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Will LEGO City Undercover Have Multiplayer? Not Even Nintendo Seems to Know

Posted by Damien McFerran

Confusion reigns

For the longest time, we've been labouring under the belief that the forthcoming LEGO City Undercover will boast a two-player mode. Heck, we've even listed it as such on the game's profile page on this very site.

However, it would appear that the number of players that will be able to enjoy the game on a single Wii U console at any one time is still very much in the air.

As gaming site Coffee with Games reports, the whole "will it, won't it" saga has been raging since September, with the various conflicting reports coming from PR representatives clouding the issue.

Here's the sequence of email communications that Coffee with Games has had with Nintendo so far:

  • Friday, September 21, 2012 - "The game is 1 player. No co-op/multiplayer of any kind."
  • Monday, September 24, 2012 - "We are looking into this and will get back to you soon."
  • Monday, September 24, 2012 - "Please refer to the fact sheet that states that there are 1-2 players."
  • Thursday, September 27, 2012 - "We just double checked and I wanted to inform you that Lego City is in fact a 1-player game."

Just to make things even more confusing, Coffee with Games even spoke to someone who played a demo of the game at E3 which featured - you've guessed it - a two-player mode.

It sounds to us like the game was always supposed to have a two-player mode, but it has had to be removed to get it to market in time. Will you still be buying LEGO City Undercover even if it turns out to be a resolutely single-player experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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King_Boo said:

I want the game, but for the 3DS, I asked Nintendo about it and all they said was that I know as much as they do. Basically that it has a different story. I want to see both finished games before I make my mind up.



McHaggis said:

Perhaps they're confusing the Wii and 3DS version? I could see the 3DS version being a single player game.



Drobotic said:

Open world games like this tend to not have multiplayer.Maybe just online with friends?



LavaTwilight said:

I actually thought it was always just a one-player. Shows how much I pay attention. So in direct answer to your question, yes I'll still be buying it



rjejr said:

This wasn't very high on our list anyway, but single player takes it off the list completely. My son and I have been playing the open-ended 2-player "sandbox" part of Toy Story 3 (on the PS3, I think the Wii version got castrated) and a it's a lot of fun. Well hopefully Lego LotR will be multiplayer like every other Lego game.

FYI - apparently there is a new Lego Star Wars tv show which my wife said was really funny for those of you who may be interested.



BenAV said:

I really couldn't care... I'll be playing it in single player either way.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah single player all the way for me though I'm hoping to hear more details on the 3DS version. I'm hoping the 3DS version is open world like the Wii U version & if it is then its a definite day 1 buy for me.



Boo_Buster said:

@rjejr A family of nerds? Freaking amazingly awesome bro!!!! I'm quite jealous (nerd is a term of endearment in my world)



WesCash said:

As was said above, open world games don't really need a multiplayer component. The game looks fun though and hopefully it will be!



Void said:

Try asking TT games, because they did make it, so they would probably be able to give a confident answer.
I'm fairly sure it will be single player.



Candy811 said:

I remember playing with Lego's with my brother when I was younger Never thought I would play a Lego game though but it seems quite interesting. Might try it.



Grodus said:

Considering the demo had 2-player, I doubt the full game wouldn't. Plus, has there EVER been a single-player LEGO console game? Although, it would be sensible, considering no games use duel GamePads yet.



SMW said:

Every single LEGO game by TT has been 2 player. Even LEGO Batman 2 which is an open world game, its just not as big as LEGO City.

Considering this fact and the fact that City was 2 players at E3 is enough to convince me that its 2P. Drop in and out coop is what made the LEGO games fun. If City lacks full 2P coop then I'll refuse to buy it. LEGO games are no fun alone.

It'd make a whole lot more sense to ask TT, though. Nintendo is just publishing.



