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Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete With Sony And Microsoft

Posted by Andy Green

Wii U “in an awkward place with its identity”

Wii U has a plethora of games for consumers to choose from on launch. There’s something for everyone – for the casual gamers there’s Nintendo Land and the like and for the more core gamers there are titles such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

However, according to one analyst Nintendo shouldn’t try too hard to break into the core gaming market - it should instead opt to do its own thing. In an interview with NowGamer, Jesse Divnich of EEDAR spoke of his worry that the Wii U is “in an awkward place with its identity”.

On one side of the coin, Nintendo has done an excellent job at messaging to the casual and mainstream audience. They've done enough to convince the mainstream that the Wii U is a worthy upgrade to the Wii. On the other side, Nintendo and the third-parties are still trying to pitch the Wii U as delivering a core experience.

Don't get me wrong, all the core launch titles play beautifully; however, the problem is that gamers don't want a core experience on the Wii U. There is already two systems that satisfy the core experience.

Divnich believes Nintendo should position the Wii U in the same way it did with the Wii rather than try to muscle in on the core gamer market that has been dominated by Sony and Microsoft for a number of years:

Nintendo has always operated at their own pace. It has worked well for them and I don't think the Wii U is a scenario where Nintendo was rushing to market. There will be issues, however, if Nintendo attempts to compete with Sony and Microsoft at their own game (again, delivering core experiences, superior online services, etc.

With several third-party titles on Wii U already, and with many more to come, it seems Nintendo has its heart set on capturing some core gamers with its new console. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo really can tempt the users of other consoles to invest in Wii U.

What do you think? Are Nintendo right to offer something for the core audience as well as the casual gamers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Discostew said:

Nintendo already has their foot in the house of casuals. That's why they'd like to get back into the house of the core audience.



Klunk23 said:

I think it's a good thing to open up there game options and try to have something for everybody.



Mk_II said:

core, schmore... what does it even mean? All companies try to market their wares to as many consumers as they can. So "hardcore" Sony is now pushing their WonderBooks for kiddies. Go figure



Hokori said:

Kinect is hardcore because it's on Xbox and MadWorld is kiddy because it's on wii



imagiNATIVE_AK said:

Well the Wii U is an odd man out when compared to the ps3 or 360 (just looking at its controller) but it doesn't mean nintendo can't have a share of the third-parties



sinalefa said:

Funny that the lack of "core" support was the main complaint that was leveled against the Wii, whether for low horsepower, poor online and lack of HD graphics, which prevented the majority of AAA third party titles from appearing.

"however, the problem is that gamers don't want a core experience on the Wii U." As most analysts, he is stating his opinion as if it was a fact. Unfortunately, not all gamers are rich enough to have two or more different consoles, so having Nintendo IPs and AAA third party titles is really the best of two worlds in the same place. So gamers don't like that?



Sjoerd said:

I just hope eShop will flourish on WiiU. I like my gaming in bitesizes apart from Nintendo's own IP's. The gamepad can do things no other console can. And by the time OUYA gets here, we may see some ports from there, knowing there's a touchpad on that wacko as well. If I really wanted 3rd party games, I would have bought a PS3 a long time ago.


It's all about image by the way. When people think of nintendo they think of kiddies. When they think of PS360, they think adrenaline and epicness. You can't have both worlds, Either a casual or a hardcore image. Nintendo thinks it can be bipolar. It can't.



Linkstrikesback said:

Hello there MR and/or Mrs analyst! I would like to proudly welcome you to 2006. Let me give you some advice: Buy nintendo stocks, by 2009 you'll make a killing.



Hokori said:

@Sjoerd Yes it can, they just need to get the so called Hardcore to come out from being scared to buy a Nintendo system for hardcore games



nocode said:

The Wii U will definitely grab "core" gamers once they see it's got "blast processing". See I can talk nonsense too!



naut said:

Core gamers like us don't need to be "convinced." Give us good games, and we will come. So on one hand, I agree with this guy, in that, Nintendo might continue to want to preach to the mainstream since the core gamers don't need to be preached to...On the other hand it almost sounds like he's saying that Nintendo should ditch the core audience entirely which is messed up on every level.



