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New Evidence Suggests That Arnie Is The Centre of The Gaming Universe

Posted by Damien McFerran

Who knew that the former governor could influence so many games?

Back in the '80s and early '90s, video game box art was a very different beast to that which we know today. CGI renders were the stuff of a madman's dreams and hand-drawn covers were commonplace.

When you consider how many console and arcade titles were released on a yearly basis, it's perhaps forgiveable that the illustrators responsible for the art that would grace the covers of these releases quickly ran out of ideas - and therefore started copying poses from the popular action movies of the period.

Hardcore Gaming 101 has put up a stunning gallery of this mimicry, most of which seems to be focused around the one and only Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, famous film star and former Governor of California.

Konami appears to have had quite a thing for the ex-Mr. Olympia, having used him extensively for its Contra series. Fellow '80s icon Sylvester Stallone is a close second when it comes to having his persona ripped off by video game companies, but Arnie really is the king of dodgy cover art.

Don't believe us? Check out the examples below.


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okamiki said:

Golden Axe was just amazing!!!

They copied him almost perfectly, so maybe he had contracts with publishers??



Void said:

Why is there no axe any where on the cover of "Golden Axe III," hmm?



blackknight77 said:

I love reading that article and I think so many modern games would be better off if they were influenced by 80's action flicks. Also how about that Silent Hill and Kindergarten Cop references. Weird stuff




Much better as a video game or film character than a Governor I imagine. That's judging from some of the crap he comes out with!



iphys said:

OMG, that's terrible! I'll never be able to look at the Contra boxart in the same way ever again.



edcomics said:

Drawing that kind of stuff can be really difficult without reference. When you're a starving artist with a looming deadline, who better to draw/paint than Arnold? These are pretty blatant ripoffs, though.



Tasuki said:

I dont know I lost alot of respect for Schwarzenegger after what he did to California. Because of him we now have higher gas prices than anyone else in the nation.

As for the box art I knew that Contra was taking from Schwarzenegger in Predator and Stallone in Rambo didnt know about the other ones.

My favorite 80's box was Metal Gear where they used the still of Michael Bein from Terminator as Snake on the cover. Its not exactly Arnold but it is an Arnold movie.



Omega said:

New Evidence Suggests That Arnie Is The Centre of The Gaming Universe

Isn't this a well known fact?



Tasuki said:

@Mr_Trill: Yes Arnold does have something to do with the high gas prices in California. While he was Governor he passed a bunch of green laws which hey dont get me wrong I am all for a clean environment but when it costs us more money to fill up our tank in an already bad economy thats where I draw the line. Anyway one of the bills he passed is that gas in California has to have some kind of additive in it so that it burns cleaner as a result California gets two type of gases a year summer gas and winter gas. Because of that oil companies only have a limited supply during each season since they dont want a hugh stockpile of excess gasoline during the off season which in term drives the prices up here in California.

And if you dont believe me you can google it.



timp29 said:

I'm pretty sure Arnie would be dismayed to hear that he is the centre of the gaming universe.
Pretty sure he was aiming to be the centre of the ENTIRE universe

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