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Jump Trials Hops Onto North American DSiWare Soon

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Run and jump!

When it comes to running and jumping, Nintendo systems seem to be the most appropriate place to go. If you enjoyed budget DSiWare title GO Series: 10 Second Run, meanwhile, then you may be interested in Jump Trials from Japanese publisher G-Style.

On the way to North American DSiWare soon, Jump Trials is a localisation of Shunkan Jump Kentei, with the basic task of platforming to a goal within a 10 second limit. There are 100 stages promised in the main Trials Mode, while Challenge Mode giving you the extra objective of collecting medals as you go.

Sometimes simple works rather well, and it seems we won't have long to wait to find out whether this one is worth jumping into. Does the concept, or perhaps the retro-themed visuals, appeal to you?

You can view the official website here.

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rayword45 said:

Looks interesting. Any iOS/Android games that are similar? I feel like this has been done before (not necessarily a bad thing)



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm not sure about this. I liked 10 second run (still stuck on level 42 though) but I don't really like this game's aesthetics. It looks like a cheap flash game. I know 10 second run looked pretty basic too but it I think it looks more visually appealing than this does.



Cranky said:

I thought 10 Second Run was good fun, no nonsense do or die gameplay and great value. This game is on my radar.



accc said:

10 second run was a pretty fun diversion for a couple of hours. I'd probably pick this up if I wasn't out of memory for storing DSiware games on my 3DS. Seriously, why didn't Nintendo ever give us an easy launch from SD solution like they did with Wiiware?



Cengoku said:

I Totally agree with fonistof. Personally I'm blocked at level 46 ^_^

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