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Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Dishonored

Posted by Ray Willmott

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Wii U owners will know what it means to be an assassin after Ubisoft introduces us to Connor in Assassin’s Creed III later this year. However, while this native American is more adept with Tomahawks and muskets, Arkane Studios has other plans. Doing his work in a Steampunk inspired Victorian London, this particular assassin wears a mask and dual wields weapons for added protection.

Currently earning rave reviews for its bold narrative and unique set pieces, Dishonored seems to be doing just fine for itself. Yet, we think it could be doing better, and want to share our reasons and explain why Dishonored definitely needs Wii U.

Last time we talked about the importance of an established, world-renowned IP and its place on Wii U with Resident Evil 6. However, for Nintendo to truly establish Wii U as a console for the long-term, it needs to be open to exciting ideas that are just getting their start. Dishonored is a perfect fit.

Here are a few reasons why Arkane Studio’s latest — published by Bethesda — would reap the benefits of the youngest member in the Nintendo family.

Benefits of Stealth

Dishonored is a game that offers various styles of play, and one of its core components is stealth. While there’s nothing wrong with the way this is represented on other formats, Wii U could potentially take things a little further. When cloaked in shadow, it’s not always easy to tell when a player is in the enemy’s line of sight; the levels of cover in Dishonored can be misleading. With the Wii U GamePad in hand, a level of shading could be represented on an area of the pad. If an enemy knows the player is there, the shading would be non-existent and the area completely white, whereas if the player is completely camouflaged, the area would be shrouded in darkness. The gamepad could even offer an Assassin’s Creed/Eagle Vision-style mechanic where the hidden player can see the silhouettes of their would-be attackers, helping them plan their next moves. It’s a small, simple addition, but one that could make use of the extra screen rather than cluttering up the TV. It would also offer further strategic benefits to the game.

Game Management

Naturally, the game’s objectives, notes, powers, bone charms and inventory would be readily available via the GamePad. One of the clunkiest elements in any game is how the inventory takes up the whole screen, interrupting the experience. While it can create tactical and considered advantages, with Wii U the extra screen will make Dishonored all the more natural, free-flowing and dynamic. The GamePad would become a one-stop shop for players to read the game’s notes, books and listen to the audiographs while playing; this would also make it easier to spend points, re-adjust bone-charms on the fly and adjust powers and equipped weapons/ammunition. Also, with the map available, a simple finger press could help set up markers, a welcome and appropriate fit in getting around the vast open spaces of Dunwall.

Hunting for Bone Charms and Runes

In Dishonored, players will find Bone Charms and Runes scattered throughout the world. These are uncovered by using a beating heart from the inventory, as the vibration of the pad is used creatively to show a player’s proximity to the item. However, the markers sometimes make it difficult to work out where the items are. With the Wii U GamePad players could not only use the heart’s vibration to work out where rune or charms are located, but they could also point the pad at the screen to ‘see through walls’ and even look around to see if an item is above or below them. This would help give a clearer picture of where it is on the map. Also, a player could use Miiverse to help set notes for friends and others around the world, offering clues as to how to get the rune/bone charms.


The main character, Corvo, dual wields weapons in Dishonored. In his left hand he usually carries a crossbow or gun, but in his right he has a sword. Even though Corvo likes to strike from the shadows, sometimes he will have to go face to face with his enemies. While the action of a gun is easily replicated with the tap of a shoulder button, the freedom of a sword is never truly realised. With the Wii U Gamepad, players can swipe and slash the screen (think Fruit Ninja) to help give a new-found freedom to their attacks, which could make sword-fights a lot more intense and real. Also, when in a stalemate, it will make the opportunity for counter-attacks a lot easier and more refined.

Assassination Targets

Finally, further advantages of Miiverse will create an in-house social networking hub for players to discuss the ways they’ve approached tackling a target. Dishonored is very unique in that it allows players various ways to meet their objectives; sometimes, players can completely change the dynamic of the main storyline by performing optional quests. This allows players to share ‘their stories’, perhaps even produce brag-clips of a kill which they can upload and share with their friends, or a screenshot of a particularly bizarre act that defined their personal journey. The opportunities to make cool content with Miiverse are endless.

