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Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Mario Sticker Star Abandoned RPG Elements

Posted by Andy Green

It was all Miyamoto’s idea!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star takes a bit of a step away from previous iterations of the game in that many RPG elements are missing. This is something that has divided opinion throughout the Paper Mario fanbase and it’s been revealed Shigeru Miyamoto is to blame.

During the latest Iwata Asks, President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata grilled the developers of the game about why certain features seen in previous games were dropped.

Kensuke Tanabe, the game's producer, revealed that at the very beginning of the whole project Miyamoto said he wanted to change the atmosphere of the game and threw down two challenges: “‘It’s fine without a story, so do we really need one?’ And, ‘As much as possible, complete it with only characters from the Super Mario world'".

Taro Kudo, the man in charge of the script, agreed with Miyamoto’s point of view saying he didn’t believe the game needed a lengthy RPG-like story, all that was really required was a simple objective to overcome with a final boss.

Instead, we looked at the characteristics of a portable game that can be played little by little in small pieces and packed in lots of little episodes and ideas. I always did like putting in little ideas, so I actually enjoyed it.

On the face of it, these limitations given by Miyamoto would appear a little restrictive, especially where new characters are involved. Paper Mario has always had new and vibrant characters thrown into the mix – like Vivian from Thousand Year Door and Dimentio from Super Paper Mario – but now the team could only really choose from a selection of Toads that look completely alike apart from colour.

The objective then was to give each of them a different personality that would distinguish them from each other, a little bit like the Seven Dwarves really only without the beards. Kudo expressed his love for the Toads saying the player can instantly recognise them when they bump into them again simply because of their distinct personalities.

Tanabe revealed that the team had in fact made a lot of individual allies, as would be normal in an RPG, but when the focus centred on the stickers everything was thrown out of the window:

We decided to make it so that players would face stronger opponents by throwing out the whole concept of experience points and levels in favor of gradually gathering stronger stickers.

I had actually been thinking for a long time that I wanted to get rid of the RPG experience points. In the Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland game, which Kudo-san and I worked on together, the player-character didn't develop at all. We adopted a system whereby they solved everything with money.

This time, we decided to do everything with stickers. We decided on a system whereby in battle, instead of attack commands, you fight by using the stickers you have gathered in the field or bought in town.

In our interview with the developers, Tanabe dubbed this new genre "Sticker Battle Adventure".

It appears that the team behind the game put a real emphasis on bringing new elements to the game rather than focussing on the storyline or additional allied characters to help Mario out. This has naturally led to the stickers, which is great, but it’s also left us without a massive range of new and exciting characters to have fun with.

There’s certainly a lot to love about the game, as we pointed out in our Paper Mario: Sticker Star review, but do you still yearn for the RPG elements to return? Let us know what you all think in the comments section below.


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Bass_X0 said:

Its fine without a story, it would be better WITH a story. In 2012, only puzzle games can really get away without there being a story mode. Games in the past without one were acceptable because of technical limitations.

I enjoy the Mario characters and universe as much as I do any other fictional characters originating as comic or cartoon characters. Just because Mario is a videogame character doesn't mean a story isn't welcome.

You're living in the past, Miyamoto! Quit living in the past!



MrMario02 said:

i just hope we don't see a pokemon game using items instead of attack commands.



SuperCharlie78 said:

so Sticker Star does not have RPG elements but has got stikers instead, and they told us the same about Mario Tennis Open in which Miis took place of the RPG goodies.
They actually were lazy with these games, end of story.
And Miyamoto seems to me he just don't understand what gamers want anymore, sorry to say that.



JustTheTrick said:

Thanks Miyamoto for doing something new with a series just so it doesn't become stagnant and a slight improvement over the last. I'll still reserve judgement of whether it's good or not until I've played it.



mookysam said:

I haven't played this (it's not out in Europe til next week I think) but as a big fan of RPGs - and "The Thousand Year Door" - the lack of these elements has really put me off the title.



Mahe said:

The Mario & Luigi series is infinitely better. Paper Mario is crap.



AceGrey said:

I really do enjoy new ideas in nintendo games, but there is room for a mario rpg since the snes.
Sometimes they screw up a good IP by thinking in new ways. never change a running system.