Emaan said:

Nintendo has always done their own thing. Forget competition, their relationship with Sony and Microsoft is for them to be a leader to follow.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Nintendo won't lose their own identity with the games they make, so i don't see any harm in getting more core games aditionally to that.
I just hope they sell well enough so the Wii U will arguably get the best version of these games. At least until the next MS and Sony consoles come out.



Gamesake said:

I see Analysts are still lumping Sony and Microsoft together like they're the same thing. It's Sony that needs to find an identity and stop copying their competitors.



SparkOfSpirit said:

@Sjoerd The NES and SNES say it can. If it could be done back then, it can be done now.

At this point it's up to the publishers whether they want to continue ignoring potential money.



Tsuchiya said:


Providing 720 arrives with a sensible price and they keep supporting Kinect and developing their own innovation, I can see it co existing with Wii U beautifully. Between Microsoft and Nintendo, you're pretty much covered in every aspect of gaming and it's comfy on the wallet. Sony bless 'em, have just lost the plot.



SanderEvers said:

Nintendo does what Nintendo does best, and that is amaze people with their awesome consoles and games. If they wanted, they could've made the WiiU more powerful than PCs of today. They didn't. Why? Because you don't want to pay 1500 euro's for a console.

The most expensive part of the WiiU is it's controller. Yes, it is. And I'm talking about technology here, not just the hardware.



SaKo said:

Sony & Microsoft: "Hehe, buy our consoles instead of Nintendo's! We're better and have dualquadjhbtcorefsa graphics!

Nintendo: "They both are great consoles and it is interesting to see how they will sell. We shouldn't really be competing as we are different consoles!"

Analyst: "Nintendo, stop competing with Sony and Microsoft!"

Oh, the irony



ajcismo said:

Core/casual is such bs and nothing more than industry-created buzzwords to make the gamers and non-gamers feel warm and fuzzy about their hobby.

After 15 years of the 3 companies going toe-to-toe, comparing what their consoles do and don't do shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.

We all know Nintendo is going to sacrifice horsepower to keep costs down, but will make up for it by doing something different with the interface/experience of their games.

Sony and MS will have comparable high-end specs, a price-tag to match, and probably use the same controllers they've been using since Clinton was still in office.

In the end, only one thing matters, and its not games. Its price. Look at the 3DS vs Vita in sales. The tech junkies and "experts" were predicting nothing but sunshine and roses for Sony when the Vita specs came out, and doom and gloom for Big N when the 3DS specs came out. Simply because the two don't compare. 3DS wound up being priced horribly and had a cruddy launch, Nintendo fixed it, and now its doing well. Sony stuck with its price-point on its Vita (and memory) and its simply not selling.

Sorry for the long rant, but these analyst articles have been saying the same thing for literally years. Meanwhile its us as consumers who really make the final call on the matter, not the pundits.



Tsuchiya said:

Nintendo and well, all home consoles really would be crazy to develop consoles with PC tech/power. When it comes to PC grunt, it's best to keep it as far away from home consoles as possible. They are different animals. PC tech and power is best left were it is, as a high end alternative choice rather than forced fed upon gamers. Console prices would become insane.



pntjr said:

@Azooooz Remember "Nintendo is what GenesISN'T?" They do need to care about competition so they don't fail completely.



rippedwhiteguy said:

