We're certainly interested here at Nintendo Life when more information about Chasing Aurora emerges, so new footage of one of its multiplayer modes has caught our eye. Its attractive art style does it no harm, either.

We interviewed developer Broken Rules last month, where it briefly mentioned the game's multiplayer modes, but we now have more details. In Hide and Seek mode, communication is vital. The team is up against the Wii U GamePad player, who steers the Golden Bird on the controller — as you can see in the video below this bird is the fantastic glowing ball zooming into each player's screen. The Golden Bird's task is to hide from all the other players until the time runs out; the team, on the other hand, has to find the Golden Bird and snatch away the Aurora's Gem that it's carrying.

Broken Rules is aiming to have the title ready for launch, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Not long to go though, as the Wii U launches across North America and Europe this month; hopefully we'll see the title before the end of 2012.