game. Going around and promoting the title to gaming publications.

So many people believed that he was the original creator, and the idea man behind it. Regardless he wasn't.... he just took a lot of the fame and glory from those who originally did the majority of the work.

Seriously that's the kind of douche this guy is."



AceGrey said:

and I dont seen anything amazing coming out of molyneux since black and white!

a time ago I really liked IGN, but not anymore.
I cant stand the way the reviews are written and I think they are way to commercial.

NintendoLife <3

black and white 3 for WiiU... could be great..



Mahe said:

Have to agree with him. Where's the new "Wii Sports"? Or fresh gameplay ideas like Excite Truck? Or even brilliantly honed legacy games like Metroid Prime 3?



RedDevilAde said:

@Aviator I haven't criticised him, I've just said Miyamoto is clearly much more of a success than him which means he's not in the best position to criticise his vision. You don't have to be an expert to see Miyamoto has a better track record than Molyneux at taking gaming forward. Anyone can see that.

From my own experience I saw nothing great in the following before they were released: Mario Kart, Mario 64, the iPhone, the iPad. In hindsight I wasn't qualified to judge them. If you're not as visionary as the person who came up with the idea you can judge it's potential as well.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

IGN: I do. I’ve tried out a lot of the launch games and outside of the Nintendo games like NintendoLand and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends and ZombiU, there’s not a lot of innovations. And I did find it challenging, even while standing at the kiosk, focusing on both screens.

There's plenty of innovation, and just because you're not used to the gamepad, that doesn't make the system dull or hard to play, it just says something about your multi-tasking ability.



Reala said:

I have to agree for the most part wii u really doesn't look as ground breaking as the wii did in its run up to release imo.



akabenjy said:

@Reala No matter how revolutionary the Wii was at the time 3rd party dev's barely supported it because it was lacking the power of the HD twins. So personally I'd rather have a less revolutionary console that still has all of Nintendo's awesome exclusives and is supported by 3rd party dev's too.



Bulbousaur said:

I fail to see anything amazing coming out of you, Mr. Biggest-Disappointment-of-this-Gaming-Generation... COUGHfable3COUGH



Reala said:

wii had great 1st games sadly they didn't always get the sales they wanted but apparently nintendo's overall games sales per console is less than either sony or microsofts offering, can't see wii u changing that fact much honestly I imagine nintendo's 1st party offering are always going to overshadow 3rd party far more than the other 2.

pretty sure I remember hearing the doing more to attract 3rd party support mantra for gamecube and the wii as well, so not sold on the 3rd parties will do better on better on wii u pitch this time either really, but you never know.



MAB said:

I have just cancelled my fully paid WiiU order and have just started building myself a 90's PC... Surely I can find a copy of Populous in a garbage bin somewhere



Araknie said:

WOW, IGN really did a directed interview? I can't belive of that, that isn't even a question and suggests an opinion!

WHOA! I'm glad i never subcribed to IGN!!



erv said:

Lack of vision is the beginning of becoming obsolete.

Let's not make a mediocre fable eh?



Damagemanual said:

Really? This is from a guy that hasn't may ANYTHING interesting in over 10+ years? I liked Fable, it is did nothing new. Now his next wizz-bang "game" is a phone app where everyone taps on a little box until it's gone?



TruenoGT said:

It's impossible to expect a huge innovation shift every generation, and I'd say Nintendo's bringing the second most dramatic change (in recent memory) to gaming this time around (after the Wii). Will people question the innovation of the next Xbox or Playstation when all they bring is better graphics and deeper Twitter integration?

I think we should wait and see where developer take things. Just like any system, there will be studs and duds.



Kagamine said:

Well honestly aside from the first fable game, I've never really like this guys work. Curiosity is neat to mess around with, but i wouldn't call that a game. Either way it nice to hear his opinion, i disagree with it though. When i was at a demo station near my house, the dual screen play felt perfectly fine to me personally.



Burning_Spear said:

I don't know about dedicated consoles facing problems — he doesn't address that in the blurbs above — but I pretty much agree with the two points made here. He's just stating an opinion.



Kagamine said:

@aviator he wasn't saying that multitasking is innovation, if you read his comment correctly he was critisizing Molyneux's multitasking skills...



47drift said:

He has some nerve giving any kind of critique on any video game company after the trainwreck that is the Fable franchise.



Skotski said:

Basically. Anyone who absolutely LOVED the Fable series (myself included) found that out after months of thinking PM was the main idea man of it.
He's like a glorified investor, if anything.

