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Watch The Japanese Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Here

Posted by Damien McFerran

Not hosted by Tom Nook, sadly

Today, Nintendo Japan ran a special Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Direct, which you can watch using the video link below.

The video was devoted to the forthcoming 3DS release Animal Crossing: Jump Out.

The game is released in Japan on November 8th.

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Beta said:

I think this just is a piece of plain awesomeness! This game will revolutionize the franchise surely!



Marakuto said:

Today!? I KEEP FORGETTING THINGS ABOUT NINTENDO THIS WEEK! Oh well at least today I'm off my part time job...



Marakuto said:

Satoru Iwata looks like a real mayor, since I have his mii on my 3DS I'll use his character for this game!



6ch6ris6 said:

i was already totally hyped before this video, but now...oh man i am going nuts!!!



6ch6ris6 said:

i wonder why ikea hasnt already tried to make productplacement with this game.

i hope they never will^^



akabenjy said:

I'm downloading this title for sure. I'm so over changing my WW game cart over everytime I want to check on my town. I wish we have an Xmas release though:(



Geonjaha said:

I'll be holding all hope I have left for a January 1st Surprise EU/NA release. Please Nintendo?....please? D;



Rect_Pola said:

Graaasss :} Look at all the pretty grass. I wonder how long until it all dies under my feet.



Barbiegurl777 said:

This look's awesome! Can't wait til 1Q 2013 to buy it as a cartridge or download it. I'm gonna download this game for sure if it comes in the e-shop as a downloadable game besides retail. Yayy!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Will this be downloadable on eShop as well? I'm seriously considering it so ill always have it on my 3DS



Hokori said:

So did they send out a animal crossing StreetPass puzzle like they do every other game spacific ND?



U3N said:

@Moshugan I'm slightly reluctant to download it due to the 3DS not being account based, like something you could access online. Good thing it's planned to release in 2013.



Robo-goose said:

Wow, two minutes in and they've all ready shown a ton of new things (and some old things)! This is going to be awesome.



Fuzyknickknacks said:

This why I have a 3DS and I'm stoked soo much new stuff is getting introduced this time around! I agree with whichever above comment it was, this is going to be the best animal crossing EVAH!



Shworange said:

Looks cool. Hopefully someone has the time to put subtitles in English on the video.



SageWaterDragon said:

@AyeHaley To be fair, there was a tropical island in the GameCube version. However, it was only accessible by plugging your GBA into your CameCube and visiting the docks at the beach. If you did get there, there was an absurdly simple way to earn maybe 30,000 Bells a hour. That is just ridiculous.



GuardianKing said:

Hear that?

That sound you just heard. That was @James, secretly enjoying his exclusive already translated copy of Animal Crossing in NoE's secret party room.



Mowzle said:

That is just so gorgeous, and all the new things to do. Sigh.... can't wait.
Wild World didn't have disappearing grass - at least I never experienced it. I do hope it doesn't happen in this game.
Oh, by the way Nintendo - pleease, pleease, make sure the Tatami Mat and Shoji Screen are in the EU release this time. I HATED getting a Dungeon wall and floor instead.



Emaan said:

This looks to be the best in the series since the original! So excited for this. Interesting K.K. Slider part they threw in there, with the Club 444? Seems pretty groovtastic. I also like them bringing back the island. This game's going to be so amazing, I'm hoping for an early 2013 release.



Moshugan said:

@MrWalkieTalkie #16
I watched the whole thing now. Iwata actually confirmed that it will also be available in eShop. Looking so great! A perfect portable game.



k8sMum said:

is that a coffin for sale in the store??? check at 5:45 in the video...curiouser and curiouser.



Candy811 said:

WOW they added a lot new content!! This is going to be so awesome!!! Cannot wait any longer!!! If the video was in english I would have understood some stuff that was going on in the video there but who cares! I want so badly!!



Burning_Spear said:

Each video adds a ton of new features. It's almost ridiuclous how much deeper this is than CF or WW.

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