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You'll Be Able To Play Your WiiWare and Virtual Console Games On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Put down those pitchforks

Today's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation was packed full of cool new information, but one item that will prove especially interesting for hardcore Wii downloaders is the news that digital Wii purchases will be transferable to the Wii U.

That means you'll be able to re-download all of your existing WiiWare and Virtual Console purchases to your shiny new system - although quite how you'll tell your new console that you bought them in the first place is another matter.

Perhaps some kind of system transfer will be required, as is the case when moving content from one 3DS console to another? Or perhaps - and we really hope this is true - Nintendo will allow you to tie your Wii downloads to a new Wii U user profile. We know that Wii U is bringing in such accounts, and it's quite possible that they could extend this service to the Wii.

A long shot, but one that would make a lot of sense.

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Chunky_Droid said:


If they manage to avoid a system transfer system (I believe) it would ensure that people that have softmodded Wiis wouldn't be able to transfer pirated content.



Raiko said:

I'll carry on purchasing from the VC then. My collection is mostly built up from the free points i've earned in the Stars catalogue, but I feel much safer making a purchase now, knowing I can transfer them across.



rjejr said:

Good thing about an account system is being able to redownload all of your stuff. This should be fairly easy if we can simply connect our WiiU to our Club Nintendo account. Obviously this wouldn't cover everything but it would cover a lot.
Bad thing is that doesn't include saves. We have about 100 different game saves and I'ld probably only need to transfer over a few like Strikers, Sluggers and Brawl, but I would still like to be able to do it. Maybe they can open up the SD transfer to all games?

Well either way, at least it looks like they are making the attempt.

T-minus 53 minutes.



Handy_Man said:

@ChunkyDroid Yeah, I thought about the softmodded Wii problem myself. I have a softmodded Wii myself, but all I ever use it for is mods made for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, such as Project M.

I'm actually thinking of unhacking it (if that's possible), but I don't want to lose the ability to play mods of Brawl like Project M with my friends. I think I'll just see what Nintendo will do about this problem first.



shinpichu said:

@Luigifan141 Hopefully they can distinguish between pirated content and legit content. I have a softmodded Wii, but I only use it for homebrew applications, like file patchers and DVD players. If Nintendo decides to not let me transfer all f my legitimatley purchased games, I'm going to be very angry.

Of course, hackers will probably be able to find a workaround, like they always do. And pirates will keep on pirating, no matter what Nintendo does.



citizenerased said:

Please give us a new interface, though... I guess WiiWare doesn't need it, since it'll die along with the birth of the Wii U eshop, but since VC will still be active...



DarkEdi said:

I hope they found a way to play the turbografx games that needs to be played in 5 players mode. And i hope you can link the wii to the account so all your downloads can be played both, wii and wii u at any time.



Fudge said:

In the case of pirated content, more than likely it will check the shop account and not what titles are stored on the memory.



McHaggis said:

I'm waiting patiently to see how this works, since my first Wii broke and Nintendo wouldn't do anything to transfer my account to a replacement Wii I bought.

Hopefully, it will be a solution that works for me, so I don't have to knock on Shibata's door and ask him wtf he's going to do about it.



SonataAndante said:

This is good to hear. Hopefully it does bind them to an account after all, since it's really the only common sense option. And while I'm dreaming about crazy things how about letting purchased VC titles on the Wii U be playable on the 3DS and vice versa (maybe not N64 games due to the number of buttons needed). Eh? Eh? Wishful thinking? I know. But it'd get me to buy more VC titles in the end. I'm less than thrilled with the prospect of paying $5+ to play a game for a half hour when the mood strikes me while still tethered to a TV. I'm much more inclined to pay up if I can play them on the go, however. I've bought a good number of 3DS VC games already because of how much I value portability.



Omega said:

If the Wii U is 100% compatible to WiiWare and Virtual Console titles then Nintendo also can keep releasing games for the Wii. That's good because people who are still proud of their Wii and don't plan to buy the Wii U are not left out in the rain.

@noxusprime06: Yes. The system will be backward compatible with Wii, and Wii U games can support Wii peripherals, such as the Wii Remote Plus and the Nunchuk. It will not be backward compatible with GameCube discs or peripherals, although games can be purchased and downloaded from the Virtual Console service.



