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Watch Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's Newest Trailer Right Here

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Two hunters are better than one

Capcom is kicking off New York Comic-Con with a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which is set to release sometime in March 2013.

While the trailer mostly focuses on the Wii U version and its online co-op, there are a few glimpses into the 3DS version, and the ability to play locally alongside the Wii U version and other 3DS'.

What version do you plan on buying?

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47drift said:

Monster Hunter is the only franchise that can get me to buy two of the exact same game at the exact same time.



cammy said:

I bought my 3DS on the expectation of Monster Hunter... so I want this. No plans for a Wii U yet myself so it's really an easy question.



Sjoerd said:

WiiU version is an instabuy!!
Some friends are getting a WiiU especially for this game.

Cloaked in awesomeness :3



JayArr said:

I will be online day one and minute one hunting butt naked with my bone hammer.



Jamouse said:

Can people actually play like the characters in the trailer, because whenever i play MH I just sort of run, and die, and then run some more, and then die some more...



Rerun said:

@Jamouse YES. I played like you did for a while and then found my groove with the Lance. You just need to find the right weapon for you.

I'm Pre-ordering both! I hope the Monster Honter franchise keeps on going stateside.



BerendJan said:

I'm drooling all over my PC here... The urge to buy a 3DS version and a WiiU version of a game a already own (and did not play alot) on the Wii is verry big.

The best of MH3 on my Wii was the start when everybody is looking at you (like you are a real ) in the intro and then the camera pans out and you are standing there in your underware... I laught so hard... great game hope they fix the map transisions and the voice communication system...



Nardar said:

I'm getting both versions just got to come up with the Hardware. I so want to play the 3DS version on the XL.



Banker-Style said:

Wii U version will be the best,cause it's online,and looks more awesome.

It would be even more awesome if it includes off TV Play.



erv said:

WiiU version. Will buy and will buy it on day 1. With all the extra's provided. And send them extra cash. Ok maybe not, but still...



zionich said:

Excuse me while i change my pants .....

Cross platform, me likes. Ill be buying both for sure.



DAaaMan64 said:

So I can play the same character on the 3ds and WiiU version? Leveling/progressing on both?



Megumi said:

This franchise better start doing well over here now...I'm hoping 4 will make it here, so you people better show that you want 4 as well by getting this game.

EDIT: Oh yeah, in case no one hasn't yet. If your internet can handle it, make sure you watch the video in HD.



redclow said:

I'm getting both versions, so I can experience ULTIMATE gameplay! (See what I did thar?)



Otto-Soq said:

I wish i like MH. I am too freekin slow to play this type of games...grrr....back to my turn-based stuff for now........



Windy said:

We cannot get this one fast enough! we need RPG's! Please.....Pretty please......With Cherries on top.



koops330 said:

Although I want this game I can't justify it seeming how much I played Tri, but as long as I can get MH4 for 3DS I will be happy



LittleKing said:

@Jamouse After playing Freedom, Freedom Unite, Tri and Portable 3rd, yes. At first, I sucked and it took me forever to kill anything (45 minutes for village Rathalos in Tri, lol) but I'm pretty good now. I used to use SnS and wasn't very good with it, but when I started to try different weapons I became much better. Now I use Dual Swords, Long Swords, Lances and Light Bowguns mostly, with a few Bow runs now and then. Average completion time for High Rank guild quest solos in Portable 3rd is ~17 minutes.

Recently played through Tri again since the servers won't be available soon, and my first village Royal Ludroth of the playthrough with a rank appropriate weapon took me something like 7 minutes. Most village monsters took me less than 15 minutes to kill easy, including Gobul, and I got the first Lagiacrus you ever see (in the guts quest where they tell you to run for your life) limping using some crappy Bone line lance; only reason I didn't kill him was because you can't kill him in that quest, as his HP stops decreasing just above capture HP. Contrast that to when I first played the game and it took me a half hour to forty minutes to kill anything, and Gigginox constantly whooped my sorry butt.



LittleKing said:

@Mandoble It's because it is essentially a "port" of the 3DS version. They took MH3G, named it "Ultimate" for localization, then made a Wii U version from that. Also, the ground textures are the worst part imo.



Sir_Deadly said:

Soo quick question, Why do the graphics on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3Ds look alot better than Monster Hunter 4 on the 3ds? I know its in the process of development but Ultimate runs at High Def (for handheld games) and MH4 looks a bit downgraded compared to this!



Zombie_Barioth said:

The only series that can both convince me to get a Wii U earlier than I was planning to and still get the 3DS version as planned.

@Jamouse I just takes practice, everyone has been in your shoes before. Once you get good it carries over to other games as well, after a while dealing with giant monsters starts to become second nature and you get used to blocking/evading.



LittleKing said:

@Assassin87 Didn't really notice. One reason is that MH4 is still in development. Also, MH3 splits maps into tiny areas separated by loading lines whilst MH4 has little separation. Maybe that has something to do with it?



CanisWolfred said:

I musta missed the localization announcement. Anyways, I'm definitely psyched. Might get the 3DS version while I wait to be able to afford the Wii U.



GameLord08 said:

@Mettable_King: Actually, I've heard it more often that it's essentially a remake of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, which was then ported to the 3DS. Apart from that, I have no idea what you're both seeing unless you're playing it in anything under HD quality.



antipop621 said:

My bloody Wii stopped reading discs after logging 40 hours of play on the original MH3.



bonesy91 said:

still not really an HD monster hunter. Seems like re skin of Wii version... so I may pass on this and wait for 4...



Windy said:

After finding out the 3DS version will have no online play looks like I will pass on this. Oh Boy you can connect the 3DS version to wii-U now that will come in handy *****Rolls Eyes**

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