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Cake Ninja 2 Confirmed for DSiWare

Posted by Damien McFerran

More deserts in line for the chop

DSiWare has had its share of titles that have incurred the wrath of low review scores here on Nintendo Life, with Cake Ninja being one to enjoy the dubious honour. Essentially a DSiWare version of smartphone smash-hit Fruit Ninja, its pricing and painful lack of features and game modes meant that it took a bit of a beating in our Cake Ninja review.

Not to be deterred, Cypronia is returning with a sequel, this time promising a variety of modes and online leaderboards to spruce up the package. It'll apparently include four single player modes, and as many multiplayer modes, while unlockable achievements and online rankings will maybe add a bit more incentive for those that simply have to play games in this style. Europeans will also have a chance to enter a contest in each of the single player modes, with a combined 100,000 DSi Nintendo Points available to be shared amongst the winners.

This one's already approved for North America and in the process of approval for Europe, so it's likely to arrive soon. Will it improve on the original, or will the cakes be stale? Time will tell.

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AlmightyDerek said:

My three year old liked the first game. Besides it did have a great story. The ninja's wife was getting fat so he had to stop her from eating all those cakes.



Hokori said:

I like cake, I like ninjas, I like DSiWare, but I don't like Cypronia



C-Olimar said:

More game modes and only high scores actually make it sound pretty good. Make it 200 points and we have a deal!



TheDreamingHawk said:


The first game was stupid. This game will be stupider. If they have a contest in NA though, I'm getting.



Knuckles said:

If I have a chance with any free dsi points....sees eurpean exclusive
Why u no give free dsi points NoA?



Megajack said:

My brothers got the first one... It was okay for a little bit but was very stale. But I do think maybe this one will be good.

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