Sidescrolling shoot ‘em up Fractured Soul has been available in the North American 3DS eShop since September. The game was developed by Endgame Studios, which spent eight years working on the title, and sees you blast your way through some of the hardest levels ever seen on 3DS.

The Australian developer has now revealed to Joystiq that Fractured Soul will be getting a tasty little demo — with the first four levels all being included — and will be found in the 3DS North American eShop on 6th December. The European release date is still unknown, but it's been confirmed that a demo will accompany it when it does finally arrive.

Fractured Soul is seen as one of the most taxing games available on the eShop, and the developer has seemingly heard all of our frustrated cries as it will also be releasing an update to address the horrendously steep difficulty curve.

Grant Davies, managing director at Endgame Studios, had this to say:

We're also working on submitting an update for the game to make the infamous level 8 a little easier — by adding checkpoints. It's no secret that Fractured Soul is a damn hard platformer ... probably a little too hard. Hopefully this will smooth out the difficulty curve somewhat.

In our Fractured Soul review we gave the game a very respectable 8/10, so we’d naturally recommend you give it a go; you can also learn more about its lengthy development history in our Endgame Studios interview. Will this demo entice you into trying out the game? Let us know what you think.