Had your fill of Cave Story already? Well prepare to get unreasonably excited, because it would appear that Daisuke Amaya's Ikachan is headed to the 3DS.

Created in 2000 by Amaya (better known by the pseudonym Pixel) - 4 years before Cave Story, perhaps his most famous work - Ikachan focuses on the exploits of a squid who swims through the Ironhead's realm, looking for a way out after a series of earthquakes.

Nicalis - which ported Cave Story to Nintendo formats recently - has previously stated that it is looking into bringing Ikachan to DSiWare, although the system shown in the teasing tweet is a 3DS XL, which suggests that development - if it is even still happening - may have switched to the 3DS eShop.

(Of course, it could still be DSiWare, as the 3DS is capable of running that, too.)

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Thanks, Thedreaminghawk.

[via twitter.com]