Back in the '80s and early '90s, video game box art was a very different beast to that which we know today. CGI renders were the stuff of a madman's dreams and hand-drawn covers were commonplace.

When you consider how many console and arcade titles were released on a yearly basis, it's perhaps forgiveable that the illustrators responsible for the art that would grace the covers of these releases quickly ran out of ideas - and therefore started copying poses from the popular action movies of the period.

Hardcore Gaming 101 has put up a stunning gallery of this mimicry, most of which seems to be focused around the one and only Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, famous film star and former Governor of California.

Konami appears to have had quite a thing for the ex-Mr. Olympia, having used him extensively for its Contra series. Fellow '80s icon Sylvester Stallone is a close second when it comes to having his persona ripped off by video game companies, but Arnie really is the king of dodgy cover art.

Don't believe us? Check out the examples below.