I will buy it, because I think it will be a good and enjoyable game.
Now all we need is a mario rpg for 3ds, there is still hope, think about the Mario & Luigi RPG's.



SilentHunter382 said:

I am disappointed that it has no RPG elements. I loved the N64 version but missed out on the Thousand year door because of a lack of an gamecube at the time and now it been on the expensive price for me on ebay.. I skipped super paper mario because of no rpg elements.

I was excited to get this game but now with the lack of RPG elements I don't think I am interested in it as much.



6ch6ris6 said:

lol people saying "glad they did something new with this paper mario"
the "new" thing is lack of rpg and story.
great! /ironyoff



betafuse said:

I own the game and the only thing keeping me going is how charming it is. I usually LOVE Paper Mario games but I'm really not a fan of the new sticker system because battles feel completely unnecessary. Why they would remove the best parts of Paper Mario in the first place is beyond me. Fun story, RPG elements and cool sidekicks have always been what Paper Mario was about yet they decide to remove them for "new" things. Couldn't we just get new characters, new story and new RPG elements? What a shame:(



Tsuchinoko said:

I don't know where Miyamoto is getting this idea that a game doesn't need a thick juicy story to be enjoyable. He had the same idea with Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is why that game dropped a lot of the elements that it had developed so well in the first one and replaced them with a focus on the platforming. Not that that game didn't have some of the most fun, amazing stages in the series, but it still felt really flat. I actually prefer the first Mario Galaxy because of this, since Rosalina and her whole backstory was such a charming new addition to the mario series.

I'm glad that they aren't doing this with all of their IPs, but it makes me think that he's spending too much time worrying about what his competitors are doing, rather than really trying to let his own work evolve and grow.



Tsuchiya said:

All games need some form of a chunky narrative otherwise it all becomes a bit brainless.



Barbiegurl777 said:

This is my first paper mario game. I like it. I like how it's not a fly by mario game where you can get through it to easily sometimes. Paper Mario 3DS actually has quite a bit of a challenge in game play.

It remind's me of the older mario game's I use to play on my SNES where it'd take me about a year or so to beat if not longer.

Granted I still like the newer mario games & still play them but the ones I've played literally in the past 2 to 3 year's have been relatively easy & I really hate to say that when it comes to mario because I'm more use to a challenge when I get a mario game.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Denkou said:

My main problem with ditching rpg elements for this new game was that fighting enemies suddenly felt useless. Less than useless, actually. Without experience points, there is nothing to be gained from the battles at all, other than losing your precious, LIMITED stickers and guaranteed losing of health (unlike the M&L series where all attacks can be avoided somehow). Losing the rpg element of experience points while keeping the rpg element of separate battle screens feels like a poor design choice. I cannot tell you how relieved I am when I hit a goomba with my hammer and see it die immediately and not have to go into an official battle sequence. While I can understand the ideas behind it and I can respect the innovation of the game, I have to say it just doesn't work well at all. In truth, playing sticker star just made me REALLY want to break out my old N64 and play the original paper mario again.



Spoony_Tech said:

@smashbrawler331 I disagree. You need to fight for money in this game. Later on if you're good and have the right stickers you can get upwards of 100 coins per battle. You will need plenty of money later on in this game.



antipop621 said:

It started out quite dull, but became addictive. I`m doing to have to disagree with Miyamoto here. I hope there`s a new Mario and Luigi game in development.



NES_64 said:

I demo'd this back in October, and found it to be quite charming as people say, but I'm not completely sold just yet, but know I would enjoy it. The Paper Mario Universe is a world of its own, which what I love about the series, with its explorable world and tons of original characters and funny humor. In fact there are enough new characters for Paper Mario kart!



StephenYap3 said:

I do love Sticker Star, but my goodness, this is kind of disappointing. At least when I happen to reach my 30s and if I happen to not like the game anymore, I know who the culprit is.



aaronsullivan said:

I think Miyamoto is annoyed by Story because it slows down the experience. Multiple text boxes of prattling on can kill the experience. I LOVE Skyward Sword, but the text boxes felt endless at times. The writing was colorful and lively BUT not succinct. Western audiences are used to show don't tell and reading between the lines. Emotionaly animations have gotten great in the Zelda games, so it was frustrating to see all that text.

