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Liberation Maiden Bringing the Fight to North America Right Now

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Reggie brings the good news

Announced in today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, SUDA51's Liberation Maiden is now available in the 3DS eShop. This title arrived in Europe after a similar broadcast earlier this month, bringing its brand of shooting action and quirky storyline to the handheld. As expected, this is part of the plan to release three of the four Guild01 games — all designed by highly-regarded Japanese developers — to the West as downloads.

SUDA51 is best known for Killer 7 on GameCube and No More Heroes on Wii, so has a solid pedigree on Nintendo systems. That said, this new eShop title isn't without its flaws, as we outlined in our Liberation Maiden review: its flashy visuals, stylistic flair and action-packed gameplay are fun, even if it's short and perhaps lacking in variety.

Well worth consideration for fans of Japanese games in particular, so will you be downloading this today?

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Bejeeta said:

I'm having a lot of fun with Liberation Maiden. I'm happy with the release for you guys.



Zach777 said:

It would really be cool if they updated the eShop earlier than everyone gets up so by the time people wake up in their respective regions the store is already updated.



rjejr said:

@Zach777 The eshop, and Wii, are almost always consistently updated at noon, which is a whole lot better than Sony's PSN "whenever we get to it" update time. Oh, and "Dream Radar" was updated very early on a Sunday morning, so that was nice.

Seems like the kind of weird game that could really use a demo.



Zach777 said:

Dream Radar getting a demo? Ahahah it's definitely not long enough to even consider a DEMO itself. It is a useful gimmick app for Pokemon BW2, yes, but definitely not something you would want to sit around and play hours on end.



AVahne said:

Loving this game! Was originally thinking of NightSky, but I'm glad I opted for this instead.



wuuds said:

Ah I need more money.. anyone need a spare kidney? 3s better than 2 you know



RR529 said:

Only beat the first level so far, but loving it! I'm a lefty, so the controls are a little akward for me, but it's definately a quality game.

I'll get NightSky once I'm done with this.



Hokori said:

I want this, night sky, and ghost n goblins but I only have .51 left... I spent it all on Twinbee and Mario Golf GB



Windy said:

I picked up both Nightsky and Liberation Maiden and are they both just great! great stuff this week



Jamouse said:

All right, now it's fair for us Europeans to complain about the lack of Cave Story+ and Code of Princess.

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