Announced in today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, SUDA51's Liberation Maiden is now available in the 3DS eShop. This title arrived in Europe after a similar broadcast earlier this month, bringing its brand of shooting action and quirky storyline to the handheld. As expected, this is part of the plan to release three of the four Guild01 games — all designed by highly-regarded Japanese developers — to the West as downloads.

SUDA51 is best known for Killer 7 on GameCube and No More Heroes on Wii, so has a solid pedigree on Nintendo systems. That said, this new eShop title isn't without its flaws, as we outlined in our Liberation Maiden review: its flashy visuals, stylistic flair and action-packed gameplay are fun, even if it's short and perhaps lacking in variety.

Well worth consideration for fans of Japanese games in particular, so will you be downloading this today?