Mind you, his ideas and excitement for ideas are worth their grain of salt (the former being pretty good ideas, though the developers can't really accomplish them in time or in the fashion he wants them --- and the latter being a great hype-machine that actually sells games he's working on to any game design lover)... so he has some merit.
Though he can't really claim anything in the Fable department.

Though... I don't think he's ever really claimed being the main man of Fable. They just put him up there and he's just always talked big. He can't be faulted for that. If anything it's the misunderstanding of the fans, or perhaps the deception of the advertising, that can be held at fault.

But honestly: Look into the original creators of Fable. Geniuses, the two of 'em.



ajcismo said:

Its just IGN trying to gain hits through creative use of headlines and negativity based on one guys opinion. They tend to excel at that.
Does Molyneux have any irons in the fire? Any investment in these consoles he's convinced aren't going to do well? Doesn't sound like it. I commend him for his honesty, but I'm not convinced there isn't a little sour grapes if he's not actually working on anything Big N and is sticking with iOS games.



luminalace said:

I find it strange he complains about the lack of innovation yet doesn't praise Nintendo for the Wii U, which is the only company it seems trying something different every generation.

Games he's made like Populous or Theme Park could work remarkably well on Wii U just because of the 2nd screen!



Nintenjoe64 said:

To be fair to him, he wasn't slating Nintendo, he was making a valid point that the wii u doesn't have the same penny dropping wow factor of the wii. He might be guilty of jumping on the 'I don't get wii u' bandwagon because he is not developing for it. 10 years ago he said the same thing that consoles weren't the future because PCs are better but it still hasn't come true..

Molyneux was involved in some of the best games ever made but he got addicted to the smell of his own farts somewhere between the first dungeon keeper and fable. The fact he let EA turn Syndicate into an FPS pretty much took him off my xmas card list forever.



Mahe said:

@akabenjy There were tons of third-party gems on Wii, they just weren't the the brainless AAA cinematic types but more niche games. If Wii U loses those niche games, it will have lost its whole identity.



Mahe said:

@Reala What do you mean? Wii has an attach rate of over 9. That means most Wii owners bought plenty of games.



Samholy said:

peter gave me amazing games back in the days. Especially dungeon keeper 1 that still remains in my best of all time top 10.
But pc gaming is a lost for me. no more pc gaming. for many reasons.

i ratehr agree with molyneux on the WiiU. that tablet thing is cool...but its the kind of thing i dont wanna pay for. i wouldnt mind getting the wiiU if that thing was a gadget you can buy on the side, like the psmove or the knect on other consoles. it has uses, but its not essential.
Now you pay your console a higher price for this thing, and its a FAIL.

keep your WiiU nintendo. i hope you come back to your sense on the next generation and stop that Wii line.



Jock_Nerd said:

This article only leads me to believe that perhaps Molyneux struggles to see himself making anything amazing anytime soon.



hYdeks said:

I hate to admit it, but I'm in the same boat as molyneux and ign at this point, I don't see anything great about Wii U



luminalace said:


So you guys that don't like the Wii or Wii U, think Nintendo should just make a traditional console (ie a Wii U with a Classic Controller Pro rather than the gamepad)? I understand that sentiment but do you guys also think that Nintendo would be more successful that way?



Mk_II said:

good old Peter Molyneux... the self-proclaimed God of God games. Big hat but no cattle!



MysticX said:

While he is grotesquely overrated, Molyneux has a pretty good point about the two screens, focusing on two screens can work, when they're close together (The line of DS-types says "Hi"), but for WiiU you can't focus on both at once (unless you have a nasty case of lazy eye), so both screens can't be important at once because that will cause playability concerns, so it's a second screen that MUST be optional, what is the point then?



3dbrains said:

PM isnt even developing for WiiU. He has no authority on WiiU ability or innovation. He knows less than I about it apparently. Two screens causing a problem? Pretty sure he said the exact same about the DS. What a total pleb.



3dbrains said:

I see your point but wiiu uses the two screens in the same way as DS/DSi/3DS for certain games and in completely new ways for the rest. ZombiU is designed so it is difficult to use both screens on purpose, to add tension. Scribblenaughts is EXACTLY like ds. call of duty has one person on tvm the other just on the pad. Three perfect examples of why two screens are awesome.



Waann said:

I think he has a valid point. I'm less excited for the Wii U than I was for the Wii when it came out. Of course developers can (and hopefully will) find great ways to use the second screen--but back in 2006, motion control seemed more attractive to gamers and non-gamers than a touch screen does in 2012 (most potential Wii U buyers already have at least one touch screen device now). It's also much more complex.