Jukilum said:

@Grodus There have been many, many, many console and PC single player LEGO games. Despite having sold millions of copies it seems that everyone has forgotten that they existed before TT Games started making them. There used to be a really good variety of genres covered as well. For example (not a definitive list, including the exclusion of handheld exclusive games):

-LEGO Island, released in 1997, for the PC was a fully 3D open world adventure game designed to help kids learn, but it would be an enormous stretch to call it an edutainment game. More specifically, the game was designed around research about childhood development. Turned out so good it ended up in the Smithsonian. This first LEGO video game was also the first to feature fully voiced dialog, not LEGO Batman 2 as many people claim.
-LEGO Creator, released in 1998, was a game in which you built things with virtual LEGO bricks, then pressed the play button to watch everything interact. It was okay for its time, but the interface was unintuitive at best if I remember correctly.
-LEGO Chess, released in 1998, was a game that taught the basics and many of the intricacies of Chess alongside a story mode, single match and multiplayer matches. Interestingly you could also have the computer play a match against itself.
-LEGO Loco, also released in 1998, was sort of a simple sandbox city building game with an emphasis on trains.
-LEGO Racers, released in 1999, was a kart racing game in which you could build your own vehicles from scratch out of LEGO bricks. Also the first LEGO game not exclusive to PC, also being available on Playstation, N64, and GBC.
-LEGO Rock Raiders, released in either 1999 or 2000 depending on where you lived, was an RTS game, also available on the PS.
-LEGO Creator Knights' Kingdom was released in 2000, a second entry in the Creator franchise of LEGO games.
-LEGOLAND, released in 2000, was a theme park management sim.
-LEGO Stunt Rally, released in 2000, was a top-down racing game, though this time around the customization was almost all about the tracks. It may have put off some people with its simple controls though, since you pretty much just needed to hold down the up key to go and lift your finger to slow down for the corners, the majority of the steering was handled for you.
-LEGO Creator: Harry Potter, released in 2001, was the third entry in the Creator franchise, and the very first LEGO game based around a licensed franchise.
-LEGO Alpha Team, released in 2001, was an action puzzle game where the objective was to indirectly guide the Mission Impossible style Alpha Team members by placing and moving gadgets and other objects in a way that will enable the agents to complete missions, usually involving opening the doors to get further into the evil Ogel's headquarters.
-LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, released in 2001, was the sequel to LEGO Island. It forsook pretty much all of the childhood development aspects of the first game while retaining most of the open world format. It also suffered from the worst load times I've ever seen in a video game, at least in the PC version. Apparently it was also available on PS and GCN.
-LEGO Racers 2, released in 2001, was an open world racing game which included side quests and improved vehicle creation over the first game and an engine that allowed for the cars to be destroyed brick by brick during races. It was available on PC and PS2.
-Lego Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, released in 2002 was the fourth and final game to receive the Creator branding. Also the second licensed game.
-Drome Racers, released in 2002, was another kart racing game. It was available for PC, PS2, GBA and GCN.
-LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts was released in 2002, and was the third LEGO Island game. Once again it featured a large open world, and it overcame almost every flaw of the second game. Available for PC, PS2, and GBA.
-Soccer Mania/Football Mania, released in 2002, was an arcade style soccer game with power-ups and the like. Available for PC, PS2 and GBA.
-BIONICLE: The Game, released in 2003, was a sub-par action adventure game. It was available for PC, Mac, PS2, GBA, GCN, and Xbox.

Then came LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game in 2005, marking TT's takeover of the LEGO license, whereas previous games were developed by a wide variety of different studios. This also marked the beginning of the all but abandonment of the use of original LEGO IP, with 2006's Bionicle Heroes, an over the shoulder 3rd person shooter that ran on the same engine as LEGO Star Wars, being a rare exception.

Sorry for the long rant-type comment, I'm very passionate about LEGO Products, and the videogames are no exception.



Araknie said:

Are we really talking about witch version?
There's no such statement in the quotes.



Banker-Style said:

Considering Lego Batman 2 had open world,and that had multi-player,so I should think this will.
Either way I still want it.



Varia01 said:

That would be a huge departure from most Lego games. I don't really mind that anyway, if Chase Mcain prefers to work alone and if I prefer to work alone, then I guess we could get along.

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