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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Confirmed for Wii U Launch Day in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Yes, you use the GamePad screen for the brush

While North America has a rather juicy list of Wii U launch titles that will arrive alongside the system on 18th November, European gamers are having to be a little more patient for full details. Thankfully one more launch day arrival has been confirmed, with Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two providing a HD alternative — apart from Xbox 360 and PS3 — for those dithering over the Wii release.

Rather predictably the GamePad screen will be used for an in-game map, with markers that can be placed to help you get around, while sketches will be activated on the screen — we hope that means basic drawing, rather than simply tapping a button next to the map. This release confirmation means that the Wii U version will arrive just seven days after the Wii title in Europe, while both will hit stores on the same day in North America.

We'd assume that most, given the choice, would opt for the Wii U version of the title for those lovely spruced up visuals, but are we right? Let us know which version you're thinking of buying in the poll and comments below or, alternatively, if this just isn't high-enough on your wish-list to buy.

Which version of Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 will you buy? (42 votes)

Wii U - I want HD goodness


Wii - The little box deserves it


Xbox or PS3 - Because I can


It depends on prices and offers


I'm not interested in this game


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User Comments (17)



luminalace said:

As much as I would love to own this...I will have to skip. Too many launch games already for Wii U as is, not to mention I plan on picking up the 3DS Epic Mickey (Castle of Illusion spin off).



sketchturner said:

I was thinking about getting this, but I recently rented the original for free and I was so underwhelmed. Not just because of the flaws like camera control but because the whole paint/thinner concept is just not fun to me.



Kohaku said:

I will get this one instead of th ZombieU what is in the package I ordered.



rjejr said:

Having never finished the first one on the Wii I'm in no rush to get this but 1 thing I did learn was that the price of the first dropped pretty quick, you could easily find it on sale for $15 or $20 less than a year after release, so I'll wait.
Come to think of it of all the launch titles probably only NSMBU will hold it's price as most of the ports will have to drop with their competitors and even Nintendo Land will have to drop when the hard core flood the market with trade-ins. They don't want the game, only the shiny black Oh and Pikmin 3 but I still don't consider March a launch game.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I've got a bro who will be really excited to hear about this. He will definitely get the Wii U version.




Tempted to get the Wii version as its available for around 23 quid. However, this game deserved HD if any game does! The first game was brilliant. Hopefully, it still has the wiimote and nunchuck control (please)



Auracle said:

Definitely the Wii U version for me. I like the fact that the game is 2-player this time around.




I would also like to know about Wii-Mote functionality - I will be getting this game for my wife as she loved the first one, but I have it pre-ordered for the Wii because she wants to play it that same way as the original on the Wii!



DRL said:

I'm very interested in this game but I think I'm even more excited for Power of Illusion on the 3DS.



Dodger said:

I might get this, but what I really want is a Wii U Okami game. Touch screens are better for drawing games and HD is an added plus.

I am excited for Epic Mickey 2. If it can pull off the multiplayer, have an interesting story and functional controls then it will be pretty cool. What has been done to Mickey Mouse by Disney is sad.l



NiBar said:

If it doesn't support wiimote and nunchuck,which the game is built for I won't buy. Actually I will not buy any wiiu game not supporting this control, because i think it is the most exiting fun, intuitive, precise and relaxing way to play games.



tripunktoj said:

I am not sure if I want this one but if I get it it'll be on WiiU, and no, not because of the so-called graphics, but because Im interested on the use of the WiiU gamepad.



WolfRamHeart said:

I want to get the Wii U version but I am not sure how it is going to turn out. Junction Point is not handling the Wii U version, Heavy Iron Studios is developing it. Heavy Iron has made game versions of Disney/Pixar movies such as The Incredibles, Wall-E and Up. I have the PS3 version on pre-order so I may just stick with that but I really would like to hear more information about the Wii U version.



Banker-Style said:

I wouldn't mind getting the Wii U version,but if I can get the original Wii version for £20,I'll go for that.
But we'll see.

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