Nintendo will do great for a year or 2 for the hardcare fans. But once ps4 and 720 launch, nintendo will be behindd again. The only way nintendo can really get a lot of the hardcore gamers is by releasing the AAA titles like zelda, metroid and smash bros. The more quality games that are out for the system the better satisfied the hardcore audience will be



rezyac said:

i really dont care i collect console and have every one, so i will be getting the wii u and if i buy a game i will get it for what ever console sells it the cheapest, nintendo fans keep saying to me "it about the game play not the graphics" there for they should also get the game on any console who sells it the cheapest. i am a big nintendo fan and have multiple nintendo console, i have an xbox360 and its the worst console iv ever played and i dont use it, its a down graded version of a ps3, no blue ray graphics and you have to pay for online pfff lol



rezyac said:

and i agree with above, if they remade game that are awesome and legendary game, (just look at the followings of old games)
zelda all of them
mario kart
smash bros
star fox flying one not the crap walking about one
double dragon i bet a new one of this would rock
street fighter old school sack the new crap
ghosts and goblins
finish shenmue, some one needs to
pit fall can be the new uncharted
bomber man online
shining force
i can go all day



Tsuchiya said:

A bad economy will not allow overpowered, overpriced tech. It's as simple as that. What you want and what Sony and Microsoft most probably want to make will just not happen. They will not risk it. Should Nintendo snag a major portion of the hardcore, they'll hold them for more than 2 years that's for sure.

Anyway, I'm bored now. Let's just wait to see what happens shall we?



SparkOfSpirit said:

I am very interested in what Sony does this time. They can't go all out with specs and Kinect like Microsoft, and they don't have the same high sellers or unique ideas of Nintendo. They really are the odd man out in this new generation.



DaveGX said:

I don't believe this analyist understands the real definition of Core games; Core basically means a game that makes use of a lot of features/functionality the console has to offer, and in this case Core games for Wii U mean games that can be played with both the GamePad and onscreen. Core can also mean pertaining to that system's most popular/best selling franchises. Without Core games a video game company has very little ambition to sell its console very well, especially to its target audiences. This guy has no legit arguement about what gamers want; Plenty of gamers will stand upin forums like this against people who think like that, and say "Don'tr tell me what I like and don'yt like.", which is how I am somewhat. I watch video previews and reviews so I can form my own opinion based on the information provided, but I don't always use every bit of it and I don't always agree or count on numbers.



AtomicToaster said:

All those words annoy me. It's like if films came out and they, "Oh this film markets to movie buffs, not for a regular audiences." There's movies that are for a certain niche, but that's just not the spin you'd put on it. That would be seen as a flaw in a piece of work if people outside of a certain niche couldn't also enjoy it. Especially with games you want to reach as broad an apeal as possible and I think that's all Nintendo is attempting to do with both 3ds and Wii u.



R-L-A-George said:

Well Nintendo will in about 20 years may be the last, playstation and xbox wouldn't really be core consoles. Barely gaming consoles.



moomoo said:

Part of why the Wii was able to succeed was because it wasn't directly competing with Microsoft and Sony. The experiences on the system were just so different than the others. If gamers wanted to get the best range of gaming in their lives, they had to own a Wii and a 360 or PS3, which is a big part of why it outsold those system by about 20 million units.

I have no qualms with the header statement. As for what the guy says in full, eeeehhhhhh. He doesn't totally get it, but I agree that by not directly competing, it'll allow it to find it's own stride.



gohanrage said:

I want to see Core Games on Wii U. Wii is the First Console I waited until its life was almost over to Purchase. I bought all Previous Nintendo Consoles at Launch or soon After. It would really suck to spend 395 CAD on the Black Wii U and then it be Loaded with Shovel ware Like the Original Wii. Skyward Sword was the Only game I wanted for Wii. My system came with Mario Kart Wii. I've been a Fan of Mario Kart Since the SNES.



gohanrage said:

The SNES is my favorite console.
I enjoyed More games for it then any system to date.
When I seen Sonic I wanted a Genesis but when I got Mortal Kombat II and Lion King for Sega and Friends had them for SNES the SNES versions were Superior. I wish I never bought Genesis. Sonic 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are the only games I liked

