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Take An Ambient Musical Trip Through 8-bit History With NEScapism

Posted by Damien McFerran

Zelda and Castlevania, trance-style

Electronic recording artist The Electric Witch (real name Zac Bentz) has created a fitting aural tribute to the NES era in the form of NEScapism, a mini-album which spurns the traditional chiptune format and instead re-imagines classic 8-bit tunes as swirling ambient soundscapes.

To quote the composer:

NEScapism is a love-letter to the video games I grew up with. The games whose music meant just as much to me, if not more, as the escapism they provided my isolated imagination. These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen. Letting them loop and spiral outward. I've tried to capture that feeling on this album, adding my own inner echos.

The full album is just one dollar, and you can sample the tracks beforehand. It's a highly recommended download for anyone with a fondness for the music of the NES era.


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Nintex said:

nice, this is some excellent tunage. sucks it's on 5 tracks though... I want more!!



UpstateHyrule said:

The Wicked Child is absolutely mesmerizing. I am brought back to my childhood and rainy days spent indoors playing NES for hours.

Here's hoping for Vol. 2!



Nintex said:

Thanks Damien, for letting us know all about the pure awesomeness that is in this mini album. I just bought it and my life is now complete.



NImH said:

They're classified as "interpolations" legally (at least, that's true for us here in California.) Back in the late 90's, my friends and I were producing sample-heavy underground hip hop. If we wanted to sample anything longer than 7 seconds, we'd have to reproduce it on our own... that way it could be classified as an interpolation of the original song, not a sample of the original. The Electric Witch songs here sound like interpolations, not samples of the original source material.
...They're just my thing. Thanks for the heads up Damien!

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