Potential Wii U Functionality 8/10

Dishonored is a game that definitely needs to happen on Wii U. Not only is this a sure-fire Game of the Year winner, its arrival would benefit both format and franchise in equal measure. The potential of Miiverse in this game alone presents some amazing possibilities, but with the use of a second screen to support the action Dishonored can be more dynamic than ever.

Whether all of these ideas would work would be down to the skill of the developers and other practicalities, but Dishonored would still be an important and essential part of the Wii U library. This is going to happen, right Bethesda?

Are there any other potential features for this game that you think we've missed? Any games you want to see on Wii U that haven’t been announced yet? Have your say below.

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a_binfahad said:

I played it at friend's house, the menu and item switch could use the WiiU game pad, and the game is Breathtakingly awesome, it's one of the best FPS's i've ever played



Windy said:

How do Wii-U owners know how to be an Assassin already? We never got an Assassins Creed game before. Maybe Wii owners are already assassins



Haywired said:

These articles are making me worried about the Wii U now. So much forced, contrived gimmicky-ness and wackiness... It's as if we've learnt nothing from the early days of the DS and Wii...



Unit_DTH said:

I agree with this article. I'm playing it on my 360 right now and would love to have the menus easier to access.



Yogsoggoth said:

Played this for about an hour on the Xbox 360 and thought to myself, "what a shock, another first person shooter for the Xbox." The stealth aspect, which many people are talking about, was done much better in the Thief series.

I really hope that the WiiU doesn't end up being another "FPS of the Week" console like the Xbox.



GameLord08 said:

I like the prospects of Dishonored on the Wii U in this feature much better than the last RE:6 article; it seems more natural, and less gimmicky. Although, I find the touchscreen sword controls mentioned to be very... out of context, and I believe the whole inventory convenience to be overplayed - the GamePad deserves much more innovation than the obvious. I do love the integration of Miiverse in minor ways though, it really outlines the potential for it as a true gamers' network. A Dishonored sequel on the Wii U would definitely be a welcome possibility, I'd just like to see more proficient utilisation of the GamePad expanding on this.



Hokori said:

Meh this game I could take or leave it, but that RE6 one....YES!!



Windy said:

@ThomasBW84 Haha Thomas I was messin with you guys and really didnt give a hoot. But I love your website you guys do a great job!



RayWillmott said:

My fault on the intro. Sorry

I understand what some of you are saying about the combat. That was a real hit/miss feature, but I do feel touch offers more freedom than an analog ever will. That's a core feature of the Wii U gamepad that seperates it from any other home console. At least, at this moment in time. The concept may seem gimmicky, but similar mechanics control most mobile games these days.

Thanks for reading and contributing. Looking forward to reading more of your comments. Have a real surprise in store for the next one. Stay tuned to nintendolife



armoredghor said:

The game never looked that impressive. seemed more special ability based rather than any real skill



sinalefa said:

With Wiimote Plus support, using a touchscreen to simulate slashes feels kinda backwards. I am really eager to see how Nintendo will handle the Wii U Zelda game.

I will check the reviews for this game, since I am not huge into FPS games.



Sjoerd said:

I agree with @Haywired that developers should watch out with what they're doing with the gamepad, I don't want to be forced to do things that are plain easy with buttons. Demolishing great games by adding Fruit Ninja?! BAD!!
This is an FPS, so the moment your thmbs leave the conrol sticks you can either not move or not change de camera direction.
But why do you think that gamepad can only be on your lap? You can't move your arms up?
Checking your gamepad can be as easy as checking your DS screen..



Varia01 said:

Though Dishonored is rated M (Mom says no) or (Me no play Mature Games) but that sounds neat, what you said about combat, I'm hoping Retro Studios does that does for their future Zelda Game.



TysonOfTime said:

"The concept may seem gimmicky, but similar mechanics control most mobile games these days."
Think about what you just said and why you think it's a good idea. Then realise that you are wrong and change your mind.

By the way, Dishonored in no way needs Wii U, it's the other way around. Frankly I find the title of this feature somewhat insulting to a game so wonderful on traditional consoles. You got away with RE6 because it's a mixed bag that Wii U doesn't need.
Bah, I dunno. Just rubs me the wrong way.



doctor_doak said:

I like your enthusiasm, but Harvey Smith has basically said it isn't going to happen. He said something along the lines that they're not really interested in input devices (i.e. the wii u gamepad), that they spend a lot of time iterating on in-game systems and I don't think they can be bothered committing development time to maximising the gamepad's functionality..