I had no second thoughts about Giving away my Genesis. My Mother tried to Give away my SNES but that wasn't happening. The People she promised my SNES were given the Genesis



gohanrage said:

so many Analyst's seem to be Anti Nintendo. I find that to be True with Micheal Pachter. I watch his series on another website. He barely has anything nice to say



Hoerig said:

While Microsoft and Sony struggle to get into casual audience Nintendo is trying to back into the core audience....huh



Phle said:

Core gamer? Casual gamer? So what is really the difference? Is it about how many hours you spend gaming everyday? I guess most people would say that Mario Kart is a casual game. Is it still casual if you have unlocked all the characters and gotten the best score possible on every cup? Or is it your age that decides if you're core or casual? You need to be at lest 15 to be a core gamer? And when you pass 45 you go back to being casual again?

Since when did Microsoft become anything?! I could buy a Vita or a PS3 but never a PC or an XBOX. Sorry. I want to see Microsoft sink to the bottom, not that I think it will happen, but if it ever does I'll be watching with sunglasses, snack and a nice comfy chair.



SuperMinusWorld said:

To be honest, I don't think Nintendo ever really lost their core. But to discourage them from appealing to the core and the casual is wrong. There are two types of core here: Nintendo fans and "hardcore" gamers. Last gen, Nintendo lost a lot of the latter and a bit of the former. To try to regain that while maintaining the casual is a smart strategy. Nintendo doesn't make games for any one group; they make games for everyone.



Malic said:

A casual gamer is someone who plays games to pass the time a core gamer is someone who plays games as their hobby. Doesn't matter what kind of games you play



triforcepower73 said:

Arguing about "hardcore" and "casual" is about as pointless as arguing about evolution and Christianity. Each side is going to defend their own beliefs and won't ever except the other side's evidence. And now to consult the new american oxford dictionary: hardcore; noun; the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement. Casual; adjective; not regular or permanent. So according to the dictionary there is no such thing as a hardcore or casual game. Only a hardcore or casual gamer.



player310 said:

I've been playing NintendoLand (solo and w/ friends) and the sessions seem so fresh and new to me, especially multiplayer (I've been playing since the NES). If Nintendo and third parties can provide those fresh experiences with the hardware and Gamepad, it's definitely going to succeed.



sc100 said:

Probably the best definition of "core" and "casual" I've ever heard. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with genre.



Slapshot said:

How many times did I say this in our Round Tables here? Nintendo doesn't need the hardcore gamers and Wii U doesn't need a high-end processor for it to be successful.

Nintendo's first party titles and the killer indie/third party titles that make creative use of its unique control interfaces alone make Wii U worth owning - not the fact that it can play Black Ops 2!



Pierceton said:

I feel like Nintendo need to take a step back from the third party and focus on making some core first party games like an awesome Metroid fps no offense to the prime series but I play a lot of fps games and I think that the keeping a centered ridicule is important give it a great online matchmaking and you have something Xbox has with halo and gears ( you wanna play this game you have to have a Xbox ) they do great things with Mario and Zelda games but they could alway make a 3d third person Kirby or dk like they do Mario and make a new Starfox Fzero Earthbound continue kid Icarus cause that game did amazing things on the 3ds and there's always room for new ips and make a deal with capcom to make a new megaman just for wii u maybe something like legends but in the the original or x world the make an online community for it that plays somewhat like gears okay sorry everyone done ranting!



Malic said:

@Pierceton Nintendo needs 3rd party support and no thank you on the make metroid more like halo please no that's way worse than castlevania turning into god of war



R-L-A-George said:

@Phle Not PC's, XBOX maybe but not PC's. PC's were never really considered competition anyway. You can make a PC to suit your needs, make it unique, unlike mac's which are all the same. Though XBOX itself can be applied to PC to make a better and powerful media computer, like The Big O already has. Also most would rather have a separate device for gaming because they use their PC is used for a lot other things. Like their job.