I don't see Molyneux's remarks as mindless bashing. Also, the fact that he has made crappy games lately doesn't make his criticism invalid.



seronja said:

well Peter Molyneux is a very talented designer and i think he might have a point there, but i do belive nintendo can pull it off to prove him wrong.



WaveGhoul said:

He would make a great Gollum "Preciousss!!! I finally found the Preciousssss!!!!"



Bucbanzai said:

I think everyone is looking at it in a rather skewed perspective. You seem to be looking at the double screens from strictly a single player viewpoint. From that view point he is somewhat correct. A single individual will get little looking back and forth between the two screens. The strengh of the 2nd screen and Nintendo has struggled to provide insight into is one player focus' on the gamepad while the others have a shared view of the enviroment on the TV. This is hard to grasp until you play it with a group. Playing as a single player offers only limited motion control or map options most of the time.



aaronsullivan said:

I respect him very much, but when you compare what he is currently offering to what Nintendo is offering. Wow. That curiosity thing is a dud on every level that should have been abandoned early on as a sad exercise in non-skilled gaming that has already played itself out and almost brought a company (Zynga) to destruction. He comes up with very forward thinking ideas from time to time, but there has often been no balance of actual business savvy or awareness of player satisfaction. Nintendo has the new ideas and has mostly been able to balance those things he lacks as well.

That being said, he's still right about the immediate reaction to the Wii compared to the Wii U. That doesn't necessarily speak to its long term success. The consoles have a different role to play in a different generation and the more I see the more I think Nintendo has something special again.



LavaTwilight said:

I love how they all talk business but forget the fundamental fact. Nintendo are home consoles! They started it off and they'll be the ones to finish it.



TrickySx4 said:

Anyone else tired of Peter? Why is he treated like a gaming deity? Black and White...Fable...Yeah clearly the most amazing developer of all time. No one cares what you have to say.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

If the guy doesn't want a console, then don't buy a console. Geez. You don't have to tell everyone else not to buy one just because you don't like it.



brucelebnd said:

IGN is usually negative towards Nintendo. funny how the Vita totally bombs and constantly gets crushed by the 3DS but IGN just gushes over it. any Nintendo fan should view IGN articles with a grain of salt.



AnarquistaLibre said:

I struggle to see anything amazing coming out of Molyneux. This guy is full of opinions and judgement when his own projects are mediocre at best.



Auracle said:

I think he's just upset because he couldn't preorder a Wii U. Now he's hoping that someone will become disillusioned with their Wii U after hearing his interview. He will then proceed to snatch up said preorder.
But seriously, for those complaining about how Wii U hasn't innovated as much as Wii, just look at the PS3 vs PS 2 and Xbox 360 vs the Xbox. I didn't see a lot innovation there (except what they tacked on to copy Nintendo). If you don't like it or don't plan on buying it, that's fine. But to say it lacks innovation or there's nothing great about it, puh-LEEEZE!



WesCash said:

Yeah, I don't really understand the "innovation" argument. Nintendo is the most innovative company of the big 3. And then when they do try to innovate, people label it as a gimmick. And then it gets copied by other companies.
Nintendo just can't win



Wonder_Ideal said:

I can't say anything about Molyneux or his record because I have never played one of the games listed. I respect his opinion, but I don't agree that there, "is nothing amazing coming out of Nintendo." In the innovation factor, the Wii U is taking the Wii and building on it. Some Wii U games will integrate Wii style motion controls and still take advantage of the innovative GamePad. We're not losing innovation. Not to mention the Wii U is breaking new ground in the area of a social gaming network and TVii.



MegaWatts said:

I find myself agreeing with Molyneux's comments to a certain extent. Perhaps it's because it doesn't quite have the same simplicity factor as Wii, but mainly because I've yet to see a game that really does something special with the hardware. Nintendo are usually the masters at exploiting the unique features of their systems, but ushering in a "new age of gaming" with ports and remakes of traditional core games is hardly a revolution. I think the biggest selling point for me at the moment is the potential for local multiplayer, and I was pleasantly surprised by Nintendo Land in this area!). Even then, that's something which Pac-Man Vs. did yonks ago.

I also dislike the the disconnect between the two screens. It works superbly on DS but watching someone play ZombiU at Eurogamer was horrible. Every time they stumbled across a box, a big glaring message "Please look at the GamePad" popped up on the TV. It just looks like it would immediately kill any feeling of fear or apprehension when playing such a game.

