Little Inferno is quite possibly one of the most fascinating upcoming Wii U eShop titles, as it's from the creators of WiiWare classic World of Goo as well as Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure on DS. It's also interesting because all we've seen is teaser footage, so we're yet to find out how the actual game plays or works.

As revealed last week in the substantial list of Wii U launch titles in North America, Little Inferno is due to arrive in November along with a host of other downloads. Its developer, Tomorrow Corporation, has provided an update on its blog to confirm that the target date is launch day, rather than the loosely defined 'November' provided by Nintendo, while also promising new gameplay footage soon.

You can check out the peculiar teaser once again below, and don't forget to read our interview with Tomorrow Corporation, where they explain how the company was formed, how Little Inferno has progressed and why it's a "perfect colourful toybox for pyromaniacs".