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Crashmo 3D Screens Are Just a QR Code Away

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A sneak peak

Crashmo — known as Fallblox in Europe — is one of the 3DS eShop's big releases due before the end of the year. As a follow up to the critically acclaimed Pushmo, it's likely to be on a number of 3DS owner's wishlists.

Of course, 2D screenshots don't necessarily do this title justice, especially with the extra depth to the new puzzle areas. Thankfully a QR code has been spotted that redirects to a Hiku Otsu gallery on the 3DS web browser, with seven screenshots available for your perusal. To access these screens, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the front menu on your 3DS.
  • Bring up the camera app by using either the L or R button.
  • Tap the QR icon on the bottom left of the touch screen.
  • Align the camera with the QR code, below, and tap A once prompted on the touch screen.
  • The web browser will launch, so use your stylus to select the images that you want to see — be patient, it can take a few seconds!

That's it, some nice 3D screens for one of the year's most anticipated eShop games. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Hokori said:

Still got a few levels left in pushmo, I shall beat it before crashmo!



iBazly said:

BAH SO PUMPED! I need to get to work on more Pushmo, I have SO many plans for puzzles I am going to be working on it's a bit on the crazy side!



Windy said:

OMG the titles are comming so fast and good these days I have become a chain gamer! thanks alot Nintendo! Hee Hee!



Holly said:

The screens are great. It looks like the sequel will make good use of the stereoscopic 3-D too.



Supremeist said:

Thought it was a level code at first. AH well, I'll definitely pick the new game up when I get the chance. pushmo/pullblox was awesome



Haxonberik said:

Took me more than 30 hours to go through Pushmo (including some user-created) and they were some mighty fun hours. Looking forward for some more brain teasing.

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