Still, I'm glad they've taken a different direction than the standard fare - I just hope they eventually start releasing games that deliver a fresh experience.



theblackdragon said:

@Liriyaqun: Hanson is (was?) a pop group that got popular during the mid to late 90's (i don't remember exactly). It was three brothers with long, blonde hair, and the song they're most well-known for was 'MMMbop', there's a good chance you'd know it if you heard it again. They were generally regarded as annoying and lame, which (i think) is why they were used in that comparison above. Their Wikipedia article has more information if you're truly interested.



MegaWatts said:

I meant to add that I hope we see more screen over screen experiences- e.g., that Wii Sports-esque demo where you have to catch the baseball. That sort of stuff has a lot of potential. Let's just hope that every game doesn't have detective mode tacked on!



Wonder_Ideal said:

That is a piece of information that I didn't know. I could see how that message popping up would be annoying. Perhaps that is something that can be disabled in the game options, similar to the interface for Skyward Sword.



GazPlant said:

I agree with him tbh. Right now at least, that could change of course (with a new Zelda game)



Bass_X0 said:

I struggle to see anything amazing come out of Nintendo's Virtual Console.



AVahne said:

I guess I'm one of the few people who is actually legitimately excited about the Wii U and its GamePad, can see the huge amount of potential the GamePad, and find that the GamePad really is a great innovation in the games industry. If people just want the same old controllers and the same old types of games, why not just move onto PC gaming? A PC is relatively easy to build;it's just a little intimidating for first-timers. Also the costs of building a PC is much lower than many people think, especially if they watch for the incredibly common online sales. Don't forget you can do oh-so much more with a PC than with a console, so it's a much better investment than a regular old console if all you want is traditional gaming with absolutely no enhancements and no new gameplay ideas that revolve around hardware.
Even though I have a $500 budget gaming PC that handles almost anything I throw at it (Metro 2033 at 1920x1080 ultra at DX11 is a pain to get running at at least 30 FPS, DX10 runs so much faster), I still want the Wii U for all the things it brings to gaming. Now if only I can just get my hands on one at or shortly after launch.



Wesbert said:

While Mr. Molyneux is entitled to his opinion, I would just like to point out two things.
1) While it is true that the fact that Mr. Molyneux's most recent games have been disappointing does not invalidate any of his arguments, it DOES allow us to assess how accurate and informed Mr. Molyneux's grasp and understanding of the current gamer mentality is.
2) I can't recall him applauding the Wii motion controllers and Wii Sports this enthusiastically when they came out, leading me to suspect that his words are not really all that honest and actually just a result of his personal agendas or business schemes.



Bliquid said:

It is a personal opinion given as a buyer, not developer, and i agree to most of the points he makes.
Btw, i bought an iphone one year after the 3ds (which i bought on day one), and i found much more entertaining and innovative games on the first one. I have bought 5 retail games and 3 dl games, for the 3ds, while the ones that would make my money worth are all being delayed, when not announced for the western market.
I wanted to say this just because it's REAAAALLY getting old and boring, all this ignorance about iOS gaming.



Void said:

How can it be less innovative than the Wii?
It still uses Wii remotes, are those not innovative anymore or something?



Boo_Buster said:

Nintendo doesn't want this inch brain making games for the Wii U, so he doesn't like it? Imagine that! I'd send this moron to his rightful place. Someone buy me a plane ticket please



AVahne said:

As someone whose bought plenty of games for his phone, I only half-agree eith you. While many of those people who bash mobile gaming are ignorant, there are plenty of those who HAVE invested in mobile gaming, but still much prefer traditional handheld consoles. Different people see different kinds of innovation in different ways. Applies to both mobile phones and handhelds and any other device capable of gaming.



madgear said:

I've not played the Wii U so can't really judge, but he's basically saying what I think my problem with the Wii U pad will be. It's not like the DS where both screen are within your line of sight. It has two screens in completely different fields of vision.

I'm a huge Nintendo fan and love all their past systems but this one seems more hassle than it's worth. I don't want more controllers, I want less. Or one that can be used with everything. The whole thing just looks a mess.



Hokori said:

I personally have found NOTHING on iPhone that I can't have on my 3DS/WiiU
Some might and they might like the idea of cheaper games (don't we all) but you also get what you pay for and I'm willing to pay $40 for a digital retail title over a .99 version of something



Ryno said:

I remember when the world struggled to see anything amazing with computers.



accc said:

His statement might mean something if he had done anything noteworthy in the last twenty years. Molyneux is pretty much the joke of the industry these days.




