The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave developer Genius Sonority has confirmed that the Japanese sequel will be localised for western markets.

Speaking to Siliconera before the recent release of The Denpa Men 2 in Japan, Genius Sonority president Manabu Yamana revealed the good news:

Yes, we are releasing Denpa Men 2 on the Japanese eShop, and next we intend to do localization aimed at overseas markets.

Yamana-san also gave insight into how the original game came to be:

The Denpa Men was conceived based on the concept of a game inciting a sense of novelty, that you can easily pick up and play, and that offers deep, immersive gameplay.

The first thing I consider when making a new product is the combination of a structure to arouse customer interest, and a fun game system. Novelty and surprise are necessary to create a structure that arouses customer interest.

For this, we focused on peculiarity and diversity in the real world. For example, things like barcodes, e-mail addresses, FeliCa data, latitude and longitude, music CD data, and Wi-Fi MAC addresses. This time, we adopted Wi-Fi MAC addresses, because they are recognizable on the 3DS and there is an abundance of them in existence, making it fun to walk around with a 3DS.

Ordinary wireless bases are often established at fixed positions, so for all the players enjoying this game, we made a structure that potentially allows lots of sharing in terms of the distinctiveness of locations. We felt this has a sense of mystery and fun, which is one of our main motives.

Our fun game system was optimized and polished, using existing RPG battles as reference, letting characters interact within the game based on MAC addresses, and an appropriately thought out RPG battle system with a large capacity for variety.

Establishing the characters obtained from radio waves (denpa) as creatures demarcated by and living in peculiar waves, they were named “the Denpa Men,” definitively stating both the structure and the game system in a single phrase. While aiming to arouse interest in our target customers, we conceived and put together visuals that wouldn’t turn off most consumers.

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