He also said something vague like "We know our audience on the Xbox 360 and PS3"...which gave me the impression that they're not convinced there'd be enough Wii U owners interested in the title.

It's an amazing game, but unless there's a Dark Souls style petition to get the game on Wii U, I can't see it happening. Despite the fact I don't think it would be awfully hard to simply map the UI to the gamepad, so that you could select powers and such on the fly and read notes while keeping the game running on the screen.



TheRegginator said:

Bethesda actually got the PC version of this game right. It's very optimized and not dumbed down like the PC version of Skyrim. The PC version of this game is the definitive version.



moomoo said:

Considering how perfectly functional the game is on consoles, I don't see the added benefits too much. Plus, I don't exactly see large amounts of people wanting this game on Wii U; most of the people that want it already have it or plan on getting it on 360, PS3 or PC.



ThomasBW84 said:

In terms of the feature title, please bear in mind that Ray says the game's doing fine as it is. The focus is on how Wii U can potentially, through capabilites that are unique at this stage, enhance games. Not all suggestions will work for everyone, but it's to raise possibilities.

Wii U will have a period where it gives developers new control options and tools to work with, and I think that's what Ray is looking at.



WaveGhoul said:

Agreed. With the amazing potential as demonstrated in Skyward sword and
'Sword Play'/Wii Sports resort in regards to sword control with the wii remote plus/nunchuck, why in the hell would i want to take an enormous step backwards and be forced to use touch screen sword swipes via the gamepad and analog aiming controls? Using the gamepad for ANY FPS seems like a giant step backwards....In favor of gimmicky touch screen elements. while completely ditching the feeling of naturaly aiming a gun or using a sword 1:1 with the wii remote plus.



doctor_doak said:

That's fair enough, but I think the games being developed from the ground up with Wii U gamepad functionality at the core, are obviously going to be the games that do it best (e.g. The Wonderful 101 looking really good)

I think when you try to shoehorn gamepad functionality into a game not designed for its use, you run the risk of altering the gameplay experience for the worse by interfering with the game design.

On an unrelated note, has anyone seen the indie game 'Spy Party'??? It's an asymmetrical multiplayer game currently in development for PC that might be coming to the Wii U. It looks fantastic and it would be fascinating to see how the developer could utilize the gamepad..



RayWillmott said:

While the idea of using Motion Plus for swordplay is a great one (and an excellent example of how different Wii U will be compared to the rest of the market), using two controllers for a game like Dishonored would be suicidal for the system. This level of interaction would work perfectly on other games, but considering other consoles can play Dishonored with one controller interface, it would seem both alien and inappropriate to do that here. That's why I went with touch-screen. I totally recognize that not everyone wants that, though.

Anyway, that's me done. Please continue



Slapshot said:

I think the title should instead read: The Game that Wii U Needs - Dishonored



accc said:

I'd rather not see the Wii U overrun with these boring, dreary, colorless dime-a-dozen FPS games that only appeal to 12-year-olds.



WaveGhoul said:

Stop making so much sense!
Yet if Aliens supports Wii remote pointer controls i may in fact take a looky'



TysonOfTime said:

I'll have you know thjs game has one of the best atmospheres in a game EVER. This isn't one of those CoD tangents flooding the industry. This is like the new Bioshock.



Hokori said:

@The_Fox Based on screen shots its not too hard to figure out, you can indeed learn a lot just based on looks



WaveGhoul said:

Well that's a suprise.
Considering the onslaught of FPS unoriginality that's been reaking up the industry year after year aside from the BioShock series. But ya, BioShock Inifinite is definitly one FPS i'm hoping makes it onto the Wii U. In the mean time, I'm gonna blast down to YouTube and check out some gameplay footage and screens of Dishonered, just to get a tiny little glimpse of what everybody is raving about.