I really respect some of this guys past works and his opinion carries weight but he's being a bit wishy washy in his statement. You have to have a good go with it for a prolonged period of time and observe how other gamers (or even non gamers) handle and respond to it to formulate the true "wow" factor opinion. Many thought, even with the completely out there idea of motion controls, that the wii couldn't possibly be used as a gaming device in the long term and sell so, so many devices as it eventuually did. Also, yes, Ninty have business considerations balanced against their philosphies, which I think Moulyneux wouldn't understand.



alLabouTandroiD said:

There are a few, “Oh, that’s smart,” but there’s nothing that makes me rush out as a consumer to buy the new device.

Same for me.



HaastMK7 said:

A hater is gonna hate.

Who cares what Peter Molyneux thinks. He is 1 man at of Millions, if he has a problem with what Nintendo does best, have a cry...



-Crystalline- said:

It's IGN. What did you all expect? This is the time where they initiate their butt-kissing/suck up over-promoting yearly season. Expect a 11/10 for Call Of Duty. It's all good, though, for as long as they get their hefty paychecks, everyone will come out happy.



-Crystalline- said:

The console hasn't even launched, yet, folks are already upset about it? It's Nintendo. They won't fail.



SigourneyBeaver said:

I struggle to see how anything Peter Molyneux says can be as anything other than the ramblings of a man to whom all technology will never be good enough for his ideas.



OorWullie said:

The guys a well known name in the industry,so like his games or not he is entitled to his own opinion.He was asked his opinion on the future of gaming and what with a new Nintendo console coming out its going to be brought up.He was just stating what he thinks about it and in some ways he's right.He's not just going to praise it if he doesn't really like it.With only demos of NintendoLand,Rayman,ZombiU etc showing off how the Gamepad can change how we play then he has a point.Its missing that killer title that makes it a must have.
However,I don't really see what else Nintendo could have done hardware wise that would surpass the Wii in innovation.If they made it a lot more powerful than the 360/PS3 and had the Gamepad too,it would have cost a bomb and would still likely be bettered graphics wise by the next 1's.Instead they are doing their own thing like they always do and thats what makes them what they are.Even if the Gamepad isn't used much by the 3rd parties,it will still have loads of uses in and out of the the games with Miiverse,switching to browser or TV during game.chatting with friends,useful apps etc.It will always be in use some way or other and not abandoned.If a great game doesn't use the touch screen much because its better without it then thats a good thing instead of forcing it on usNot every game needs to use it which will help convince 3rd party devs to bring their games over.With the additional controllers there hopefully nothing will be forced on us and will instead be optional.They have kept the Wii remotes which I think is great so Motion gaming can also be taken forward and also a traditional controller for those who want it and when its needed.With all this,a hopefully solid online,Tvii,Miiverse hopefully fulfilling its potential and a solid Eshop with innovative exclusives then I think this will be an amazing console.Will it be a huge success,I'm not too sure but I am sure the big games they've been holding back at E3 will showcase what it can do within a game.If it has a good enough release and solid sales till next summer,then big hitters coming for when the next consoles come out it should do well.With a $50 say price cut also for next Xmas then its also going to be a lot more affordable than the others.The way the economy is just now and devs struggling to make profits on the AAA titles on current consoles then Nintendo could be coming in at exactly the right time.



Chozo85 said:

As a successful games developer I think Peter Molyneux is entitled to his opinion as are we all. Frankly, I agree with much of what he says. His point about the Wii U not having the instant appeal that the Wii had I think is very true. I've seen nothing to convince me that the second screen is anything more than a gimmick. None of the games that Nintendo have announced inspire me.



Hokori said:

Guys WiiU has MORE titles at launch then the wii had...
ExciteTruck VS Sonic all stars
Twilight Princess (GCN game BTW) VS NSMBU
Wii sports VS Nintendo Land
And red steel VS Ninja Gaiden 3
Plus the WiiU has Tekken, BO II, ACIII, and what ever eShop titles there are, currently the WiiU > wii I think people just like to complain about Nintendo.... Next gen people will say "wii 3 doesn't look as promising as WiiU"



Reala said:

I think what we all really want to know is what Michael Pachter makes of all this.



