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Fractured Soul Demo Blasting Onto North American 3DS eShop

Posted by Andy Green

Update for the game also on the way

Sidescrolling shoot ‘em up Fractured Soul has been available in the North American 3DS eShop since September. The game was developed by Endgame Studios, which spent eight years working on the title, and sees you blast your way through some of the hardest levels ever seen on 3DS.

The Australian developer has now revealed to Joystiq that Fractured Soul will be getting a tasty little demo — with the first four levels all being included — and will be found in the 3DS North American eShop on 6th December. The European release date is still unknown, but it's been confirmed that a demo will accompany it when it does finally arrive.

Fractured Soul is seen as one of the most taxing games available on the eShop, and the developer has seemingly heard all of our frustrated cries as it will also be releasing an update to address the horrendously steep difficulty curve.

Grant Davies, managing director at Endgame Studios, had this to say:

We're also working on submitting an update for the game to make the infamous level 8 a little easier — by adding checkpoints. It's no secret that Fractured Soul is a damn hard platformer ... probably a little too hard. Hopefully this will smooth out the difficulty curve somewhat.

In our Fractured Soul review we gave the game a very respectable 8/10, so we’d naturally recommend you give it a go; you can also learn more about its lengthy development history in our Endgame Studios interview. Will this demo entice you into trying out the game? Let us know what you think.


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New_3DaSh_XL said:

If it was 3D I'd have downloaded it weeks ago. Oh well, maybe this demo will convince me.



6ch6ris6 said:

guess the european version will have the update already included if it will ever come out here. good to hear we will get a demo if it comes.



luminalace said:

I hope this comes to the PAL eshop soon. It would actually be nice to get the demo before the game to entice me to buy it though I'm pretty sure I will get this regardles.



Shworange said:

It really is an awesome game. It's hard as hell! I think level 15 gave me the most trouble (I could be wrong about the level number, but its the one that you have to jump back and forth across the screen and get a boost on the wind). It is a game that has pushed me close to the edge of throwing my 3DS at a wall due to difficulty. When you finally push through that urge and beat a particularly challenging round, the pay off feels all the sweeter. I'm from the old school days of playing games without save points, and even though this game has them, it has that high risk/reward feel that I used to experience in my youth. This game is not for everyone but if you demand a gaming challange, then I highly reccomend it!



Marioman64 said:

i still don't get what makes this game any different than Chronos Twins (DSiWare)...



Ren said:

wait so it's NOT 3D? Why not? well, looks cool anyway, I want to try after I read some reviews. I'm not understanding what the deal is from the screen shots with 2 diff views on each screen. I'll look it up. looks amazing, though.



Aqueous said:

This will be good. If anything will convince me it would be this, a chance to try it.



Spanish_Bread said:

@3Dash: the gameplay makes use of looking between the top screen and bottom screen, i thought switching from 3d(top) to 2d(bottom) is pretty hard for eyes to adjust focus.

@Shworange: i totally agree to your last sentence cheers mate!

@Marioman64: i've seen chronos twins in youtube, it seems that their difference is you can only focus in 1 character (1 screen at a time) in fractured soul unlike chronos twins which are actually twins that you need to focus on both screens as they are alive simultaneously.

The game is great if you love old-school platforming games like rockman series... just finishing the game is already a challenge, ACEing per stage is additional challenge...but racing against the online leaderboards is the ultimate challenge... so it is "Pretty Challenging"... if you are a person that is always "Up for the challenge" buy this game



HeroOfCybertron said:

Looking forward to the demo since I the game looked interesting when I first saw it just wasn't ready to spend $12 on a game I wasn't sure I would like. I also hope this demo doesn't turn out like the Adventure Time demo did with being announced but never came when they said it would.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Definitely downloading the demo once it becomes available in Europe. Pretty high chance i'll buy the game after playing it.



RevolverLink said:

Very nice, I will definitely be checking it out. I'm always grateful for demos, seeing as I'm a bit of a tightwad.



Shane904 said:

@3Dash I was at first really disappointed at the lack of 3D, but once I played it, I was happy it didn't have it. Your eyes have to look up and down between the two screens a ton. It would get sickening with the 3D.



Retro_on_theGo said:

YEEESSSSS! This is exactly what I needed. I really wanted to buy the game to support the developers but I'm just so unsure about it. Can't wait for Dec. 6.



Birdman said:

Good to see a demo for this coming soon. Now I can really see if I want it or not.



Windy said:

I will try the demo if I like it enough I will get the full version. I would have downloaded the full version had the game included 3d. the ratings are very good and most people seem to like the game anyway. we will get to try it



Magikarp3 said:

I wonder if people read the previous comments about commenting.. I also wonder why people haven't realised that not all 3DS games absolutely must be in 3D. Also, I would totally buy this (and suck at it) as soon as it gets released in Australia. You know our ratings system is terrible when even Australian developers don't make releases for Australia



Windy said:

@Magikarp um what? If I prefer a game to be in 3d that's my choice. and I would have bought this game if it had been in 3d on my playstation 2 powered 3d unit. wow. Maybe i'm wrong here but people I guess shouldn't post there oppinions or wants according to what your saying here. Forgive me if I viewed it wrong. I also think that people posting, "I would have bought this game if it was in 3d" are sending a message to the developer that it would be nice to throw that in maybe at a later date. Or even it would have been nice to get in 3d in the first place. Does it really matter in the overall scheme of things. or did we just bug you?



Magikarp3 said:

haha, oh dear, you must have read me wrong @Windy. I'm just saying, since it's been clarified in the comments that the screen-switching nature of the game between the top and bottom makes 3D annoying, I figured that people wouldn't want 3D if it's detrimental to the gameplay. Just observational humour, didn't mean to offend anyone



Windy said:

@Magikarp No problem I definately read into it the wrong way. I hope the demo is good. I will buy the game if so. I know the game gets good ratings but I don't trust the ratings system in place LOL Every single game in the Eshop has an above average rating and we know that not every single game in the Eshop is good. I did notice that 18th gate is lookin to go for the lowest rated game in the Eshop. But no Hard feelings at all and HAPPY GAMING!

Also now I can see why they did not do the game in 3d Since both screens are not 3d that would be extremely annoying.

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