Pierceton said:

Okay I lied not done ranting lets be honest I love all of my consles I have a Wii Wii U Xbox and playsation 3 but Microsoft and Sony had to answer to Nintendo but developing motion controls for both of their consoles just like they are trying to with smartglass and vita/ps3 compatablity though Nintendo doesn't always have the best graphics they tend to kill in sales I mean I love Sega and they got killed but Nintendo in the 90s even though Sega was beyond their time so at the end of the day everyone that gets on the videogame race will always grow up hoping to be Nintendo.



Pierceton said:

@Malic I wasn't trying to make it more like halo I was just saying turn it into an awesome online fps ip that can only be played on wii u like halo is for xbox and a centered reticule would be a great thing for the wii u I don't think I would have liked the centered reticule on wii but I in no way think it would be a good idea to "turn it into halo" because in some ways halo 4 turned a little cod and I was not a fan of that! Just keep it very Metroid (grabbing somebody with a wip and slamming them on the ground as a beat down would be amazing) but gain the type of fan base halo has core gamers cause that is what Nintendo is after but I really don't care what they do I'm gonna play the crap outta the games they release for the wii u and most of them are gonna be first party games cause unlike other consoles the wii u doesn't really need games that come out for other consoles nintendo is at its best when developers just have to make something that just works for Nintendo not for 3 consoles.



Malic said:

Nooooooooo man metroid should stay a single player game experience I don't want no 6 hr campaign lol Nintendo just needs to come up with a new IP for all that no need to be messing with my metroid and keep it far away from team ninja



Pierceton said:

@Malic You know that Metroid prime 2 had a multiplayer... Also they could pull a bio shock and have one portion of Nintendo make the 85 hour campaign and another make the multiplayer the have enough people to make a million Mario spin offs a year they should have enough to pull off the best of both worlds not that I am against a new ip I just believe Metroid would do well in that spot but I was just putting it out there as an idea that will probably never happen just saying instead of new ips they could revamp some older ones into something that would work for what they are trying to achieve it worked for Kid Icarus



SomeBitTripFan said:

So offering both types of games is a bad thing? It means you don't need to buy another console to enjoy everything you want. I see that as a strong way to sell Wii Us. All games playable on one box.



Pierceton said:

@Malic lol that's awesome my friend and I were just talking about how cool it would be it if the made a spinoff of smash bros that was a fps



Malic said:

@Pierceton it could happen you never know I just don't want the focus to be on multiplayer that's not what metroid is about I grew up playing that game I don't want it getting any worse than what it already has



Malic said:

I think it would be cool team death match with link,Mario, samus, peach, browser, wario, donkey Kong and well you know the rest



Pierceton said:

@Malic yeah it would be really fun cause each character should bring something different to the table like smash bros



UnseatingKDawg said:

My opinion is that Nintendo doesn't even need to worry about competing. They can deliver core experiences and casual games because they usually excel at software. They have how many different first-party series available to them, while Microsoft and Sony lack in comparison. The 3rd-party support is just extra on the side and helps since players can get them for the same system.



Discostew said:

Just making a note. The title here says "Nintendo shouldn't compete with Sony and Microsoft". They've got it wrong. It's more like "Sony and Microsoft shouldn't compete with Nintendo".



DaveGX said:

Hmm....I'm reading some whacky conversing about making a Smash Bros spinoff an fps? Ok...Remind me again how that would be cool considering half the Nintendo franchise roster doesn't fit the gameplay style?

Also, I disagree about a console not needing processing power to sell because otherwise why would've Nintendo even bothered to finally tap into HD to begin with? Processing power is everything, whether it's a computer or consoles, which as of current gen, kinda already are computers as far as hardware goes; The processor will allow for a better experience in terms of audio and graphics, more functionality and controls for general gameplay, etc.

Lastly, Sony and Microsoft shouldn't compete with Nintendo? Seriously? Considering software is Microsoft's department and entertainment hardware is Sony's? You do realize both these companies are very successful at what they do best, right? Gaming really should be no exception to this rule whatsoever.