Radixxs said:

You had to have known this un-newsworthy article would have been the perfect bait for frivolous arguing. Next we'll be reporting about what someone saw Michael Pachter wearing in the elevator, or what Miyamoto had for breakfast.



Wonder_Ideal said:

@Reala Are you saying you bear a sacred revelation from the mighty Pachter!?
@turtlelink If you read my previous comments, you'll see that I not telling or expecting anyone to like the Wii U. I'm simply disagreeing with Molyneux's statement that Nintendo isn't coming out with anything amazing. I am not saying I am right, just stating my opinion.
@Drobotic Well played.



TNLGUY said:

It's all good, Peter. Your games don't have me running to my local retailers either.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think Molyneux has a few points but most of his points are obvious. You mean the the second screen needs to have games built around it to make good use of its features? Gee, I never would have though of that. Of course there are going to be people who find both screens hard to focus on, just like people find regular controllers confusing.

Console gaming isn't going anywhere. Who wants to come home and hook up a gamepad to their 10" tablet to play instead of their 50" HDTV? I think the key is going to be home integration but things are already headed that way. Of course a guy focused on mobile platforms will say thats the future, just like MS probably thinks smart glass and windows 8 are.



Ren said:

I don't get why all the defensive attitudes. I've been a Nintendo die-hard as well until trying WiiU and I agree with him entirely. Who cares if he's a good game developer or not? He's speaking as a consumer, clearly. Like you or me, asking" why should I be excited about this new thing?
Sure there could be great things done with this tablet control but Nintendo has demonstrated that they DON'T HAVE that killer game yet, and to do well it really needs one at launch. All the other regular stuff has been done in HD, so selling a NEW console that's not just good ports is, well... I can't justify the cost yet, until I see something better than NintendoLand; Nintendoland is no Wiisports for sure, and I have another HD system already. Just an HD Wii with Motion + would have been enough for me, but the WiiU seems a little behind the times already; all that integrated tv/chat/video stuff is seriously old news if you're over 15 years old and have any other device. When a real new polished HD Zelda/Metroid/Mario comes out I'll reconsider, though.



jaxax said:

@AlphaIchimoru I'm also pretty sure there's a speaker on the Game Pad, which could make it easier to react to prompts from the touch screen if it has a special sound effect to go along with it.



Tsuchiya said:

He backed the wrong team and he knows it. He's made nothing memorable, promised everything yet delivered on hardly any of it and owes his very position (whatever that is nowadays) to Nintendo almost singly handily swooping in and saving the industry that he now seems to have an unhealthy hatred of.

He's a has been, a never was, a jealous angry man and he sure aint no Miyamoto.



Ren said:

I don't get what this guys "reputation" has to do with his opinion about Nintendo's new system. He's just calling it like he sees it.
uh, last I knew good games are what sell consoles, not chat function. I've played many of them at the Nintendo "experience" event, and theres nothing new. Nintendo is the best so this makes me worried, I'm not just hating for kicks.



Chomposaur said:

coming from the person who tried to charge $50,000 for some pickaxe in a minecraft clone ... sigh **facepalm**



Gamesake said:

@Ren Good games stopped selling consoles the moment everyone bought a PS2 because they wanted a DVD player. Sorry.



Varia01 said:

Just because he's a veteran doesn't mean that we can't have our own opinions. I'm actually very excited for Wii U! That veteran, he's manipulating the ign writer! LOL jk



jaxax said:

@MegaWatts I suppose they could instead show a simplified icon representing the Game Pad, though that can still detract depending on how out of place it is. It could be done right though with the correct aesthetic so as to not be too distracting from the atmosphere.



scrubbyscum999 said:

I hate IGN so this really doesn't matter. Who cares what this guy thinks. Obviously Nintendo isn't perfect, heck the Wii U has a chance of completely bombing (though small). I don't see how this guy is saying is even relevant. Last time I check, Nintendo is the most famous video game company in the world for a reason. Hint: Consistently good games.

Edit: Let me also point out that it really doesn't matter if this guy is respected. He isn't a developer for the Wii U right now. How opinion holds as much weight as anybody else. Not to mention that I am sure there are ton of people on this site who tried the Wii U and had better response.



JettiBlue said:

Well Mr. Molyneux, even though I grew up with your games in the 90's (and they were visionary and amazing) I did struggle to see anything amazing coming out of you since Black & White...

And why should the Wii U be AS revolutionary as the Wii? The Wii was a huge revolution introducing a completely new concept to gaming. Not every single console iteration needs to do that. In the past it was mostly innovations in grafics and controller design that occurred. I think there is no question about Nintendo being the most forward-pushing and revolutionizing publisher that's been around.

