Are you tired of going into a video game store and seeing M-rated games covering the shelves, with rows and rows of box covers full of guns and snarling faces? Help is at hand, if you live in the U.S. near Grapevine Mills Mall in TX, as there's a new GameStop Kids store in town. The first of a new range of 80 stores to open by 15th November, these outlets will be packed full of games rated for everyone, as well as an undoubtedly dizzying range of accessories, plushes and cute things.

It's an interesting idea, and clearly the bosses at GameStop see an opportunity and market to make a lot of money, otherwise they wouldn't do it. It'll undoubtedly be on Nintendo's radar, too, as whether we like it or not a major part of the big N's image and focus is on younger gamers. We do get mature content on Nintendo systems, but plenty of our games are designed with everyone in mind, be they kids or big kids. If these GameStop Kids stores don't have a significant variety of Mario and Pokémon themed toys — plus various others — alongside their respective games, then we'll be amazed.

Still, you don't need to be a child to go into one of these stores — though maybe take one with you to avoid embarrassment — as even a quick browse of the GameStop Kids website will show you delights including an Assassin's Creed Plush: bringing the cute to mature games near you.

Are you up for a nice cheerful store where you can buy an assortment of toys with your game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.