Solution: Spoken Dialogue! No way they are going to have paragraphs of writing knowing it will all have to be spoken, right? It would have to be more natural dialogue and shorter. This would kill two birds with one stone, right? <glances over at some anime playing in the background> Maybe not.

It's just I understand where he is coming from. Even when the story is interesting it can be SO tiresome when you just want to play. If Nintendo could just solve the delay problem (and you can see them trying, like story happening around you as you play at the beginning of Mario Galaxy, and great character animation and direction in Skyward Sword) he might be less averse to adding "story".



Xilef said:

There is probably a more detailed meaning to Miyamotos idead that we don't know. Besiden, this isn't the first mistake Miyamoto has done (turning Dinosaur Planet into Star Fox Adventure, for example), why does people act like this is a sign of him needing to retire?



Shotgunryugan said:

Eh...thanks for making me have doubts about purchasing the game,i hate the whole idea about limited stickers.

I enjoyed the first 3 games(yes even Super,i didn't find it quite as bad as most people make it out to be),but i really have doubts about the whole sticker system and none of the reviews have sold me the game yet,might buy it if i find it cheap someday.

But for me the best and most memorable Paper Mario is Thousand Year Door(Gamecube),great game



mikeyman64 said:

I purchased this game at school a couple weeks ago. I was bored, and needed something to do. I have always loved Paper Mario, and I was slightly disappointing when I got about an hour into the game.

However, after getting roughly 10 hours into the game, the sticker system begins to feel more natural and less like a card-based RPG like Baton Kaitos or Chain of Memories.

The lack of a deep "story" is hard to even notice since the game play is so fun. The way the bosses and enemies grow more difficult along with gradually stronger stickers, and a more impressive collection, works quite well, and never feels unbalanced or broken.

Beyond that, there are a couple other aspects that I enjoy such as the object collecting (reminds me of Pikmin) and the different Boss/Sticker couples that add a bit of clever puzzle-solving to the game. There's also a sort of achievement system that is fun to work through.

Excellent portable Paper Mario, IMO.



Lalivero said:

@aaronsullivan I guess it depends on the game; some need it while it would probably slow others down.

Take Golden Sun for example - it's a series famous for having endless talking...but, imo at least, that's one of the things that kept me playing and gave it the charm it had. The story got pretty deep and that made it tough if I wanted to play in short bursts for various reasons(having 15min of free time or so).

Unless you're someone new to the series and having a fair bit of dialogue, you'll find that it honestly doesn't take much away from the experience/fun; it's one of the things I personally look forward to.

Back on topic a little more, I did like what they did with Sticker Star; it just felt somewhat flat at times.



MeloMan said:

Interesting... well, this will further piss off the people that didn't take to Super Paper Mario all that well either. Well, I guess we didn't really need two Mario "RPGs" anyway, what with the Mario & Luigi games and all, so I'm fine with doing something different with Mario, and Paper Mario seems perfect for it. So now, we will have platform Mario, a Mario RPG series, and Mario in basically an adventure series... it's all good to me, bring it all on.



SammyOfMobius said:

Why would Miyamoto do that? That's stupid! Paper Mario games are KNOWN for their new characters and ideas! He's basically saying, "Hey, don't come up with any new ideas this time. Only the same worlds and characters we've seen from past games, okay? Also, don't make an amazing plot this time, even thugh that's what RPG's are all about, and get rid of the RPG system that make the first two games great and replace it with a weird and confusing one. Oh well, I loved this game anyways. I thought the Stickers and the Sticker System was innovative, but I would've liked it to be a true Paper Mario game.



JayceJa said:

at least from his explanation, a wii u paper mario would be back to rpg since it isnt handheld

so im still waiting for paper mario 3 on the wii u



Shworange said:

I didn't realize there wasn't a story. I am getting this game for my son for Christmas. That's a little disappointing, especially since the paper Mario universe was one of the only Mario games with a departure story from the somewhat stale universe. Insertion of characters like Bombery and O' Chunks help enhance the world. My son and I played through the other three paper Mario games and inserted our own accents when reading the text (I gave O' Chunks a thuggish cockney accent) and it was great fun. Seeing as it is a portable entry, maybe it will be fine. They better have all the fresher and interesting story for the Wii U version though!