Besides, I still feel that the extra screen with all the different play options that have been shown IS quite an innovation (although I need to try it first to get a better judgement of it).



Azikira said:

I could give a crap what this Troll thinks of anything. He is all talk and no show, and I have no respect for that.



LittleKing said:

@Void Things that were once innovative tend to no longer be considered innovative years later once everyone's seen it. That's the nature of innovation. By whatever definition you're using, the directional pad and mouse are still very innovative things. Therefore, every device shipping with one is a very innovative device.



kyuubikid213 said:

So...Molyneux...I heard you say this back at E3. And I can't think of anything to say that isn't nice, so I'm just going to ignore you from now until the end of time.



ToxieDogg said:

Ah...this is the same Peter Molyneux who claimed that all the Fable games would have numerous features (that never made it into the actual games) before they were released, isn't it? The same Peter Molyneux who's now started developing for iOS and all of a sudden he's rubbishing the future of consoles because they're the competition to him these days.

Yeah, whatever. He was a talented developer in years gone by but he's not someone who's opinions I much care for these days.



FriedSquid said:

I actually agree, I've said this before and I think it is a reason why I'm not crazy about the Wii U at all.



CerberusAzdin said:

Haven't read the article above or the comments, only the title. Big word coming from a guy who only managed to create one good franchise and screw another possible one in his whole career. Molyneux, when you promise something at least deliver it. Nintendo have made better sims and action RPGs than you would ever imagine to come up with.

Fable was the foundation of what could have been the best RPG on this side of the waters but you did not deliver with the second or third instalment. Sorry if I offend anyone who does not agree with me, but you really need to have a pair to even think of such a statement as Mr Molyneux's.

Fable ^^ Fable2 0_o Fable3 -_-"



SparkOfSpirit said:

A former Microsoft employee still choosing sides. Big surprise.

How about making an article on Shane Bettenhausen next? I'm sure his totally unbiased attitude would make for just as rousing discussion as this.

For those defending the clearly biased without knowing they're biased, this is what makes for uninteresting discussion because these folks are not interested in discussion. They're interested in punching holes in their competition. That makes for zero interesting discussion even if he has a point because he won't even try to see the other side of it.

Also, does anyone remember Milo and all the promises behind that? This is not the man to cast value judgements on innovation when he's literally the definition of all bark and no bite'.



Edwrd said:

What Molyneux got wrong:
"Getting people to move their eyes from the screen down to their laps is incredibly hard"
I think you're supposed to lift your arms, so you can see both the controller as well as the TV in the background easily, where you focus on the controller then to the screen, or where the controller screen acts as a filter to what's on the TV, like x-ray vision shown on the controller screen (I forgot where I saw this, Batman was it?). Then once the task is done with, you lower the controller and resume focus on the TV. But I guess if you need to tap on the controller screen, where you hold the controller with one hand tapping with the other while holding it up, that does sound clumsy, its up to the developer to make good use of the controller screen isn't it.



Schprocket said:

@TheHermit I'm 50. Age has nothing to do with opinion or choice. Don't be a slave to age-ist stereo-typing. I have my Wii U pre-order.

Regarding IGN's editorial style - and here's the opinion of your Dad or Grand-dad - they seem to be the biggest bunch of xenophobes on the internet. This comes from the tone of their reviees giving rise to the perception that if a non-hand-held gaming platform doesn't come with Made In The USA stuck on the back, then it's no good.
Rarely have I read nit-picking reviews - which was a service I used to subscribe to - about the same title on the 360 or PC.
They are the Fox News of Gaming... in my opinion



Hokori said:

@Ren I'm 19 and have an iPad and am looking forward to WiiU so I don't have to use my iPad as much... 8 days left



Void said:

@Metabble_King I probably said that wrong in my other post, but I was more meaning how some people are saying the Wii U GamePad is a step back, acting like the Wii Remotes can't be used anymore, and that the GamePad not being innovative, in their minds, makes the console itself bad.



hatehaerferage said:

Oh no, some talentless hack who hasn't made anything noteworthy in fifteen years badmouthing the Wii U!

Why is this relevant, again?




We know from history that Nintendo innovates and the others copy. What will this guy say when Sony and Microsoft copy and build tablet control into their new systems? Will he think the idea is amazing then?