Grodus said:

I was going to say good, but then I realized every last one of my WiiWare/Virtual Console games are on my SD card because I have so many useless channels taking up space I got from updates. Good for everyone else, they dont have to wast time moving it all to SD.



Jukilum said:


But you don't need to mod your Wii to play Project M, you just have to copy the files onto and SD card an then load it by going to the level editor as explained more thoroughly on the official website.



shinpichu said:

@Jukilum True, but personally I like loading it via Riivolution channel better, since I can launch it right from the system menu and loading via SmashStack means losing the ability to use the Stage Builder.



Nevergreen said:

I wish they would reveal if we can play VC games on the Gamepad already....
And maybe an option to play games in their original resolution??? It's not that hard Ninty...



Metal_Slugger said:

Nintendo should just set everything up in your Nintendo account. No matter what system your on you should be able to re download anything you bought on any system. If the system is registered with Nintendo and linked to your account.



WingedSnagret said:

That is wonderful news! I've got a lot of games (almost two screens full) downloaded and love the fact that I can send them over to Wii U instead of having them stuck on my old console.



gefflt said:

Thank god! I will never be tired of replaying the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy!



Pastry said:

I hope I can keep my old downloads on my Wii. If not, I'll just use the Wii U's shop for exclusives.



edcomics said:

My problem is that I would love to trade my Wii toward the purchase price of the WiiU at Gamestop... but obviously I'd have to get rid of the Wii before obtaining the WiiU, making any kind of system transfer impossible. If I wait to trade it in until after I obtain the WiiU, I most likely won't receive as much trade-in credit for the Wii. Maybe it's better to just hold on to the Wii as a backup gaming system.



TanookiMike said:

Even better is having a large retro gaming store available from the get-go, as opposed to having to wait several years worth of Mondays for that one game.



Token_Girl said:

I hope they find some way to link/unlink wiis to an account. A system transfer's not too much of a hassle with two small portables with their own screens. It's a bit more difficult to understand how one would manage it with two consoles that need to be hooked up to a TV easily.



Token_Girl said:

I hope they find some way to link/unlink wiis to an account. A system transfer's not too much of a hassle with two small portables with their own screens. It's a bit more difficult to understand how one would manage it with two consoles that need to be hooked up to a TV easily.



Handy_Man said:

@Jukilum Yes, I'm aware of that, but I like to load it with Riivolution. Riivolution is less glitchy than the non-hacked method, you’re able to keep your custom stages, it lets you use 8 GB SD cards (the hackless method only allows up to 2 GB), plus I get to hack some sound effects thanks to Riivolution. It's fun to hear Wario say "D'oh I Missed" when he gets KO'd!

@TwilightPoint Yes, Project M is indeed awesome. Charizard’s pretty boss!



Light-Of-Hope said:

What about the saved data, after transfer the downloaded games, do we have to play every game from scratch, depends on how many games we downloaded?



Sean_Aaron said:

Save data for games with online content which cannot be transferred from one Wii to another are my only reason for wanting a transfer system. I'm just going to free cycle my Wii once it's vanilla as the trade-in is so low and I'm not bothered about trying to get any money back on it.

Hopefully Wii U won't care about those saves and I won't lose all my Samurai Warriors 3 progress - it's kept me from playing it for over a year!



collect530 said:

So if I want to retain my Wii (for the kids!) and get a WiiU (for me!) I'll need to decide which console I want my WiiWare and VC games on (we have a mix for me and the kids!)!
Don't some VC games support the old gamecube controller? Which of course I won't be able to use on the WiiU.



Rect_Pola said:

Gods, I hope it's not like the 3DS transfer. Even if I never touched it again, past systems were always perfectly good and waiting for me. Upgrading to XL (I never got a DSi or DSi XL) was the first time the original literally become less than what it was. I truly pray an account system changes that, because the only reason is Nintendo being tight up about control (for the umpteenth time)



allav866 said:

With the DSi/3DS transfer, you downloaded a transfer application on the DSi, and started the transfer with the 3DS while connected to the internet. I'm pretty sure this might be how you do it for Wii/Wii U's transfer, but then again, you would need 2 screens to see what you're doing on both systems.



Spooky said:

Sorry to break this to you but you cannot play VC or original Wii games on the Gamepad. The console switches to 'Wii mode' displaying on the TV only fingers crossed that they patch that later.

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