NintyMan said:

Because this is a handheld game that would be understandly lighter than a console game, I can see how the game could be watered down a little. I could also see how too much text could be a burden on the gaming experience, with the last two Paper Mario games being full of dialogue. But Paper Mario is a heavily story-based series, especially The Thousand-Year Door, and there is a thing called balance that they could have done to have a good story and yet still have a good game.

Miyamoto is a very practical man, but I feel as though he has a reluctance to try something more new that would enhance the games. Actually, I think it's more alarming that a story-intense game like Paper Mario would be dumbed down rather than another 2D Mario game having a princess kidnapping. It's like he wanted to simplify the game a lot, which may have good intensions, but it strips the game of a lot more charm that could've made it more endearing.

I'm still getting Paper Mairo: Sticker Star for Christmas and I know I will enjoy it, but there will probably be a feeling of missed opportunity that I'll just have to get over. The game still has that classic Paper Mario humor and good music.



Doma said:

Well that settles it, not buying. Way to kill off the franchise.



Auracle said:

Who says this game doesn't have a story? It's not as deep as previous installments, but there is still a story there. I see what Miyamoto was going for personally. I think he was trying to have a game that didn't need a great deal of characters or story to be a great game. It instead relies on fun gameplay and creative use of Mario characters. I can't wait to give it a try.



Vehemont said:

Didn't buy it when it was released and probably still won't buy it now. Besides the game has mainly gotten "average" scores across the board which by all means it is not a bad game, but just not awesome like I had come to expect from Nintendo.



Lalivero said:

@True_Hero Some of us aren't necessarily calling it a bad game; it's that they could've done a better job negotiating what would be put in it. Instead of saying "oh we don't need this and that any longer because it potentially takes away from the experience" they could've just did more of a balance check.

The big idea they had(stickers and all) made it fun, but dropping out elements like experience made the battles feel pretty tedious, imo.



ouroborous said:

Mario Sticker Star is EXCELLENT, I wanted to cry when it was over because I wanted more. It's basically a perfect game and seriously ups the bar for the system. It's addictive, cute and smart, lengthy enough and super fun to play. Tales of the Abyss is probably the only other comparable game.



eirikr said:

Super Paper Mario wasn't a RPG title at all and it is the best Paper Mario, let's take a look at this Sticker star that looks very interesting for me.



Aerona said:

Well the lack of RPG elements is pretty much why I'm giving this a pass.



kobe1724 said:

I'm hating the battle system so far. What's the point of even going into battle if there is nothing gained from it except coins? Now I'm just trying to avoid enemies, whereas in Thousand Year Door, I enjoyed taking down everything around me because I knew I would LEVEL UP. That was one of my favorite parts of the game, and now, it's just gone. I'll reserve final judgement on the game until I beat it, but I can tell you that my opinion on the very flawed battle system won't change.



Shiromikio said:

The character art and graphics are great, I like the secret exits and the sticker battle turned out okay so far (midway through World 3). There are plenty of stickers to be found, so usually that's not a problem, unless it's a boss battle. Surviving boss battles mainly calls for 1-2 of the larger stickers (it seems there's a repeat request in World 1 that you can satisfy to get a sticker object if you've used it up once) and finding which of the regular ones will work best with that particular boss. The harder part for me was getting to the boss, rather than the boss itself. To tie in with some people's comments about the point of going into battle, I do it mostly to get the minions out of the way so I can run around unhindered when I'm looking for the right door/object to complete that level.

It's just, that as someone new to the series and was looking forward to a Mario RPG on the 3DS, there's a lot of platformer and puzzle elements and they aren't really my thing, as much as I like the exploration. For platformer I'd go to NSMB2. So for people looking for a Mario adventure and like to explore, this is a good game. Those looking for an RPG will be disappointed.



47drift said:

As someone still planning on getting this, it's the blunder of the century. All I, and most Paper Mario fans, want IS another TTYD. Stop with this branching out business and go back to giving us what we all loved about Paper Mario to begin with: an RPG with a great story and lovable characters and environments! Gosh dang. Couldn't even give the Toads in this one hats. Man.



