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Casual And Hardcore Gamers, Madden NFL 13 Has Something For You Both

Posted by Orla Madden

But will it be enough to make up for missing features?

Developers at EA Tiburon have stated that they are doing their best to take advantage of the Wii U's unique capabilities in ways that they hope will be the best for both casual and more experienced gamers, and hopefully will make users feel that they are not missing out too much on features that are present in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Madden NFL 13 .

Naturally enough, the majority of the design is based around the GamePad. Players will be able to see basic formations, specific sets, and the available plays to choose from at the same time. If you wanted to change from single-back to shotgun, all you have to do is press "shotgun"; eliminating the need to tap a button repeatedly.

On offense, the touchscreen can be used to redraw the play entirely with your fingertips, which enables you to read the defense and send your receivers into gaps in the coverage; just like a true quarterback.

EA Tiburon's lead designer of the title, Yuri Bialoskursky, explained that those who were used to using touchscreen technology such as smartphones would have no problem adjusting to Madden NFL 13 for Wii U.

One mode that could not be done on any other console is Detached Mode. This mode allows players to play the complete game on the GamePad while the TV is being used. Gamers can expect the same experience on the touchscreen controller as they would on the TV.

However, a mode which can't be found on the Wii U version is Madden Ultimate Team, which allows players to build teams using digital trading cards online. On the topic of the missing feature, Bialoskursky said:

It's another [feature] that we plan to add in as we go.

This other feature he talks about is Online Team Play, which allows for three-on-three co-op games. Instead, the Wii U version of Madden NFL 13 allows for up to five local players to enjoy a game together.

The game is almost done, and is currently undergoing Nintendo's certification process. A release date hasn't been confirmed just yet, but it's looking likely that it will be available early in 2013. Are you still hurting over the missing features, or will the promise of Wii U exclusive elements satisfy your gridiron needs? Tell us in the comments section below.


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WarioPower said:

I was going to get this game, but it doesn't have the infinity engine and the connected careers mode is crap compared to the old franchise mode.



OorWullie said:

I don't play Madden or follow American footy but I just read an article that says including the Connected Careers mode "should be taken by potential Wii U buyers as an encouraging sign" in regards to its online infrastructure.I'm not too clued up about what Ultimate team is but I'm guessing it may be because there wont be enough of a community at launch and its too time consuming to implement it into new hardware when they also need to spend time adding Gamepad features?
I follow football so can't wait to play Fifa as I have never owned an HD console.I'll be happy as long as the game plays as it should with the extra bonus of touch menus and maybe a Miiverse community,looks as good if not better than the other consoles and has a solid enough online infrastructure.Next year though no excuses,I'd expect to get the best version.



ajcismo said:

Kinda surprised to see a Madden article pop up, usually you folks across the pond care only about your version of football.
I live in a "major" American football town, and I know the NFL has been trying for 2 decades to get interest out of you cats in Europe. Theres always talk over here of a new NFL team out of London, but I just don't see it happening. Has American football gained any interest in Europe at all? Just curious.



SLiM said:

I think it's funny that the writer named Madden got to do the article on Madden. Coincidence?



rjejr said:

Why are they even bothering releasing this in 2013, after the football season is over, when Madden 14 will be out in August? And with NO online play? Well at least I'll be able to pick it up at Target for $7.98 a month after it's released.



OorWullie said:

@rjejr It does feature online play like the other versions but minus Ultimate team mode.FIFA will be the same.



Skeletor said:

I'm not too huge on football games, but when they first described how this would play out on the Wii U, I was very excited. I immediately thought how fun it would be for local multiplayer to choose plays without the other player seeing (my brother and I would watch each other all the time). THEN they announced that this gen won't support two gamepads in local play. Still, the on-the-fly play calling looks very nice.



grenworthshero said:

Some of those gamepad features sound pretty cool, but I think I'll wait for the next one, if at all, since the first iteration on a new console usually sucks.



Slapshot said:

The Infinity Engine that was implemented into the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Madden 13 have revolutionized the gameplay and have created a new surge of excitement in the Madden crowd, making this year's Madden title the first ones to rush out to purchase in a few years now.

With Wii U, the Infinity Engine was stripped away from it. The single most reason to purchase this title isn't available on the Wii U. No additional touchscreen gimmickry can cover up the fact that the gameplay on Wii U absolutely cannot perform on the same level as other systems. Sorry to be blunt, but the Infinity Engine is the the most impressive implementation to the series since the massive upgrade we saw back in 2005 and without it it's just another Madden title with touch controls, making the headline extremely misleading, seeing how Madden 13 on Wii U will cater more towards the casual gamer than the hardcore.

If your a "hardcore gamer" and looking to buy Madden 13, I'd recommend that you don't even think about a Wii U purchase of this title! That's not to disparage against Nintendo, or the Wii U, that's just a truthful statement to those who might be interested in a purchase of this title.

EDIT: If you follow the sourcing of this article, The Verge explains in detail all of the features that aren't available in the Wii U version of the game, so if you're interested in a Wii U purchase, I highly recommend you give those articles a read.

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