WaveGhoul said:

Wasn't this the same Man-Goblin who was backing Kinect?
Anyways, I too don't see anything exactly 'amazing' coming out of the Wii U Innovation-wise perse outside of NintendoLand, Zombi U and Game & Wario. Even then it just doesn't seem that exciting in comparison to what the Wii has already done. This is the first time ever that I'm not excited for a Nintendo console...Not even in the slightest, which is suprising. I have it pre-ordered already with a couple of games but as of now I'm just too into the Retro, plus i got a tiny bit of Back Loggin' to do with my Wii & 3DS. If my pre-order were canceled i probably wouldn't give a damn. I'm just getting it on launch because it's tradition.

I'm also really dissapointed that the Wii U Game Pad adds an additional 1 frame of lag ONTO the present Lag that's already on all of these HDTV's....
I can't game on sets with 2 frames....The plasma i'm getting is about 1 1/2 and now the Wii U game Pad will make it 2 1/2...sigh*



AtomicToaster said:

I'm starting to think that hardcore gamers suck at (new kinds of) games! Like "hardcores" (whatever that term really means, it's just a marketing buzz word) bitching about all the new kinds of control schemes on the original Wii. The Wii was the problem before, now it's that the WiiU is too different than Wii, lol. Seems like gamers play games a ton and don't like a new interface because they might suck at it. I didn't have any issues switching focus between the gamepad and the TV. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, didn't this guy make an on rails game for 360 that he said wasn't on rails and it was? Boo!

I don't think the Wii U was designed to be exactly the same as the Wii, it's definitely a new direction and a new experience. I'm glad they're on some level keeping the old controllers compatible, however. The philosophy is still there. The first controller was a TV remote with game buttons, this is a tablet with game buttons. They got the idea that it's good to replicate the style of other devices in their controllers, and it works. People see this at the demo kiosk and get very interested to know more because they understand an iPad or an android tablet.



madgear said:

Wow you guys are all taking this a little personally, arn't you? People are going to have a problem with Wii U, just like with any console. Even some Nintendo fans, like me, are underwhelmed by it. Just focus on your own opinion of it and not what someone else says. If what someone else says is worrying you then maybe you're just deluding yourself. If not, then be happy that you're excited about a new console and leave the rest to Nintendo's marketing department.



cyberman67 said:

I struggle to see anything amazing coming from Peter Molyneux these days. What was the last really great game his companies made? Fable 1 at Lionhead? Maybe the second part of the series? Or was it with Bullfrog? Populous 1 and 2, Themepark, Syndicate, those where great games back in the days. What are you doing today Mr. Molyneux? Ah, a game for mobile phones and tablets, called "Curiosity" which right at the moment i am writing this is having difficulties with its online servers acording to pc gamer's website ( . Just read this review at toucharcade about it: <a rel="external" href=""></a> Amazing, isn't it?
Instead of pointing at Microsoft or Nintendo you should get your act together and give us games which are true to the genius Bullfrog had shown in the ATARI ST and AMIGA days. How about a Populous on the Wii U, playable by 2 gamers, one on the great screen, the other on on the tablet? Or a new Themepark which includes vital information about my park on the small gamepad screen while giving me the grand picture of my amusement park on the Television? Oh, Mr. Molyneux, there are plenty of possibilities, one only has just to imagine them. Oi, another idea: A Dungeon Keeper for Wii U! While up to 4 players try to conquer the dungeon the fifth must place traps and monsters on the gamepad screen. That would be fun, teasing my friends with dungeons full of traps and dragons full of fire. Just imagine it, Peter, just imagine it.



andrea987 said:

The times of Bullfrog, Populous and Syndicate are long gone, Mr Molyneux. Move with the times. I see plenty of good games using the gamepad in an intelligent way, Rayman, Batman, Aliens CM, and even, dare I say it, Fifa. The console is still not released yet, and people gives credit to a single (former) great developer and not a whole company specialized in producing consoles, yes, but more importantly great games? Ok, then...



shake_zula said:

The only valid point here is that the Wii U doesn't have the instant appeal of Wii Sports, which is blindingly obvious, has been pointed out a million times over the past year, and also applies to 99.99999% of hardware released anywhere, ever.

The idea that it will be "incredibly hard" for people to be able to use two screens is laughable, although probably says quite a lot about the target demographic for Fable games.



Gamer83 said:

Well, I ask Mr. Molyneux then to show Nintendo, and us gamers, how 'amazing' is really done. His overall track record is pretty solid but since about 2004 his main work has been Fable and while I'd use a lot of words to describe that series, not sure amazing would be one of them.

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