Doge said:

@eirikr its NOT the best game, ttyd is, and you know it.

if there was thing i would do, i would change the level based traveling system
free roamin' is da BEST!



MagicEmperor said:

Miyamoto, I love you. I respect you like I respect no other game designer. But sometimes, you just need to give the fans what they want. A lot of us want another TTYD. Give us another TTYD. We already had Super Paper Mario to be radically different. Can't we just return to classic format? Please?



Ashflow said:

Just make a 3D port of TTYD, Nintendo.
Problem solved.

(And do The Wind Waker too, while you're at it.)



evildevil97 said:

Super Paper Mario is better than Sticker Star, for the reasons mentioned in this article.

There, I said it,



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I think people are taking this the wrong way. The original quote is that he "challenged the team to make the game without a story and using existing characters" not he told the team they HAD to do it. If anything, the end result appears to be the team's decision.

If even the team members were in agreement with this, it really is the TEAM's fault that the game ended up the way it was.



DarkKirby said:

It seems Miyamoto doesn't understand why people are fans of Paper Mario and Mario RPGs in the 1st place. If I wanted to play one of the many New Super Mario Bros. games they are shoveling out multiple times a year I would have played that instead.



Bucho said:

i've play through this game and all i can say is, it really made me smile and chuckle all the time, it's challenging but the stronger stickers really take some of that challenge away.
beautiful game, i liked the small story elements they added, it just really feels like a mario game.



naut said:

I have issues with the whole idea of, "Well it's on a portable system so we need to make it more bite-sized and dumbed down." My idea of advancing portable games is making them closer and closer to console experiences. Sticker Star should have been as close to a full blown RPG as they could push the 3DS.



Nintendo6400 said:

I was kinda disappointed with this game. The next one BETTER be a lot like the 1st too! Badges and partners are essential!!



mastersworddude said:

What's with 3DS sequels being dumbed down from their predecessors? Apparently Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is too.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I don't know where Miyamoto is getting this idea that a game doesn't need a thick juicy story to be enjoyable.

He's probably getting it from the fact that a game doesn't need a thick juicy story to be enjoyable, but I'd have to see a citation to be sure.



LztheQuack said:

And people are bashing without trying....typical. If it helps any, I really like this game. Sure, it's different, but it's still a great game to play. Oh, and the "limited stickers" really aren't that limited



Wakkawipeout said:

So, what I'm getting from the comments here is everyone just wanted to play a refined version of the same game they played in 2004 with a couple new ideas thrown into the mix? People hate on the New Super Mario Bros. games for being too similar but I guess if it's been a few years, everyone's okay with playing the same thing. I'm not saying Sticker Star doesn't have issues (I haven't played it yet) but it's sad to see people would rather Nintendo release the same stuff but slightly remixed.



DerpSandwich said:

He makes a lot of good decision, but he basically made them take away everything I loved about the first two. And I'm incredibly sad.

Part of me wants to play it and enjoy it for what it is, but another part wants to "vote with my dollar" and not buy it, hoping that the potentially lower sales result in going back to the tried and true formula. But of course, that would only happen if it really did sell less. And it looks like it's fun when taken by itself. So basically I'm out of luck...



Brotagonist said:

Meh, I'm not a massive Paper Mario fan anyway, but it does seem a bit odd to get rid of the RPG elements a second time.



grimbldoo said:

Andy%20Green wrote:

On the face of it, these limitations given by Miyamoto would appear a little restrictive

There are only three colors to paint with and only twelve notes for music, yet look at all the beautiful art we create and all the amazing music we make. Restrictions are a good thing.

@6ch6ris6 #11
So, you turned the irony on, afterwards...?

@Chriiis #38
He didn't say that it wasn't needed, he just challenged the team to do something different.

@eirikr #40
That's strange, I distinctly remember leveling up several times. In fact, leveling up almost sucked because the enemies died faster so I could pull off extended jump combos anymore. On of the best things of Super Paper Mario is that I did not have to get stuck in turn based battle just to kill an enemy.

@ThePillowGolem #50
That is true. I think Miyamoto was correct in challenging them, you can't have good games if there is not a challenge to make them better.

@NintendoNaut #53
I don't know about you, but I mainly use my 3DS in the car or in school if I have spare time. It's nice having a game that you can just easily leave at any moment.

