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Mobile Hit Gunman Clive is Shooting His Way to the 3DS eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Mega Man-inspired action platformer is one to watch

If you own an iOS or Android-based smartphone then you may have already experienced the excellent Gunman Clive. A homage to the classic action platformers of old, the game has been confirmed by its developer as a forthcoming 3DS eShop title.

Speaking to Not Enough Shaders, creator Bertil Hörberg said:

The gameplay borrows elements from a range of classic platformers, the main one being Mega Man. I originally wanted to make something very straight forward without focusing on any gimmicks and just do something as fun and as polished as I could. Eventually I started to realize that I needed some kind of twist after all and started experimenting with the graphics. That it ended up looking as good as it does is honestly somewhat of a fluke, and the minimalistic style helped speed up the development immensely. During that phase I had also tried putting a cowboy hat on the main character and combined with the new shaders, a western theme just felt right somehow, even though it wasn’t at all planned from the beginning.

Hörberg also spoke about his experiences of dealing with Nintendo, and had some positive things to say:

I can’t really comment on the difficulty until I’ve gone through the whole process and the game is actually released but so far everything has been going smoothly. I didn’t have any trouble getting a developer license and Nintendo has assured me that self-publishing on the eShop should be very straight forward.

The battle between smartphones and consoles is getting pretty heated these days, so how do you feel about a mobile release being ported to the 3DS? Are you looking forward to giving Gunman Clive a spin? Tell us everything in the comments section. You know you want to.


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Zach777 said:

Hopefully the control mechanics aren't on display on the 3DS screen at all times. Those look like pictures from the iPhone version.



ecco6t9 said:

Vector Racing was pretty decent, at the end of the day the buttons and d-pad on the 3DS/Vita is the key advantage to making mobile games more playable.



Windy said:

OMG an Ios and android game for the 3ds how dare they. Im just kidding and making reference to the idiotic statement from nintendo that tablets and phones are not gaming devices. But heres a game comming from those devices to the 3ds. Actually this game is alot of fun and will look great in 3d. Cant wait to see it. However im going to be real bummed if its any price over 1.99 since you can get it for. 99 cents in the other markets



LittleKing said:

This looks pretty fun. I sincerely doubt this will be $1.99 like it is on the eShop, and in fact, due to the far more competitive pricing and larger audience for iOS titles, it's not really fair to expect that kind of price either. I'm hoping for around five bucks, myself. Could end up a little higher depending on the length of the game.



Windy said:

@Metabble_King You would hope for a Higher price? I don't get that since it's .99 cents at every other market. It's a really good platformer BTW on my android tablet and should be better on the 3DS with control pads implemented. I can't wait to see the 3D. I would be willing to pay up to 3.99 for this title but actually hoping for lower since it is a budget title in the Android and apple markets



Windy said:

I actually have an idea for Nintendo. They should take a game like Gunman Clive or Maybe Bookstore Dreams (Budget Titles) And Offer a 1 Day free sale in order for advertising just to get people in the Eshop. I'm not saying do this everyday or even once a week but say maybe the First of the Month or the First update of the Month offer 1 game such as Gunman Clive or Like Bookstore Dreams (Examples) Pay the Developers an advertising fee for their time and developement. I think it would get Butts in the Eshop and maybe increase sales for other software. Draw people in and this might be a way to do it. Gunman Clive maynot be Considered a Budget title but use something that is. Just an Idea Nintendo Probably pays out tons of Money for TV spots. I think this would make a better advertisement and probably be cheaper and free up money for developement or use somewhere else. I would bet a developer would love to get a nice chunk of money for their work and Nintendo would be all smiles if something like this increased sales on other software.



LittleKing said:

@Windy Well, why are you hoping for $1.99? That's a higher price than free, isn't it? Therefore, you should be hoping for free based on your logic. The reason why I'm hoping for a higher price than yours is because I don't think two bucks is realistic; the exact reason why your post didn't say you were hoping for it to be zero, or negative ten dollars.

Sure, I'd like a price lower than five bucks. Wouldn't everyone? When I say "I'm hoping for five bucks" I'm just saying it would be nice if the game cost around five bucks or LOWER. It's kind of like setting an upper limit.



Windy said:

I dont remember saying That it should be free. But oh well. It's a good game I hope everyone enjoys it. It will be worth a look

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