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Mass Effect fans, Take Note: Cris Velasco Is Scoring ZombiU's Soundtrack

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Veteran game composer crafting a dark score for Ubisoft's upcoming zombie title

Hot off the heels of Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2, BAFTA award winning composer Cris Velasco will be lending his musical talents to the horror genre with Ubisoft's ZombiU.

Best known for his work on the God of War series, Cris is no stranger to the game industry, having worked on other horror titles such as Clive Barker's Jericho.

From the press release:

Following his recent critically acclaimed soundtracks for Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2, award-winning composer Cris Velasco (Clive Barker’s Jericho, Hellgate: London) returns to lend his prolific music talents to the horror genre with a dark and twisted original score for Ubisoft’s new survival-horror shooter ZombiU. As a BAFTA nominee and winner of “Best Original Score” at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Achievement Awards (God of War trilogy), Velasco has become one of the most sought-after composers for the medium. ZombiU will be released exclusively for Wii U from Nintendo on November 13.

To immerse players in the zombie apocalypse setting and intense first-person experience of ZombiU, Cris Velasco composed a visceral hybrid action score featuring the raw sounds of detuned toys and instruments, carnival organs, distorted guitars, and haunting ambient textures, contrasted with the intimate emotion of piano and string quintet compositions.

ZombiU will be released as a Wii U launch title, on November 18th in North America and November 30th in Europe.

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V8_Ninja said:

I'm actually playing Borderlands 2 right now and finding the music to be one of the few unsung highlights. Great to see the man getting more work!



Nintex said:

well just judging from the sample instruments and sound effects he's using, Im already interested. I love creepy carnie music



TobieOBrown said:

This makes me wish I hadn't given up my Wii U preorder! This man is one of my favorites...



MAB said:

This is gonna be the first game I fire up on my shiny new hunk of spunk WiiU it's going to transport me back to those days of walking down dark, scary corridors full of lurking abominations while fearing the unknown (Silent Hill & Resi Evil) thank-you Ubisoft for giving this horror-survivalist an epic launch title



Araknie said:

Really? Oh, i love Borderlands 2 soundtrack, i'm playing that doing everything because i has great sounds, also gameplay, i don't know other games but he's able to do chilly themes, so i will sure listen.



JebbyDeringer said:

Only know from playing Borderlands 2, I'm not familiar with his other work. Borderlands 2 is definitely solid but hasn't blown me away. That said it's an action game and I get lost in the action. Didn't play Mass Effect 3 yet but the first two had excellent soundtracks but were done by Jack Wall. Deus Ex: Invisible War also had an amazing soundtrack.

Game looks great. Wish they dropped the "U" from the name though.

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