@Philip_J_Reed #60
Thank you for that. I actually got quite a good laugh from it.

@True_Hero #64
This is so dang true.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@True_Hero Normally I'd agree, but Super Mario Sunshine was so radically different from predecessors that it was almost too weird. I still love it though. And Paper Mario fans have been asking for a game that plays just like the first two since Super Paper Mario. Clearly, their stance hasn't changed with Sticker Star.



Candy811 said:

I am currently playing this game and I don't like the new changes but I like the idea of Nintendo switching it up a bit. Still, this game is still not better than my favorite Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.

I'm sure there will be a Mario & Luigi game for the 3DS and have RPG in it



Jray said:

i get what miyamoto is saying about games not needing stories to be enjoyable, but i feel like he's missing the point that what can really help a game be unique and more than enjoyable are MEMORABLE elements like story and characters and atmosphere. whenever i feel like replaying an old game i have its because i want to have that same experience again, and remember all the things that made it charming in the first place. i play luigi's mansion from time to time because i love its eery atmosphere and seeing luigi with a developed personality. when i play ttyd again it's to see all the fun characters and get involved in the story like i remember when i played it for the first time. i don't think i'll play sticker star again in the future (i do own it) just to re-experience a battle system that honestly isnt that rewarding, and short bursts of quirkiness from toads. i agree with miyamoto, but it takes artistic elements as well to make games a memorable experience, and one that can stand the test of time and still be an amazing experience in the future...



TeeJay said:

@ouroborous This game is far from perfect, as 99% of us would agree. The one-use sticker thing and lack of EXP are crippling, as now they have taken from the player all incentive to battle other than the occassional sticker drop.

Not to mention not being able to choose an enemy. What's up with that?!



sr388survivor said:

I guess I'm in the minority here but I actually really like this game. I was disappointed when I heard there would be no exp but honestly it works just fine. The stickers make the game feel different and the episodic nature really works well on a handheld.
The humor is great. I've actually laughed out loud a number of times. Oh and the music = awesome.
Anyway, I don't get why people insist on never being satisfied. Just enjoy the game.
And besides, it's not like any of the paper mario games have been extremely deep RPGs to begin with.



Dizzard said:

It sounds like Miyamoto stifled their creativity. I don't see how that's a good thing at all.

I'm probably in the minority but I don't really like Miyamoto. Aside from Pikmin I don't enjoy many of the games he has a role in. In particular his most recent games.

His whole mantra of don't care about the story, don't care about the characters, just focus on the "fun" just goes against everything I love about games. For me those things are the "fun". Not aimlessly doing something for no rhyme or reason.

It's extremley disappointing to see what has become of the Paper Mario series.



Bryon15 said:

I hate it. I guess we'll never get another paper mario game like the first two. I think miyamoto should be shot for this.



warvad said:

Dropped the bomb on Sticker Star. A completely dumbed down experience because they were in a forced-handheld mindset.

Luckily guys, the first two Paper Marios do still exist, so I encourage you to go play those again. Add in some self-restrictions to mix things up.



kingeo said:

The great story and the RPG elements along with the original new characters is what paper mario is all about otherwise we would just play new super mario bros.
We've been waiting for 5 WHOLE YEARS just to take this crap the moment they release a ton of platform mario games just for the cash.It's the same case with Pikmin which is almost ten years since the last game.
They completely ruined the series.



Shock_Tart said:

the first paper mario is what got me hooked on the paper mario series, long gameplay and storyline as well as a great set of characters to use and interact with, never played the thousand year door but i REALLY want to. and super paper mario threw out the rpg element of the game more or less but it made up for it in the amount of abilities and characters to use as well as story and length of play. sticker star was a great game itself but it is lacking compared to the other ones. i liked the sticker element of the game it was nice, but i felt like i was getting the short end of the stick. paper mario was known as a game for being very lengthy and having a lot of different characters to talk and interact with. i honestly thought that having just toads as npc's was more or less just lazy, despite them having different personalities which they really kind of didnt. the story was kind of simplistic and kind of dry, and the game was much shorter than the usual paper mario's. i really hope this dosent turn into a copy/paste game like the New super mario brothers. this paper mario was good but i have to say it doesnt rightly stack up to the rest of them.



