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Dr. Mario Online Rx Makes Club Nintendo Members Feel Better

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Yours for 100 coins

As expected for North American members of Club Nintendo, there's a new title available in exchange for 100 hard earned coins. The latest update has seen Dr. Mario Online Rx on WiiWare added as an incentive until 14th October.

This title has been around for well over four years now, and received some warm praise and 7/10 in our Dr. Mario Online Rx review. It recreates much of what made the NES title so addictive, while also throwing in a Brain Age 2 / More Brain Training-style “Germ Buster” minigame from the DS, as well as online play and leaderboards. Not bad for 100 coins.

Still, we know that it's a balancing act in North America between saving Club Nintendo coins for the end of year giveaway, or using them for a free game. Does this one tempt you to take the plunge?


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MetalMario said:

Didn't they already offer this before?

Either way I already paid for it a long time ago.



FJOJR said:

This is one of the best rewards they've added. Too bad I got it on Day 1. Great fun though.



Whopper744 said:

I don't know what else to use those coins on, so maybe. Wish I wouldn't have missed Smash Bros.



Shotgunryugan said:

@MetalMario Yeah it was offered before,i bought it too.

Not using my coins on anything right now,i have zero interest in Bird & Beans and i already own Dr.Mario.

I kinda wish they would just let us use coins on games they previously offered that we may have missed(i missed quite a lot because i made my club nintendo account this year).



SMW said:

I never got this game despite loving Dr. Mario. I may get it now!



Sabrewing said:

"Saving coins for the end of the year award"? That's not how it works. You're welcome to spend all you want as long as you've made enough coins to get the Gold/Platinum limits.



sinalefa said:


I was thinking the same. Now, if you saved your coins for say, a golden nunchuck or decided to spend them on games during the year instead, that makes sense.

Still a no go for me. I was about to buy it the first time, until someone warned me that my Ambassador Warioware had a working version named Dr Wario.



Shiromikio said:

Mildly interested in the game, didn't download it before as the active puzzle area (the jar) seemed too small in the screenshots. As I'm more inclined to keep the coins for exclusive offers, I'll just buy this from the eShop instead, sooner or later.



rjejr said:

Thanks for the post Mr. Whitehead, NL missed the last CN update, but it was Birds and seeds so maybe that was on purpose. Still wish Nintendo would just go back to monthly but I know that isn't your guys fault.



Jstar269 said:

I got this on club nintendo when it was 150 coins! Why im I always there AT THE WRONG TIME!?!?!?



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