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Capcom Hopes To Bring Entire NES Mega Man Series To 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by Orla Madden

Some issues holding it back

An interview with Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson and Capcom Community Manager Brett Elston in the latest Nintendo Power suggests that the company is planning on bringing all six of the NES Mega Man titles to the 3DS Virtual Console.

We've already seen the first game in Japan and Europe, while a further three titles are available in Japan. It is said that Capcom is currently hitting a few snags in bringing more Mega Man games to the online store here in the west, but it is trying to work through those issues. The fact that the first game is available in Europe certainly bodes well.

We hope it doesn't take too long to solve those problems, whatever they may be.


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KoiTenchi said:

Why do I feel like the "problems" Capcom is talking about is simply finding someone in Capcom who cares enough about Mega Man to go through the process of submitting the games of the US/EU eshop? : (



GeminiSaint said:

This is great and I hope it happens, but I also hope they don't forget about the rest of the Game Boy games (II-V) as well as 6, 7 and X3 on the Wii/Wii-U's Virtual Console.



Late said:

I think I'll buy Mega Man 2 & 3 when they're available. I like Mega Man games but somehow I don't own any Mega Man platformers. I've thought about getting Mega Man games for my Wii but I've never actually done so. I'd like to get Mega Man Anniversary Collection (or whatever it's called) but it was never released in Europe and GameCube and WIi don't support games outside from Europe. So it's about time I'll buy some Mega Man games.



Karakato said:

@Jogurt Well Megaman 5 is releasing next week at Japan, and considering how fast Capcom distributed the Rockman Games on the Japanese eshop, I can bet you They will get Megaman 6 just in time for Megaman's 25th at December.
But really, I'm willing to give Capcom my money justto get these MM games onto the eshop pronto.



Shiryu said:

It's just so sad that the "Megaman Collection" for Game Cube was never released in Europe... T_T



RupeeClock said:

Yes, please do!

In fact it would be amazing if they could also bring forward 9 and 10 for portable editions, as well as 7 and 8, I'm sure those are possible.
Maybe even Megaman & Bass too.

As a matter of fact, if Mega Man 6 was released on 3DS VC in Europe, that would officially be its first PAL territory release, did you know that?



Drake said:

I really hope they release the Game Boy games first. The NES games are already available on Wii VC and as part of the Anniversary Collection, why release them yet again before giving games that have never been rereleased a chance?



therick112 said:

I'd love to see Mega Man played with restore points. I've always found them a little too difficult for my taste, but this could be a refreshing way to experience these games finally.



Philip_J_Reed said:

What including 6 ? Does this mean MM6 is coming to the Virtual console ?

Yep. This will be the first downloadable version of MM6!



Auracle said:

I've never played Mega Man before. Do you think just buying I-III would be a good way to go?




I'm glad to see 2 gamers on here agreeing with exactly what I'm thinking of at the moment. While I think it's good that Mega Man 6 will FINALLY see a release now to happen for the 3DS VC at some point in the future next to the other Mega Man NES games. I'd rather like to see at least Mega Man II and Mega Man III from the GAME BOY hit the 3DS VC before anything else. That and this may be off topic, but it wouldn't hurt to go after Mega Man 7 from the SNES and Mega Man 8 from the SEGA SATURN in which I know will never happen at this point. But on Wii U , hopefully SEGA SATURN games can have some light shed on them.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'd rather like to see at least Mega Man II and Mega Man III from the GAME BOY hit the 3DS VC before anything else.

I'd say it's a given that we'll be getting the rest of the GB's just a question of when. I don't see why it matters that we get them "before anything else," it's all coming!



Zach777 said:

Didn't they also make a Mega Man GameBoy compilation? If the answer is si, that ought to be GB VC high profile material...



GeminiSaint said:

They didn't. Well, they were once working on one, but it ended up being canceled because of misplaced source code or something.



DaveGX said:

This is actually good news for once! Andlike others are saying it'd also be nice to catch up on the GameBoy versions as well...Heck put em ALL in eShop!



Geonjaha said:

Not really surprising since Japan have the first four. Basically it just confirms that the other two are ganna be released.



NiBar said:

Maybe they should make a new Mega man game, instead of releasing the old ones again and again?



Chomposaur said:

As a huge megaman I would gladly pay 600 points for MM6 to be on the virtual console ( im from the UK ) I'm very pleased with this news



Tasuki said:

Personally I would like it if they would bring out the GB Megaman games on the 3DS VC before they bring the NES ones, especially Megaman V on Game Boy.



skyyye said:

Yay! I'll get NES Megaman 1 the day it arrives! My top NES game that has not yet been released.



SparkOfSpirit said:

GameBoy games, please. Then 6, 7, and X3 for the Wii VC. Then they can do whatever they want.

We can easily get X4 and 8 for the Saturn on the Wii-U VC, but I'd rather cross that bridge when we come to it.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Wait a minute, all SIX? not 5? They are doing SIX?

That's awesome! Hopefully they'll put it on Wii at the same time. Now, hopefully they bring them over here as quickly as Hamster did with the nikoli games.



Magikarp3 said:

I imagine the main issue is editing the speed so it plays at the same pace in all regions. Apparently the PAL version of MM1 originally was slowed down a little bit, and they fixed that for the 3DSVC release (Y)



KAHN said:

capcom is stupid. they dont deserve my money anymore. they had the chance, but they denied it.



TheRegginator said:

I'm fine with my Mega Man Anniversary Collection I have for the PS2. Capcom would be better off porting that as well as the Mega Man X Collection.



DarkEdi said:

@22 Completly agree. It is next step to do this. I hope with the new ID account you can play all your Wii VC games on your 3DS and viceversa.



FloY said:

i tried playing mega man willys revenge on the gameboy....holy crap it's screw that.



WaveGhoul said:

I couldn't care less for Mega Man on the go, i want MM6 and MM7 on the Wii's VC where they belong. It's taking Capcom light years as usual.



tweet75 said:

it seems like capcom only sees megaman 1-4 as the most important games. 5 and 6 existed but they werent that enjoyable



WaxxyOne said:

These games would be automatic buys for me. They really need to get them out here in the states.



FonistofCruxis said:

Seeing as most of these are available on Wii VC and there's also the anniversary collection, I would much rather they focused on bringing the GB Mega man games to 3DS VC first.
@Late and @Shiryu I have a GC action replay which also has a freeloader on the same disc which allows you to play GC games from other regions and I plan on getting the anniversary collection and using that to play it at some point. I know a system update prevented Wii freeloaders from working but the action replay part of the GC action replay disc still works so I assume that the freeloader part of the disc would as well.

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