Rayman Legends is one of Wii U's biggest launch day titles, an exclusive with gorgeous visuals, platforming goodness and clever use of the GamePad for multiplayer. One concern, however, is whether this title will serve solo players well, as all of the focus and attention has been on co-op; there's even been worrying talk, based on a quote from Ubisoft, that a lot of single-player gameplay would be in control of Murphy on the touch screen.

While controlling Murphy to move platforms, tickle enemies or cut ropes is fun with another player, the thought of doing that while an AI controlled Rayman does all of the platforming isn't necessarily that appealing. Thankfully, Nintendo Power has published an extensive preview of the title and clarified that the majority of the single player game is taken up by controlling Rayman or other similar characters on the big screen. There are occasional moments of switching to Murphy on the touch screen, with AI taking over the on-screen character, but these are said to be temporary.

Nintendo Power also confirmed that there are five themed worlds and that you can choose any one at the start of the game, so all abilities are available right from the off. The worlds seen by the magazine included an Olympus world, a level that involved running from hordes of shadow creatures; Magic Beanstalk world, with plenty of vines and a music level called "Orchestral Chaos; finally there was an Underwater world, with the task of sneaking into a secret base — James Bond style — and evading security systems with stealth and skill.

One slightly disappointing reveal is that there are no flying mosquito levels, but with between 8-10 music levels set to appear in the final game it'd appear that these are included instead.

With all of those updates and little pieces of info, are you more excited for Rayman Legends?

[via gonintendo.com]