As expected for North American members of Club Nintendo, there's a new title available in exchange for 100 hard earned coins. The latest update has seen Dr. Mario Online Rx on WiiWare added as an incentive until 14th October.

This title has been around for well over four years now, and received some warm praise and 7/10 in our Dr. Mario Online Rx review. It recreates much of what made the NES title so addictive, while also throwing in a Brain Age 2 / More Brain Training-style “Germ Buster” minigame from the DS, as well as online play and leaderboards. Not bad for 100 coins.

Still, we know that it's a balancing act in North America between saving Club Nintendo coins for the end of year giveaway, or using them for a free game. Does this one tempt you to take the plunge?