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Cave Story Fix is "Coming Soon"

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Curly Story will be saved

If you haven't read our Cave Story review, then let us sum it up for you: we loved it. The eShop version of the indie game that started it all is fantastic, except for one issue.

It turns out that some people are having problems with the Curly Story mode. Specifically, they can't get past the first couple of screens. Thankfully Nicalis has confirmed, via its Twitter feed, that a patch is inbound.

Curly, your update is coming soon

The message, while a bit on the short side, is good news nonetheless. Hopefully it won't be long until gamers can enjoy a glitch-free Curly Story in North America, and much like with the VVVVVV fix we'd expect that the issue will be cleared prior to an eventual European release.

Thanks to Matt for the news tip!


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RR529 said:

I greatly enjoyed the normal game (it was my first time playing Cave Story, in any form), and I'll be sure to play the alternate "Curly Story" mode, once it's fixed.

With VVVVVV & Cave Story, Nicalis has become one of my favorite eShop devs (or publishers, I know these started out as PC indie titles), and I'm greatly looking forward to NightSky on the 25th!



SirSmugleaf said:

Oh gawd. If they'll fix that for the European release, that means that it will be delayed even longer!



RupeeClock said:

I'd dare say the eShop version is the best of those three as it's a handheld version of Cave Story+, which is an improvement on the WiiWare version.

The 3DS has the perfect resolution for the game anyhow.

The 3DS cart version however I am heavily critical of, it is technically unimpressive and poorly re-imagined.



Kid_A said:

Very much agreed. The retail 3D reimagining was basically garbage. It looked like the most cheap, ugly 3D modeling I've ever seen. The eShop version, however, is gorgeous.

Shame about Curly Mode, though. Seems like Nicalis can't catch a break when it comes to delays and glitches and such.



Linkuini said:

Curly story isn't so great anyway. Instead of making certain conversations more interesting, it makes them awkward. At one point, Curly asks somebody else a question and then answers it herself, which is rather confusing.



SKTTR said:

Yeah Curly mode is lazy instead of fleshed out and polished. A waste of a mode with too many NPCs "thinking" she's the hero of the game. The wrong, bad and illogical lines overweigh the interesting few new lines. Curly doesn't feel like a new character that much, she's more like a new costume.



Squashie said:

European release please! Although, we never got Cavestory for DSiWare, so I don't bear an awful lot of hope!



Chobi said:

It's good to hear nicalis is fixing the issue. Really enjoying cave story.



Auracle said:

I hope they fix this before I pick it up. Even if they haven't at that point, I know I'll enjoy it.



ouroborous said:

good lord, well they really do need to fix that.

btw, play the 2D version first (any version), then the 3D version (it is GLORIOUS) but you'll appreciate it more after experiencing the game in it's original state.



Vann said:

I was skeptical about buying the eShop version (I already own the Dsiware version), but since i heard so many good things about it, I bought it.
Oh god, what a great choice. This is the definitive form of Cave Story (in my honest opinion). The widescreen resolution looks fantastic, even the 3D looks good (5 layers of 3D, making it a great visual amusement).
When I found out Curly Story wasn't working, I was a bit upset (this was gonna be my first time playing it), so im really glad to hear they're gonna fix it.

Anyways, even if its not the topic i have to add: If you haven't played Cave Story, buy this as fast as possible. It's become one of my favorite games



Gorlokk said:

Awesome! I really hope they update some of the minor flaws with the main story. If you're a hardcore CS player, you'll know what I'm talking about. Also, Time Attack is kinda... garbage. No life pot, no missile launcher, no snake... And you can't unlock the Wind Fortress theme in the Jukebox! D: These are personal complaints, but how can they leave out so much?



berva said:

Can't believe this isn't out for PAL regions. Not on Australian store either.



allav866 said:

When I started Curly Story and saw a glitched out cutscene, followed by me drowning immediately after spawning, I was like "...Wait, what!?"



Henmii said:

It's a shame that after soooo many versions (I guess there are almost as much versions as there are of Angry birds!!) They still manage to release a version with a nasty bug!! And to think that the first version was free (and I guess it's still available on the internet)!!



Windy said:

I finally jumped in to experience Cave Story For the first time and what a good game. Now to get me a copy of Cave story 3D from retail. This is one of the games that are worth the download price Very nice. I don't mind paying for quality software

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