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Nyko Experiences Power Outage, No Longer Releasing 3DS Power Grip Pro

Posted by Orla Madden

Want more power? Well you're not going to get it

Back towards the start of the summer we reported that Nyko had a 3DS accessory — dubbed the Power Grip Pro — in the works. The peripheral aimed to amend the current Circle Pad Pro with a case and a battery that offered triple the amount of gameplay time.

Sadly, Nyko revealed on its Twitter account that it would no longer be releasing the concept, due to reasons unknown. Our best guess would be the release of the 3DS XL, which requires a larger version of the accessory.

We know many of you were thinking about picking this up, so what do you make of this?


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Sjoerd said:

I actually wanted this..
Isn't the base of users in regular 3DS's still bigger than the 3DSXL userbase?
why can't they just make two btw?



Void said:

Article wrote:

Nyko Experiences Power Outage, No Longer Releasing 3DS Power Grip Pro

I know that spelling can be different in Europe than it is in the US, but that, makes no sense to me.



RedYoshi999 said:

Why don't you get it? It's a play on words, power outage, to reflect that the Power Grip won't be coming out. Anyway, I'm one of the ones with a 3DS XL, so this doesn't affect me, but it would have been nice to see a Power Grip XL being made.



RupeeClock said:

The 3DS really needed this accessory, just because Nintendo's own Circle Pad Pro was so poorly realised.

A combined added circle pad + shoulder buttons, battery pack and protective cover, it's such a stroke of genius and they didn't go through with it. :(



SageWaterDragon said:

I was really hoping that Nintendo would pick up where Nyko left off, releasing the Circle Pad Pro Pro or something weird like that. Or, you know, releasing a 3DS with 2 analog sticks and an anti-glare screen. I would pay a ton of money for something that useful. Who knows, maybe they could, cough, release a good looking, good feeling CPP. I just want one that looks good enough to use in public without being an embarassment. Kingdom Hearts 3D is just calling for it. (As well as Metal Gear Solid 3, but I kind of stopped playing that after I got through it 3 times in a row.) Dang you, final boss of KH3D, stopping me from finishing it!



WolfyWardark said:

@Prof_Clayton I'm still confused as well. Does it mean that they can't manufacture the actual accessory because there's no power to drive the machines that build them?



StarDust4Ever said:

It's still asymmetric junk, although not as bad as the ugly goiter otherwise known as CPP.

Face the facts, CPP is a failed accessory, just like the GBA e-reader and DS rumble pak, and Nyko knows it. I seriously doubt any more future 3DS games will support it.



Dreadjaws said:

Seriously, guys, as Mario_Party_Fan_999 stated, "Power Outage" is just a play on words. Granted, from reading just the title I got the impression that Nyko had suffered a power outage in their factory and couldn't get the 3DS Power Grip Pro manufactured on time, but reading the article I realized the truth: They're not releasing it at all and they don't give any reasons for it.

Which is a shame, because I was definitely looking forward to it. It looks better than the original CPP and it comes with extra battery, so you don't need to switch between two different accesories when you go out with your 3DS.

I also don't think the 3DS XL is the culprit. There has to be another reason... Maybe they DID get a power outage?



ejamer said:

Kind of agree with StarDust - Nyko must've run the numbers (size of 3DS user base, number of games that support the accessory, cost to produce versus possible return) and figured it just wasn't worth the effort. Having the user base split between different 3DS models surely affects the result... but none of the other factors seem overwhelming positive from an outside viewpoint.

Too bad. I wanted to get a circle pad accessory when Monster Hunter is released, and liked the Power Grip Pro concept more than what Nintendo has offered. (Of course it's easy to like a picture. Hard to say what the cost/quality would've been like if actually released.)



Rect_Pola said:

maybe we'll get lucky and the Circle Pad Xl will be similarly styled. The original was a bulbous thing that I found didn't have enough grip to be comfortable. Hopefully, since the XL is more simple, that translates to their promised circle pad version.



WesCash said:

I'm confused as to how people are confused about the title of this article.

And the circle pad pro is a failed experiment like someone said above. Nintendo really done goofed when they neglected to put a second analog stick on the 3DS.



Tasuki said:

:( I was really looking forward to this because I liked the fact that it looked more like a protective case rather than Nintendo's own CCP. I figured though that when the 3DSXL was announced this product was doomed. Although whether it was that or the fact that not many games support the CCP it still sucks that it won't be coming out. I am hoping that maybe they will come out with one for the 3DSXL.



Void said:

@Like, everyone saying it's a play on words: It may be, but it's no different than saying "Nyko experiences power outage, Nyko can no longer make the PGP because of it."
And the is a reason you have tag lines below the title, doesn't really matter, but it's just weird.
@Damo, I'm pretty sure @TBD said We're not allowed to make responses which are just links to Wikipedia.



DarkKirby said:

I would have purchased it. The news is actually worse, as a few have said, it sounded like their factor broke down and the release would be delayed, the actual news is they just decided to not sell it.



MitchVogel said:

I'll bet Nintendo realized this is a far superior product, both functionally and aesthetically, and so they denied them. :P



GamecubeMan said:

Sombody should make a Meme with a 3ds with a circle pad pro and it would say "this isnt even my final form" :P



Windy said:

Say it aint so. Why would they cancel due to the XL being released there are far more original systems out there in the wild right now. I dont know the exact numbers but didnt they sell like2 million of the original 3ds systems. People do still play them and nyko would still make a ton of money



Nestalgic said:

That's crap. I was really looking forward to this. It was the reason I didn't get the XL.



Windy said:

This would be part of the quality over quantity campaign that nintendo runs :P



Henmii said:

Maybe Nintendo said: "We don't allow it because our Circle pad pro doesn't sell well, and because of your device it may sell even worse!"

It's just a thought. I don't know how popular the Circle pad pro is.



Tasuki said:

I am wondering what happens to people who pre ordered this. Are they going to get their money back?



Rapido said:

Hey, LEARN to use the action buttons as like that of a circle pad. An anti-glare screen protector would be nice though. :)

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