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Kick Off With PES 2013 On 3DS This Month

Posted by Orla Madden

Another one for all you football fanatics

Konami has announced that PES 2013 will make its European Nintendo 3DS debut this month on November 30th.

The yearly football hit hopes to bring its A-game to the handheld to compete with its rival FIFA 13. It exclusively makes use of the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores competitions, and allows players to follow the footsteps of Messi in the ‘Become a Legend’ mode, or take on opponents in multiplayer online mode.

It's quite strange that a version for the Wii U hasn't been announced, considering it's one of this year's biggest sporting releases. As for the Wii version, the less said about that, the better.

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GarchompPit said:

i never played a Pes title on 3DS.I hope the gameplay is smooth and have good graphics and online but i will see first some gameplay from others!



uximal said:

I Specifically Prefer PES to FIFA on 3DS, Simply because Konami has taken time to polish PES version for the 3DS compared to the low quality software that EA made, Trust me you will love PES on 3DS.



GarchompPit said:

@uximal does the game run smoothly and what about the graphics are they PSP-style?I dont care much for the graphics but is good to know!



andrea987 said:

Yes, 2012 it's a great game. 600hrs for me, and counting! Let's hope they improved it this year, unlike the Wii version...

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