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Retro City Rampage Trailer is Full of Old-School Cool

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Spot the references

Retro City Rampage arrives on PC and PS Vita today, which may draw some envious glances from Wii owners that were promised this title so long ago. The good news is that developer VBlank has already confirmed that the title is rampaging onto WiiWare later this year, so the wait is hopefully not going to be too long.

On the plus side, its arrival on other platforms has prompted the developer to release a new trailer, and with its distinct visual style we can't imagine this footage being far off what eventually hits Wii and, we assume, WiiWare on Wii U's online store. What it delivers is just over 90 seconds of retro bits and enough brightly coloured pixels to potentially cause a minor headache. As well as the expected GTA Retro approach, this trailer shows the sheer volume of pop-culture references from the late '80s to early '90s, along with a host of sequences inspired by well known games from the era and some remixes of recent favourites.

You can check out the trailer below. How many of the retro references do you understand, and is this one on your list of download games to look forward to?

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Tasuki said:

Still not convinced till its on Wiiware ready for me to purchase.



Hokori said:

Hmm something about Nintendo references on a PS doesn't sit right with me



Philip_J_Reed said:

It's nothing new or unique to this game...check out 3D Dot Game Heroes or Scott Pilgrim. Retro references are pretty much going to include Nintendo by default, regardless of what platform they're on now.



Omega said:

To look at these very small lo-res objects, strains the eyes. And sometimes the game-screen is only a quarter of the full screen making it even harder to look at. Oh, boy.



grumblebuzzz said:

Uhm, why release something on WiiWare when Wii U is a month away? Or will the Wii U eShop be like the 3DS' and contain both WiiWare and WiiUWare?



dustin_g said:

looks pretty good, hopefully it will be fun and not have cheap deaths all the time



KneehighPark said:

@Fudge I agree. It isn't feasible to limit your humor/writing to specific companies and consoles.

One of my favorite Nintendo references was in Assassin's Creed II, a game that didn't even come out on any Nintendo console:



MeloMan said:

I'm so on this game. It's gets to come out on Vita but not 3DS? While I do applaud their dedication to bring this to WiiWare, eh... I dunno. Still getting it



Hokori said:

Sorry but it just annoys me when spacific 1st party references are on other systems, especially when people who say theyll never buy another nintendo console but have Mario or Pokemon related Pictures for there XBox 360 screens



Bejeeta said:

I own RCR for PC (released on 9th) and I think it's a great game, besides the obvious references. I would like to see it on a 3ds in the future, because it will suits perfectly. It's really fun.



Gamer83 said:

I went ahead and bought the game for PS3 and Vita since I didn't feel like waiting any longer for it. It's definitely worth the price of admission and the cross platform options are nice. It's too bad this isn't getting a 3DS release, as it's pretty much the perfect kind of game for a handheld system, but at least it'll be on WiiWare. Hopefully it releases soon so those who only game on Wii get a chance to join in the fun.

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