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Check Out Some Mario Facts in This Video

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cameo appearances, cancelled sequels and other mysteries

Mario has so many video games that if there weren't peculiarities and quirks throughout them, something would be wrong. The sheer volume of games over a period in excess of 25 years is impressive, especially if you go beyond the scope of the main franchise and venture off into spin-offs and alternative genres.

Always a source of some fascinating facts on game franchises — some well-known and others notably less-so — the lovely people of YouTube channel DYKGaming have produced a new video on everyone's favourite moustachioed hero. A mixture of major landmark titles and some handheld RPG goodness make an appearance, including information on the sequel to Super Mario 64 that never was, amusing cameo appearances that didn't make the final cut, and a mystery for the ages. Check it out below.

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Late said:

I already watched it on the day it was posted. Check out their site:
It's full of interesting information. I visited it for the first time two days ago and already read every little piece of information it had to offer (35 pages) but they update it frequently just read two new stories today. Here's one piece of information you probably didn't know:

EDIT: I'll add few more:



Gridatttack said:

Yep. Knew them. The sprites of the cameos of M&L:SS are still in the game, but you cant access them without editing the game
And in an unrelated note, someone is making a mod of SMG2 which will allow sptiscreen gameplay, which is going to be awesome.

Also, they didnt mention that in SMRPG, they are multiple enemies unused. Want to know more of unused content in the game? Go to unseen64 or the cutting room floor, both pages has interesting and detailed information of unused and cut stuff from games.
This video is merely a fraction of all the unused thing games have



FonistofCruxis said:

I knew most but not all of those. I'm surprised Wario was going to give away some of his precious treasure as a gift.



FluttershyGuy said:

I love the SNES. So much so that it's my favorite video game system of all-time! That said, I cannot imagine Super Mario 64 working on it. Nintendo made the right decision there.

As for Super Mario RPG, you can tell Square had their paws in that game. I remember seeing Bowser's Japanese victory stance in GamePro magazine around the time the game was released May of '96, cursing NoA that they didn't allow that in the game.

As for Peach's XXX, that reminds me of the Lustful Lali-Ho in Final Fantasy IV. Definitely a way for Square to put their signature in the game, in a more subtle way than Culex and the Final Fantasy IV boss theme. Princess Peach is a NAUGHTY GIRL (and that's a good thing )! Hard to imagine here 16 years later that we're now about to see a game like Bayonetta 2 as a Nintendo console exclusive!

You're going to give poor Weegie more of an inferiority complex than he must already!



LittleKing said:

The only problem with these kinds of videos is that you can usually get ten times the information from The Cutting Room Floor.

Still interesting, though.



Hejiru said:

We have to keep in mind that DYK Gaming is not a reliable source. Some of its information is true, but other times it just posts fan speculation and rumor as fact.



MeloMan said:

Up URS!! Man that woulda been awesome if that was kept in SMRPG... I definitely would've yelled it



Grodus said:

We need a SM64 2 on the Wii U! TRUE SEQUEL!!! (FYI: this is a parody of how people say there needs to be a super mario 128, a "true sequel" to mario 64.)

I never knew there were purple pikmin.



Capt_N said:

From themushroomkingdom being one of my old internet frequents, & I still visit it, just not as frequently, I knew all those, save for the Platissmo model being the runner from Ocarina.

Another theory on "Toadstool's ???"/"Peach's XXX" that I've read online is that it is, or rather could be a/her diary.

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