Malic said:

@DaveGX have a lil imagination man I never would have thought a fps and rpg would work but look at borderlands looking at Nintendo franchise its wacky to begin with I'm sure if Mario can play tennis fly around in a cape and raccoon outfit then he must be more than capable of running around shooting a gun or whatever lol



hiptanaka said:

I'm tired of all this talk about "core" games. Here, he even differentiates them from "mainstream". Mainstream to me is clearly Call of Duty and Halo, for example. And what is core? Are the Wii exclusive Punch Out!!, Sin & Punishment 2 and Fire Emblem core games? I certainly wouldn't call them casual or mainstream. Analyst talk doesn't make much sense other than from a purely financial perspective.



JJtheTexan said:

The analyst is essentially correct, but Nintendo doesn't have much of a choice since third-party developers are not showing much enthusiasm (yet). Their best bet, I think, is to aim for the middle ground; continue to cater to the casual / Nintendo fan base to the greatest extent possible, while lobbying third-party devs to bring as many of their AAA titles as possible to Wii U, with added GamePad features to make up for inferior graphics. Everybody wins!



Zombie_Barioth said:

I agree, Nintendo shouldn't try to compete with them, they need to do their own thing. Sony and MS can have do the ”core” games they're known for while Nintendo can do their own spin on ”core” games with things like Zombie U or the costumes in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Ignoring a whole portion of a consumer base is a bad idea, but so is becoming a third wheel. Instead of tagging along at their competition's heels Nintendo needs to attract consumers with their own brand of gaming, the ”Nintendo experience” or so to speak.



Schprocket said:

Can you say "Bollocks!" on this show?...

So a 'core' game like CoD on the Wii was a mass hallucination? whoaaaa....

I don't get this whole 'they shouldn't' attitude, what is the fear?
Failure? Competition?

I would wager that a reasonable percentage of 'core' gamers with a second console would have had a Wii as the number two platform.
In fact, aside from the trolls, most 'core console' owners only ever pay out on the other, and typically reserved a soft-spot for the Wii

If you can merge the experience of both platforms into one, why not?



luminalace said:

Honestly this kind of thing makes me mad!

Nintendo already march to the beat of their own drum and aren't satisfied competing with Sony & MS for the existing video game market. In fact they want way more than that! Nintendo want everybody who doesn't already play video games to join in and with their proven track record of innovation, seem to have a much better chance of doing that than the other two console manufacturers!

Might I add, I love Nintendo for their games and the only thing I want from them is to foster better relations with 3rd parties so in addition to their Top class software, we get as much games that are all the rage on competing consoles. While it's early days yet, Nintendo appear to be exactly that with the Wii U!



Phle said:

@R-L-A-George Um, sorry, I think you misunderstood my comment on Microsoft. I was ranting about my personal hate for the company, it's really irrelevant to this discussion. I understand that most people does not have this hate, and that's probably a good thing.



Phle said:

@Malic Does anyone really play games to pass time!? Other than on the buss and similar situations? How can you tell the difference between a person who plays assassins creed to pass time and one who plays it as a hobby?



LavaTwilight said:

These are people speaking who seem to have forgotten the console wars... they're only looking back to 2000 and seeing that the Gamecube fell sadly behind against the PS2 and XBox, and that the Wii refused to hold HD capabilities and so lost out on that 'core' audience. Nintendo are the masters of the Video Game Consoles, even if they're not always the number 1 sellers! They always have been! If they target the core audience and the third party developers offer their support then Nintendo will reclaim the throne as the console champions once more!



R-L-A-George said:

@Phle Well, I understood that. I know what they did to the guys who invented the browser, Netscape. So I've got a beef with them too. Also XBOX was a opportunity for greed for them, which doesn't make anything better.



