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3D Classics: Urban Champion Is A Downloadable Reward On Club Nintendo

Posted by Orla Madden

Time to become a champion, again

North American members of Club Nintendo have a new title to spend their valuable coins on, but it might not be what you were hoping for. 3D Classics: Urban Champion is available as a reward until October 21st, and will set you back 150 coins.

This 3D Classics title first became available a little over a year ago on the Nintendo eShop much to everyone's dissapointment. Just incase you missed our review, we have it here in all its glory.

If 3D Classics: Urban Champion doesn't attract your attention, there is also Dr. Mario Online Rx for 100 coins for the Wii instead. We'd recommend going for the latter, but that's just us.


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Void said:

And may you have a delectable SonyLife.



RR529 said:

I still want to know who greenlit this even being released as a "3D Classic" in the first place



phoenixology said:

When is the UK actually going to get Club Nintendo downloadable games like this? Feeling really let down by Nintendo of Europe/UK not giving us this.



rjejr said:

Thanks for the update, I'll refrain from killing the messenger. Though this does remind me I have 2 Pokemon games to register over at Club Nintendo. Hope I can do both B2 and W2 without having to try and recall my second rarely used account. .



Spoony_Tech said:

Even if it was 10 coins I wouldn't even consider this piece of crap. Out of all the Nintendo games to choose from how in the world did they come up with this!



parutena said:

Probably not worth 150 coins but I got it anyway. I actually remember playing this one, and it finishes off my 3D Classics collection.



Boo_Buster said:

A few of the 3D Classics were absolutely awesome games, and a few were like "Umm, why would they choose that awful game?" I've been calling for Super Mario Bros. 3 as the first game in the 2nd run of 3D Classics (Nintendo has not announced more, but I'm sure they would be welcomed if the games are right)



Bobhobob said:

Wait a minute... THIS WAS ALREADY A "REWARD"



Dodger said:

Oh well. I'm still playing Dr. Mario RX. Maybe the next Wiiware/VC game will be OK. I have 50 coins at the moment, after my Nintendogs + Cats surveys, my Dr. Mario Online RX survey and my Mutant Mudds survey, I should have more coins then I do now. Plus Paper Mario next month.



Linkuini said:

Maybe this'll cheer everyone up. What if Nintendo is trying to rerelease this game to as many people as possible in an intentional move to show a new generation of gamers how awful it is? Then, what if they released a full-scale modern reboot at retail, reinventing it as a game that's actually fun enough to gain rave reviews and explosive sales?


Okay, I don't believe that either, the idea just struck me as hilarious when I thought of it.



Rargon said:

This is the 2nd time they've let this game become the Downloadable Reward for Club N. lol



Spagem said:

That's great an all but Urban Champion is sorta a button mashing type game. They should have put Punch Out on instead of this.



SammyOfMobius said:

Club Nintendo is being stupid for some reason. Sorry guys, we'll just have to buy good ames with actual money, as usual.



allav866 said:

The 6 3D Classics each offer something different:
Excite Bike - Create a track, then race on it.
Xevious - Insanely difficult space-shooter that's sure to make you pull out your hair.
Twin-Bee - An easier, but still tough space-shooter from the Famicom.
Kid Icarus - A platform game that allows younger players to see the game that led to a great Uprising.
Kirby's Adventure - IMO the best of the bunch, this adventure game keeps players entertained for hours.
Urban Champion - Repetitive game play that can drain the life out of you just because of how boring it is.
Aside from that, wasn't it 100 coins last time?!

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