Henmii said:

I haven't played the game yet, but this is what I am thinking: Miyamoto has lost his touch quite some time!

I know that's controversial here, but the past years he made many games more simple, more lineair, with less crazy stuff (Mario galaxy being one of the exceptions)!

Sure he gets lots of rewards, but I guess that's mostly because of his past efforts! Sorry, but I think he has uppended the wrong tables for quite some time. But at the same time I do not want him to leave! He still is mister Nintendo!



retro_player_22 said:

If something isn't broke, don't fix it. Miyamoto tried to fix Paper Mario because it isn't broke and now it is broken. This is sad indeed.



FonistofCruxis said:

This game does seem like a lot of fun but it also looks very disappointing and it doesn't look as good as the other 3 games in the series. The great storylines and characters a part of what makes the series so great, especially the TTYD and SPM. Super paper Mario has a better story than some JRPGs I've played! I'm also rather skeptical about battles just being used to earn stickers and money and not getting exp. from them.



Starwolf_UK said:

Along with other recent outbursts by Miyamoto, this makes me wonder if the whole new devision of Nintendo that Miyamoto is going to be heading is a just a way to well, evict him to stop him messing up established franchises.

That doesn't help new titles though. IIRC Miyamoto decided to say Steel Diver was done despite concerns of it lacking content (which it was) though, that might have been stopping whatshisface from naming and drawing every single crew member of every single submarine rather than adding a few more submarines.

That said some of those suggestions sound alright. Restrictions do force creativity in a different way as much as they stifle it.

As for differences. Super Paper Mario was a radical departure too (in gameplay). Will there ever be a Paper Mario 3? Makes me wonder how Sticker Star is going and how it will be interpreted (i.e. if it sells bad is it Paper Mario they dislike or the particular direction of this one).

But thing is Super Paper Mario was played and enjoyed for the story and the script as the gameplay is quite literally (and intentionally) tedious at times. So yes games do need story but need a balance which the director should find rather than have an executive hand-wave and go "the easiest balance is just not to bother with that. I dare you."



kingeo said:

As a Mario game I don't doubt it's good but it has nothing to do with the Paper Mario Series.We want the Paper Mario games to be RPG with great stories and characters something Sticker Star doesn't have.Otherwise what is the point?We would just play new super mario bros.



StarDust4Ever said:

Heck, even super Paper Mario had Pixels, which were basically just geometrically abstracted partners and served the same function. I missed the turn-based battle but loved the 3D perspective and the ability to switch characters.

The art style in Sticker Star is very definitely classic Paper Mario, especially with the gorgeous 3D visuals. While I appreciate the return to turn-based gameplay, I'm not totally sold on the idea of using stickers to attack. It would be better if stickers could be reused. Better yet, they could have acted like badges instead: use some FP to attack, bigger stickers use more. I don't like the idea of obtaining a rare and powerful sticker only to not use it in battle because I don't want to waste it. I just hope their plentiful enough. Also, what if you use up your entire inventory in a battle? Some of the more powerful bosses like the shadow queen in PM:TTYD for instance, it's easy to use up your max 10 items and then rely on badges and partners to see you through the end of the battle. Paper Mario was an excellent game, and PM:TTYD expanded on everything that was in the original, creating a deep, immersive experience. I also deeply enjoyed Super Mario RPG. One of the best parts of the Paper Mario experience was the story, even Super Paper Mario had an immersive plot. I loved the story in Mario Galaxy, and Myamoto was one of the first people to add a story line to arcade games, starting with Donkey Kong, then Super Mario Brothers with the whole "rescue the princess" scenario. Stories got more intricate over time, culminating with Sunshine, Galaxy, and the entire Paper and M&L series, and now Myamoto wants to shelve the storyline for "Peach gets kidnapped." Put the stories and exploration elements back into our Mario games!!!

That said, I'm sure the game will be awesome. I only played through the opening sequence to the first save point before my fiance snatched it away. She said I'll get it back for Christmas...



mullen said:

After reading the comments, I just find how stubborn are the players, refused to any type of change. Now I know why almost never-changed cod, fifa, and so on can have that great sales number.

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