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Single Players in Rayman Legends Will be Platforming, Most of the Time

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Temporary switches to GamePad screen with AI support

Rayman Legends is one of Wii U's biggest launch day titles, an exclusive with gorgeous visuals, platforming goodness and clever use of the GamePad for multiplayer. One concern, however, is whether this title will serve solo players well, as all of the focus and attention has been on co-op; there's even been worrying talk, based on a quote from Ubisoft, that a lot of single-player gameplay would be in control of Murphy on the touch screen.

While controlling Murphy to move platforms, tickle enemies or cut ropes is fun with another player, the thought of doing that while an AI controlled Rayman does all of the platforming isn't necessarily that appealing. Thankfully, Nintendo Power has published an extensive preview of the title and clarified that the majority of the single player game is taken up by controlling Rayman or other similar characters on the big screen. There are occasional moments of switching to Murphy on the touch screen, with AI taking over the on-screen character, but these are said to be temporary.

Nintendo Power also confirmed that there are five themed worlds and that you can choose any one at the start of the game, so all abilities are available right from the off. The worlds seen by the magazine included an Olympus world, a level that involved running from hordes of shadow creatures; Magic Beanstalk world, with plenty of vines and a music level called "Orchestral Chaos; finally there was an Underwater world, with the task of sneaking into a secret base — James Bond style — and evading security systems with stealth and skill.

One slightly disappointing reveal is that there are no flying mosquito levels, but with between 8-10 music levels set to appear in the final game it'd appear that these are included instead.

With all of those updates and little pieces of info, are you more excited for Rayman Legends?


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BenAV said:

I might end up getting the game, but I'm not too excited for it because I found Origins to be good but not great.
Origins got very cheap, very quickly which lead to me buying it... so I'm hoping it'll be the same game with this, therefore I'll be waiting a while after launch.



Xilef said:

Wasn't a huge fan or Origins either. Liked it enough to pick up the sequel sometime though. The fact that the mosquito levels are gone is making this game more promesing for me since i didn't like them.



rjejr said:

We all hated the mosquito levels so glad they're gone. We also never played Origins single player, always 2 or 3, so this doesn't really concern us I guess.



Megumi said:

I kinda figured the music levels would replace the chest levels, but whatever. xD
I wonder if the chests are still back anyway.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Why all the down talk on Rayman Origins? That game was my bread & butter right there. And it would've been my game of the year if it weren't for Skyward Sword & Portal 2



Megumi said:

They're just down-talking the Moskito levels...not the game, lol.
I loved the game in general, Moskito levels were fun...but the chest levels were awesome.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I loved the whole game in general! Well I guess they could of been a little more clear on the story...



Banker-Style said:

I'm kinda glad to see the Moskito levels going,as I weren't really that keen on them.
But I did really enjoyed the Chest chases,as they were fun,and quick levels.

Nevertheless best Wii U game out on launch,.



URAlsr said:

Rayman origins was a decent game to me, but it dropped to $20 at certain retailers the month it was released. There's no way I'm buying this at launch. Ill wait.



Grodus said:

Doesn't explain much. Many of the demos were multiplayer-dependent. Do you have to switch out onto Murphy like 20 times in those levels? Wasn't a big fan of Origins anyway, and got it way after release for $20.



MagicEmperor said:

Haters gonna hate! Origins was amazing, and I'll gladly get Legends. I will agree, though, that the mosquito levels were probably the weakest thing about Origins, so I won't miss them terribly.



Bluewind098 said:

Shame to see Origins not that popular here. As for me I love it easily the best 2D plat former in my eyes. I was going to get Legends anyway regardless of on how much Murfy's involvement is. Definitely getting this with Pikmin and Bayonetta considering I probably can't get it till next year.



Megumi said:

I think you people are over exaggerating a little on the Moskito levels...they weren't that bad. >.>



Bluewind098 said:

@Erica_Hartmann I love the game but the Moskito levels i don't know they weren't that fun compared to the rest of the game. But hey at least the rest of the package was awesome.



Megumi said:

well like I said, they weren't great, but they weren't that bad either. xD
(loved the music for those levels though)



Luffymcduck said:

"no flying mosquito levels"

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! There were just too many of those in the first game and one of them had music so bad it made blood to come out of my ears. First Rayman had only one mosquito level and I actually wanted to have more of those in that game. They weren´t about shooting stuff continously.

Origins had many good songs but few very bad too. I hope this has a better soundtrack in general. Platforming levels were mainly great in Origins, if the can make a package that has great levels, graphics and music, it´ll be one of the best games ever.



erv said:

Will buy it, but probably will play new super mario bros first and buy this one later

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