Hokori said:

@The_Fox different opinions then, because that's why I buy Nintendo stuff, all these COD and Bethesda stuff look way too weird for my tastes



Hokori said:

@TysonQ7 Well not weird the way most of you would probably put it, but growing up a certain way (colorful graphics, animal like characters that talk, creatures that arnt based on real life, basicly anything anime/Disney related) is normal for me... Everything else is just "weird" tingle = normal for me



TysonOfTime said:

So what you're saying is that things that tend to stick to the realistic side are weird to you? Well, ok. Doesn't exactly render you able to base critical thoughts on screenshots now does it?

Anyways, I hope they just port the game, I don't nees forced gimmicks. Just give me the exact same, and wonderful, experience on other consoles thxkbye.



Hokori said:

@TysonQ7 Yeah, but the same can be said when it comes to people not wanting to play the "weird" Japanese games, which I think are more realistic for a video game then these ones



doctor_doak said:

Dishonored is pretty much the 'exact' opposite of what you said. It's not really an fps either. You wield a gun in one hand and a sword in the other, but you also have a whole bunch of magical powers. You can complete the game without killing a single enemy. It has large open levels, and the world changes depending on your actions. You have multiple ways of completing objectives. It's at the opposite end of the spectrum from a Call of Duty game.



WaveGhoul said:

Just watched about 15 minutes of gameplay footage. Definitly looks slightly in tune with Bioshock yet in a completey different way and it's got it's own
distinct atmosphere going on. i love the surreal look of those trees during the outside portion of the beginning of the game not to mention the water controlled elevator. BUT, i can't bare another FPS with those bloody
clunky analog controls. Plus, Analog controls make Weapon/hand movements look absolutely artifical, dated, unrealistic, clunky and robotic, as seen here...Metroid Prime 3 aside from superior 1:1 pointer controls gives the game NextGen 'realistic' 1:1 fluid Arm cannon animations that can't be done with analog. It's hilarious how these Big HD powerhouse titles can't back up their terrible weapon animations, but that's the limmitations of analog-aiming.

Again. If pointer controls were to be included i'd definitly be in. But this time around they would be tricky to implement considering you're wielding a gun and a sword at the same time.



RancidVomit86 said:

All these FPS hatred comments are stupid really. I could do this with any game.
Mario - 'oh another platformer, so I wont play it'
Forza - 'oh another racer, so I wont play it'
Zelda - 'oh another action adventure game, so I wont play it'
Xenogears - 'oh another RPG, so I wont play it'

How some of you people base your opinions on games is unreal.



WaveGhoul said:

Dishonered - 'Oh, another FPS with those ancient, unimmersive, awful, robotic, stiff, graphically unimpressive, unrealistic, clunky Dual Analog controls, won't play it'



RancidVomit86 said:

And this is why you miss so many good games. But if you prefer to be blind gamer then that's fine



theblackdragon said:

Come on now, let's not make it personal here — we can't force everyone to eat their broccoli along with their dessert, after all. People will play what they like, and that's fine :3



WaveGhoul said:

lol. Thanks Rancid. I love you too sweetie poo.
But nah, I'm over dual analog, i couldn't care less if i'm missing out on these so called good games....Because i just don't find the control scheme enjoyable anymore, just my opinion and many others. Why should i have to put up with some lousy(just my opinion) control scheme when Metroid Prime 3 completely blew it out o fthe gates with those phenomenal pointer controls? It breathed life into a genre that i couldn't even stand in the first place. Going back to those clunky sticks would be a complete snore.
I'm not missing out on anything if it's using such a dated control scheme....Hell, I grew tired of BioShock for the exact same reason and I couldn't even get into BioShock 2.

Thanks for the swift jab though, You got poor little Wavey dripping tears in his Witch Kettle. Will be a fine brew indeed.



coreyerb said:

Next needs to be Hitman: Absolution. Not likely, but in that game you have to pause to get a disguise or weapon, look at your map, etc. and that'd be so much more realistic if done with the gamepad. Plus the sniping possibilities - raise the gamepad and it becomes your scope.

Really don't want to miss that game and it seems like Wii U could add a lot of features.



Zok said:

edited Do a search for "Dishonored Wii U", and you'll see that this won't be happening.



diim said:

Any game with weapons and equipment as large as Dishonoured would benefit from the WiiU. I love what they did with Zombie U. It just seems natural on the game pad when selecting things. It doesn't have to be fancy in anyway, just convenient for the gamer. Boarder Lands is another good example, Splinter Cell, BioShock....

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