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Monster Shooter is Locked and Loaded for 3DS eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Another mobile port in the offing

Gamelion has announced that it is preparing to unleash yet another of its mobile-to-3DS offerings. Monster Shooter is already available on iOS and Android - on which it has clocked up a respectiable 5 million downloads - and features "dual stick mayhem", apparently.

Gamelion is also adamant that this is "one of the best looking games on the 3DS". We'll leave you to decide that for yourselves based on the screenshots provided, but in the meantime, here's the full press release:

Gamelion announces today that Monster Shooter is coming soon to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™. The cartoon alien shooter from Gamelion became wildly popular on smartphones this year, with more than 5 million downloads for iOS and Android. Anton Gauffin, founder of Gamelion, explained why they are expanding to new screens: "Monster Shooter just looks incredible on Nintendo 3DS™. Definitely one of the best looking games on Nintendo 3DS™ we’ve seen. It is truly a hypnotic experience to play Monster Shooter in 3D.”

Monster Shooter lets the player rule Dum Dum, born hero space goon who does not like aliens and he has good reason for that. Aliens kidnapped his cat. Dum Dum has a simple plan to save his cute little kitty: He plans to shoot everything that moves. The shooting mayhem never ends as Dum Dum uses every weapon he can get his hands on, from shotgun to railguns to rocket lauchers, to blast tentacled fiends in to atoms.

Monster Shooter raises the bar for shooter game play with amazing effects and perfectly-tuned details. The game is balanced to offer difficulty levels for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Gauffin continued: “We are all about creating new massively popular original games for digital distribution” For Gamelion digital distribution means more than smartphones and tablets, as the recent expansion into the Nintendo eShop demonstrates. With millions of devices sold in the U.S. alone since its introduction a year ago, Nintendo 3DS has grown into a powerful and distinct gaming channel worldwide. By launching Monster Shooter on Nintendo eShop, this franchise could really turn into a monster.

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Pikachupwnage said:

"Best looking game on 3DS"


Great joke gamelion!

Still this looks like it could be fun as long as its cheap.



PinkSpider said:

I think I played the free version of this game and remember thinking it would be better with a control stick or stylus, but to be honest bit sick of seeing these phone games coming to 3ds and ds these company's should be making new games not porting games



XCWarrior said:

$2 at most. There are two things you do - move and shoot. Fun for a while, but that can get old fast. Mobile gaming in a nut shell.



Linkuini said:

Monster Shooter? Cool. Do you shoot monsters? Cool.

In all seriousness, I'm starting to get wary of names like these. They reek of stale, been-there-done-that gameplay. Trailer looks charming, though.



cyrus_zuo said:

If it were co-op I'd be interested.
As is, not really so much, but maybe the reviews will convince me otherwise.



JuanitoShet said:

It'd better not be priced at more than $4.00. I'm one of the five million that downloaded this game, and it's generic, and average at best.

But yet again, it's a mobile game. Mobile games are usually generic like that. I don't r



alLabouTandroiD said:

Seems like you can play with the C-Pad and touchpen. While with CCP support the term "dual stick mayhem" would still vaguely fit I wish it was explained in the press release and hope it doesn't show how little they actually about the 3DS. You could get that feeling when they say it's got the best graphics on the system yet.
Anyway, i hope the review proves me wrong. This really looks fun.



Edlicious said:

meh a crappy port game all honestly.
if they ported over infinity blade or shadowgun then id buy it in a heart beat,
hell even the ios version of the amazing spiderman was better then the 3ds version -___-



RR529 said:

Pass. Arc System Works & Silver Star Japan are making new games for eShop all the time (in Japan). Why don't we just import more of those downloads, and take a break from all these western devs who only want to port mediocre iOS games.

OK, maybe a lot of ASW's & SSJ's games could be mediocre as well, but at least they're made for 3DS.

I wouldn't mind iOS ports BTW, if they were games like Chaos Rings, N.O.V.A., and Modern Combat, but we're getting stuff like Crazy Kangaroo, SpeedX 3D (which to be fair, might be alright), and this -_-



Gen0neD said:

Best looking game huh? That would be a no. Not by a long shot, but good on ya for being excited about your game. But yeah, no.



HaastMK7 said:

@Gen0neD I agree, it looks amazing, but it is not the best game out there.

There are other really good games like

Liberation Maiden (my view)
zen pinball
bird mania

and many more....



Samholy said:

looks nice for sure, but one of the best ?
i dont think so.
still,i think its worth a try depending on its price.

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