Malic said:

@Phle Yeah people play games all the time just to pass the time that's your casuals my Mom during a football game will play plants vs zombies on her phone to pass the time because she don't wanna watch the game she don't go in her room to play ac3 if she did IMO she would be a core gamer . Nintendo wants more core gamers the people who play as a hobby because a core gamer has a way better chance of buying a video game than a non core gamer would



Malic said:

Its as simple as that a casual gamer plays a game just to pass the time a core gamer plays as their hobby . I will take the TV remote from you change it to play my Xbox or Wii then take the bateries out of the TV remote chuck them in the trash hand it back to you start playing my game give you a dirty look and say na what!



BrightShadows31 said:

someone already said this, but intendo is working to get to the hardcore gaing audience, ad sony and micrrosoft are working to get casual gamers. look which company has been the most successful with their console overall, and the games that they have with it.



Henmii said:

"Analyst Believes Nintendo Shouldn't Compete With Sony And Microsoft"

Analysts also believe that Nintendo should kneel for the almighty Apple, so we shouldn't take them that seriously!!

"They've done enough to convince the mainstream that the Wii U is a worthy upgrade to the Wii"

Did they? I expected hands-on events! Without those events I think the mainstream won't be convinced. They think it's just a inferior i-pad!

Update: I just saw that at least the UK will have some events! Very, VERY late, but at least they are coming!



Volmun said:

"gamers don't want a core experience on the Wii U" What is he high or completely oblivious to what Gamers want... everyone dames Nintendo from the Wii... -_- they had other concels BEFORE the Wii remember the GAME CUBE by chance? with games like RE0 and Ghiste (cant remember the right spelling) they were not casual / party games at all besides if companys want to relese a "Core" game on WiiU let them so what if its out on other games systems its up to the buyer/player to buy it on what ever they want and enjoy it on



MeloMan said:

Nintendo should draw the core, no, Nintendo should draw the casuals, wait Nintendo is in their own league according to Shiggy, but wait, they need to make sure not to compete with Sony and Microsoft, AHH phooey on it all! Just let Nintendo be who they are... we get our dependable Mario's and Zelda's, the every now and then 3rd party classics, and as of late a decent library of games to play overall. Sure some things could be better, but they could be a whole lot worse as well.



Ultranintendofanboy said:

Wii U is even worse than iCrap... wait not only wiiU but also wii and Im not a hater I have a wii and I can definetly say that gamecube was way superior to both wiiU and wii in many ways so yeah WiiU is iCrap.



Ultranintendofanboy said:

and by the way Core and Casual market are a ... concept in console marketing I play in consoles to enjoy every moment I have with it and have fun, gamiks only get in the way no one needs web browser or achivements or a web client on a console if the consumer can afford one console he also can afford a compute for those things... New graffics are also becoming less and less interesting. And what is the point in investing in a wiiU if you are going to spend like 60€ for every game you buy for it?
I kinda think that core gaming is an insult like it means that you are a nerd that plays in a console like there is no tommorow.
Casual market is just ... I mean just the way it sounds is horrible I dont even remember to listen in 2002 that gconcept until 2007 and I must say that it is totally pointless.

sorry about my english it is my non native language



Henmii said:

"If people start believing a Nintendo Wii U is an iCrap then Lord help us all..."

You know how the masses are!!

"Wii U is even worse than iCrap... wait not only wiiU but also wii and Im not a hater I have a wii and I can definetly say that gamecube was way superior to both wiiU and wii in many ways so yeah WiiU is iCrap"

Nothing is more crap then icrap!!!



Malic said:

@Ultranintendofanboy OK explain to me how the game cube is in any way shape or form better than the Wii u? Because I'm just having a little trouble understanding that concept at the moment



Dogpigfish said:

This is why I disagree, give me a console that does both hardcore and low key gaming so I don't have to buy multiple systems. Wii u succeeds. Sony and Microsoft need to create a casual experience, otherwise they will continue to market to teens and young adults. Android, Google, and Apple understand this. Nintendo is moving in this direction. Avatar graphics are expensive and like 3d tvs sell to a very small audience. Sony keeps this up, they will sit out this generation.

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