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Amazing Nintendo School Homecoming Restores Faith in US Education System

Posted by Damien McFerran

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We've seen some cool School Homecoming ideas in the past, but this one probably tops them all.

A Reddit user by the name of coonster has posted up some photos of the Nintendo-themed homecoming at his place of education, complete with references to Starfox, Pokémon and - of course - Super Mario.

You can check out the full gallery here, but we've posted a few of our favourite shots - the 'Do a Barrel Roll' one is, in our humble opinion, priceless.


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Joygame51 said:

Cute! Well , all I can say is Nintendo is a national childhood and beyond experience for so many of us in the USA why not.... I say " Way to go!" in my best Mario voice of course,



Jaco said:

That would be a homecoming id go to. Maybe a black tie and green tunic



lanabanana said:

Luckies!!! If my school did that, I'd probably go instead of staying home playing video games while everyone else is having fun... As usual



coolvw93 said:

coolest school ever! i wish my school would have done something like this.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Whoa! That is so cool! Wish my Home coming would be like this. Then maybe I would actually go to them.



KAHN said:

what is "pentendo" supposed to mean? i know it sounds similar to "Nintendo" but...



Swiket said:

I knew who the writer of this article would be before I clicked the link.



ZoeNightshade said:

My school!!
The Hyrule Castle area was amazing! After school on Friday when they were taking down the decorations and stuff, I went in and stole the 4-foot-tall wooden cut-out of Link. My friend took the flag from Bowser's Castle.



kristafah said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK Pentendo is a play on words. Our school is Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and our shortened name is PENHI. So we used word play and formatted our homecoming theme with our school's name: Pentendo.

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